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Pokemon Go Auto Catcher: Secrets To Become One!

Pokemon is one of the most loved cartoons of all time. So, naturally, when its game Pokemon Go Plus was released in 2016, it took the entire world by storm. A Pokemon catcher is undoubtedly a real-time game changer for players seeking to catch Pokemon along with other items without even actively using their phones. Hence, folks, it is advisable to know about the best Pokemon auto catcher to catch more Pokemon Go, even when you are not carrying your mobile phone. So, are you all ready to catch Pokemon Go with some of the best Pokemon Go auto-catchers? I can’t wait any longer to tell you about them. Let’s get started!

Pokemon Go Auto Catcher- A Brief Intro:

Well, before we head down to list some of the best Pokemon Go auto-catchers. Let me give you an overview of Pokemon Go Catcher.

A Pokemon Go catcher is a mobile electronic device made for the Pokemon Go app. You can easily connect to your mobile devices via the Bluetooth connection. Auto catcher Pokemon Go usually comes in O-shaped body designs. They are very efficient, and they can be used remotely as well. Pretty efficient! Also, a Pokemon Go auto-catch usually has an in-built battery and LCD. These devices are capable of performing various functions related to catching Pokemon during gameplay on the Pokemon Go app. Most of them are user-friendly to accommodate both Gurus and Newbies. So if you haven’t used one before, there is no need to worry about a ‘first time.’

I hope you all have an overview of Pokemon Go auto catcher. It is now time to unleash some of the best pokemon go, auto catcher. Let’s get started.

Best Auto Catcher Pokemon Go:

If you are a Pokemon Go player, you must know that you all will have a wide variety of Pokemon Go auto catchers to choose from. They are some of the best Pokemon Go auto catchers, and their functionality varies. So, let’s head to the list of the best Pokemon Go auto catcher to better understand each of the Pokemon Go auto catcher functionality. Let;’s get started!

247 Catcher:

This is one of the best Pokemon auto-catchers available on Amazon. This Pokemon Go auto catcher comes with a rich feature that is more complete, and the design is compelling. This Pokemon Go is highly portable, and you can catch Pokemon in about 6.5 seconds. However, you will need an iPhone 7 or above, which runs on iOS 12, or an Android 7.0 device with at least 4GB of RAM. Let us have a look at some of its advantages:

  • Alerts for the auto-catch, Pokestops, as well as Pokemon captured. The LED indicator light and vibration sounds will notify the user.
  • It charges about 2 hours and offers about 120 hours of usage time for added efficiency.
  • It lets you automatically spin Pokestops without worrying about running out of Pokeballs.

Go-tcha Classic:

This is another Pokemon Go auto catcher for the Pokemon Go players. It has a variety of features, including screen-animated alerts and haptic feedback. Look at the advantages which make this Pokemon go; auto catcher is one of the best. The advantages are:

  • Auto-catch mode
  • Magnetic USB charging
  • Battery life indicator
  • Animated graphics

Pokeball Plus:

It is another best Pokemon Go catchers that will help you catch Pokemon Go hassle-free. The best feature of this Pokemon Go auto catcher is that it lights up. Not only this, but it also vibrates and makes sound alerts to notify the player about any new developments. You can connect this app to the Pokemon Go app, which will make it light up and vibrate whenever a Poke stop or Pokemon is nearby. Have a look at the advantages of why this is one of the best Pokemon Go auto catchers. The advantages are:

  • Vibration and sound alerts
  • 220mAh non-removable battery
  • 3 hours charging time

Dual Catchmon:

This is another Pokemon Go auto catcher, one of the best energy-efficient Pokemon Go auto catchers you can get any Pokemon Go Player can consider. Here you will be able to take away the hassle of having to recharge your auto-catcher endlessly. It catches Pokemon and spins Pokestops automatically. Additionally, it has a flash which helps indicate that Pokemon is showing up or is caught or missed, along with the supplies which are acquired without opening the Pokemon Go app. The app only requires Bluetooth without you having to install any other additional apps. The advantages of this Pokemon Go catcher are:

  • Easy Portability
  • Dual Catchmon is safe to use and compatible with iPhone 7s and Android 7.0 devices.
  • It uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries to provide 600 hours on Standby
  • It lets you choose notifications on your way through LED blinds, beeping, and haptic feedback.
  • It has a One-Touch Device Re-connection feature

Brook Auto Catch Lightning:

This is another Pokemon Go catcher, and it features rich and very reliable Pokemon Go players. It will help you catch Pokemon without even checking your device. A must-try Pokemon Go auto catcher. Its advantages are :

  • 70mAh battery with 1h charge time and up to 24 h battery and 72h standby battery life.
  • Has a multicolor LED screen.
  • It is water-resistant and dustproof
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 and up and Android 4.4 devices and up with a minimum of 2GB RAM.


These top 5 Pokemon Go auto catchers can easily help you catch Pokemon Go while on the go, and that too without even using your smartphone. Pretty cool and hassle-free, right? So, try this Pokemon Go auto catcher and catch your favorite Pokemon Go. In this article, we gave you a brief idea about the Pokemon Go auto catcher and listed the top five Pokemon Go auto catchers. That’s all, folks, I hope the article helped you get all the information you needed.



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