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Pokedoku: A Fun and Challenging Pokemon Puzzle Game

Hi Readers! If you’re a fan of Pokemon and love solving puzzles, then this is a great option for you! The option is Pokedoku: as a gamer of 2024, this becomes the game that you’ve been searching for! Pokedoku is another exciting puzzle game based on the usual Sudoku inventions with additional Pokemon characters. Pokedoku will be the perfect game for all Pokémon fans who are wild about puzzles. It puts together the strategy needed for the popular game Sudoku, which is performed by all alongside the cherished world of Pokémon. Because of its very expansive world, Pokedoku Pokemon is going to offer unlimited fun and challenges, whether you are a seasoned trainer or new to the Pokémon universe. This blog will help you to learn more about it. 

What is Pokedoku?

Would you love to have some fun if you like Pokémon and puzzles at the same time? This is the Pokémon puzzle games for the true lover of Pokémon with no better game than Pokedoku developed by Zane Games. This is quite similar to the Sudoku, with the additional allure of the Pokémon universe, a never-ending fun and brain-teasing activity that would cater to all Pokémon lovers.

Pokedoku is a puzzle game in which the player uses his knowledge to fill all nine squares with the right Pokemon. Nevertheless, there is a snag – you only get nine attempts to pick the correct answers. So you have to be smart! Every box will provide at least two right responses unless the show has the Master and Fan puzzle. 

Pokedoku Game’s Innovation 

Developed by Zane Games, a company that focuses on designing and implementing highly captivating and unique games, Pokedoku puts a novel spin on age-old puzzle games. Zane Games’ innovation of integrating the Pokémon universe with the conventional Sudoku game is likely to capture the attention of gamers with a special interest in both categories of games.

Why This Game is Made?

Pokedoku Pokemon was made to translate the excitement associated with Pokémon into a puzzle challenge. Zane Games tried the following:

Present a new form of interactivity for Pokémon fans with their beloved characters.

It is an in-depth, tough, and educational game, perfect for those who love stimulating strategic thinking.

To offer players a competitive and social platform to share their love for Pokémon.

What are the Prime Requirements of the Game?

It is assumed that the participants possess a basic understanding of Sudoku rules.

  • Recalled knowledge of Pokémon types and regions.
  • An Internet-capable device for playing it online.
  • An interest in puzzles and a love for Pokémon

Key Features of Pokedoku

Know the key features that might help you play the Pokedoku Unlimited Game better. 

Multiple Correct Answers

For all the boxes except Master and Fan puzzles, there will be at least two right answers present which makes it flexible for the players.

Special Columns and Types

It is important to note that when the special column aligns with a certain type, the Pokedoku endless does not necessarily need to be that type alone. Pokémon that have two types are permissible, provided that at least one of the types is of the needful type in the row.

Region-Specific Pokémon

If a particular region is a category, then the player has to choose a Pokémon that is from the mentioned region. Mega and GMAX Evolved Pokémon fall under the region of their non-Mega or GMAX form.

Uniqueness Score

Your uniqueness score is the sum of the percentages of your answers, reflecting the percentage of players who chose the same correct answer. The closer your score is to zero, the better.

Features and Modes

Some of the distinct areas of Pokedoku are the Master Puzzle by ZaneGames and the Daily Puzzle. The game includes additional features in the unlimited version, such as tracking streaks and stats, collecting a Pokedex, and more features to come. Log in with Facebook or Apple ID to enjoy more content and tasks in this adventure.

Daily Puzzle

There is a new challenge daily to keep your skills sharp and see how you compare to others. Compete every day!

Pokedoku Unlimited:

 For the ones who can’t get enough, this mode gives you endless puzzles. Literally, endless!

Pokedoku Master Puzzle

For the best people who think they are the Pokémon archive and diamond puzzle-solving ability, try the Master Puzzle by ZaneGames.

New Puzzles Daily

This makes the game exciting and interesting since new puzzles are released daily at midnight EST under Pokedoku. The degree of difficulty of various puzzles and levels will involve combining Pokemon knowledge and problem-solving skills; therefore, it is an ideal game for anybody with a liking for Pokemon.

Pokedoku offers different sections, like the Master Puzzle by ZaneGames and the Daily Puzzle section. 

The unlimited mode, or Pokedoku unlimited, allows you to access extra features, track your streaks and stats, collect a Pokedex, and have more exciting features coming soon. 

How to Play Pokedoku

Once you select a Pokemon for a box, you can’t switch your answer or use that Pokemon again. When the special column lines up with a specific type, remember that the Pokemon can have two types as long as one matches the row’s type. If a particular region is the category, choose a Pokemon from that region. Mega and GMAX Evolved Pokemon will be placed under the region where the normal form originated.

The mechanics of playing Pokedoku are simple, yet it’s a game that combines the thrill of logic puzzles with the excitement of Pokémon. It’s a unique challenge that will keep you engaged and entertained.

Get the Steps For Playing The Pokedoku Unlimited

1. Open the Game

Go to the official website of the Pokedoku game developed by Zane Games.

2. Select a Puzzle

Two options are available: The Daily Puzzle and the Unlimited Mode, which allows you to select as many puzzles as you want.

3. Understand the Grid 

Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as it may seem. The game grid is straightforward, comprising nine boxes, each of which needs to contain a Pokémon. It’s a simple concept that you’ll quickly get the hang of.

4. Review the Categories

Categories of things can be Pokémon types, regions, or specific features.

5. Select a Pokémon

Select one box and then pick a Pokémon that satisfies all of the requirements of the selected category.

6. Place Your Pokémon

Once a player chooses a Pokémon, it is captured and stored in the box. Please note this: you cannot change your selection no matter which button you choose.

7. Complete the Grid

Place the correct Pokémon into all 9 boxes that meet the categories of the game.

8. Submit Your Answers

When the grid is all filled in, you can enter the answers below to get your score.

How to Win the Pokedoku Game?

Playing the Pokedoku game requires strategy and insight:


Make sure you deposited the right Pokemon in the box to meet the category’s requirements.

Strategic Choices

Be smart in the way you guess, as you only have 9 guesses without duplicates.

Uniqueness Score

Guess less frequent Pokemon and try to get a low uniqueness score.

The sum of the percentages of your answers compared to the number of other players picking the same answer

Daily Practice

Play one puzzle a day, and you will see how sharp and skillful you become in a matter of time.

Uniqueness Score and Categories

Your uniqueness score is determined by the percentage of players who chose the same correct answers as you. Remember, the lower the score, the better! 

The Pokemon Endless categories are based on the Main Series Pokemon games, adding an extra layer of challenge and fun to the game.

Feedback and Support

If you encounter bugs or have feedback to share, you can contact Pokedoku at [email protected]. Your input is valuable in improving the game and providing the best possible experience for players in USA as well as all parts of the world. 

Extra Features

If you count for the extra features of the Pokedoku Pokemon, then there are features as follows 

  • Sign in with Facebook or Apple to access special features to make your Pokedoku experience better.
  • Track streaks and stats for easy streaks and stat-keeping to see progress and how you improve over time.
  • Collect a Pokédex; you’ll collect pieces for your Pokédex entry and track your accomplishments as you solve puzzles.

Tips to Master Pokedoku Unlimited

Plan Ahead: 

So, always rethink the possible options and their implications on the remaining boxes.

Know your Pokémon: 

The website ensures that one will be acquainted with Pokedoku’s endless types and regions to make the right choices.

Aim for a Low Uniqueness Score: 

Select Pokedoku Pokemon that none of the other players will likely include in their team.

Conclusion for All the Game Lovers of 2024

Zane Games’ Pokedoku is a game for all game lovers in 2024. It mashes up the beloved world of Pokémon with the evergreen appeal of the game Sudoku, providing a new and challenging experience. It promises hours of fun and intellectual challenge for both masters of Pokémon and greenhorns in the game of puzzles. Jump right through the thrill of Pokedoku now, and find out what place you secure against the other players in the ultimate Pokémon puzzle experience!

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