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Physics Wallah Login: All About Physics Wallah

When students are about to embark on a journey of deeper learning and go to the Physics Wallah Login page, the first question that comes up is: What and Who is Physics Wallah? The physicswallah login page will unfortunately not be able to give you the answer to that question. It was in 2016 when Alakh Pandey opened a YouTube channel by the same name. Their primary aim was to teach the syllabus surrounding physics for the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

As Physics Wallah started gaining recognition, Alakh Pandey and his co-founder soon produced the Physics Wallah app. As one can understand, while using the Physics Wallah Login portal, students are able to access study material and video lectures for the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) and Joint Entrance Test (JEE).

As an educational platform, Physics Wallah was initially concerned with creating study material and content related to physics only. It was with the launch of their Android application that the arena of courses diversified. The PW live login page of the Physics Wallah app has grown exponentially over the years, with people from diverse backgrounds choosing educational services that are both effective and cost-friendly.

Advantages of Using Physics Wallah

Today, whenever individuals go on to the Physics Wallah Login page, they are able to notice a list of courses that will provide them with a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the exam they are applying for. These courses are affordable, thus allowing individuals from all economic backgrounds to have an equal chance at succeeding and studying well.

While these are some preliminary advantages that you can comprehend by browsing through the Physics Wallah Login page, we will look at a few more:

User-Friendly Interface

Once you have registered on the pw.login page, you will realize how easily you are able to navigate the Physics Wallah application. You can choose your required course and browse through other courses very easily. This will allow you to have a broader perspective on which course will be more fruitful for you.

The Physics Wallah Login page will show you the price of courses and the depth to which each of the courses delve into your required subject matter.

Scheduled and live classes

While on the Physics Wallah Login Page, you are able to see the button for physics wallah live login. Here, depending on the course that you have chosen, you will be able to attend live lecture classes from the comfort of your house.

The sessions can be either once or twice a week, and they are relative to the course that you have chosen.

Targeted and Comprehensive Study Material

After successfully filling in all your details on the Physics Wallah Login page and subscribing to the course, you will gain access to your required study material. The study material created is tailored for each course and will help you navigate the more challenging portions of your syllabus.

The students will be well-equipped with concise study material that will help them prepare themselves better for the forthcoming exams.

Progress Tests

Along with the study material, you will be able to access test papers after filling in the details on the Physics Wallah Login page. The progress tests have been created to help students monitor their activities. These tests enable students to be ready to face any challenges that they may face in their exams.

Students get familiar with the sets of questions that allow them to excel well in their final examinations.

Doubt-Solving Classes

In a physical classroom setting, it is often difficult for students to open up and ask their queries without any fear. This is why you will see that on the Physics Wallah Login page, there are options for doubt-solving classes.

Here, students can open up and ask any question without fear. It is imperative for students to solve their doubts, as without that, they will not be able to improve and excel further.


The nature of online educational platforms is helping to democratize the educational process. Whether it be students from classes six to twelve or those preparing for JEE and NEET exams, Physics Wallah courses can be availed of from the comfort of your homes. Individuals now just have to make their account on the Physics Wallah Login page. Then, they will be able to access a multitude of courses tailored to ensure their access.

Hence, wherever you are, you will easily be able to login to your account and attend your classes. The courses are equally affordable. This allows individuals from all economic backgrounds access to these courses.

Courses available on the PW.Live Login Page

Initially launched to cater to the demands of engineering students, as is visible from the Physics Wallah Login page,  But they have diversified their courses now. The fees for these courses vary from one to the next. Having now set up offline centres, they have different pricing systems for each of these centers. Like the fees for PW online classes, the fees for NEET will be different from the offline classes offered by Physics Wallah.

Some of the courses in Physics Wallah are mentioned below:

Broad Course Divisions Within the Course
  1. Competitive Exams
  1. Only IAS
  1. School Preparation
Foundation Class (6-10), Commerce, Arts, Curious Junior (3rd -8th )
  1. Government Exam
Judiciary, SSC, Defence, Teaching, JAIIB and CAIIB, Bihar Exams Wallah, UP Exam, Railway, Nursing Exams, Banking, WB Exams
  1. UG And PG Entrance Exams
MBA, IPMAT, IIT JAM and CSIR NET, Law, CUET UG, UGC NET, GMAT, Design and Architecture
  1. Finance
CA and CS
  1. English Proficiency Test

How to Login to the or the Physics Wallah Login Page

If you want to avail yourself of all of the facilities that Physics Wallah has to offer, then first you need to create an account. The Physics Wallah Login Page has a very user-friendly interface that will allow you to navigate through the technicalities without much trouble. 
You need to ensure that you have a valid email ID and a valid phone number before you start with the entire procedure. 

The entire logging-in procedure on the Physics Wallah Login page can be carried out very smoothly and without any hassle. You also should be certain that you have a strong internet connection in your house when you are carrying out the procedure. 

There are helpline numbers that are available on the Physics Wallah Login page that you can contact if you feel that your problem is not getting resolved. The few options that you can avail of when trying to log in to the Physics Wallah account are-

Trying Through the Official Website of Physics Wallah

Step 1: 
You have to visit the official Physics Wallah website, or 

Step 2:
A purple button with the words Login/Register written on it appears on your screen. When you click on it, you will be redirected to the Physics Wallah Login Page.

Step 3:
After you have put your phone number and the required OTP, you would have completed the first registration process.

Step 4:
After this, you will be redirected to a new window. Here, after you have entered your name and email address, and that is verified, you can start using the account.

Physicswallah Chat Platform

Instead of applying through the Physics Wallah Login page, some also use the Physics Wallah chat platform to log in to their account. You need to visit the PhysicsWallah chat platform and fill in your respective details. In this way, you will have registered yourself and can start using the account.

Physics Wallah TestPress

The TestPress Platform has been tailored for students who are appearing for JEE and NEET exams. Thus, if you are an aspirant for either of the exams, instead of using the Physics Wallah Login page, you could also use the Physics Wallah TestPress.

Along with online teaching, Physics Wallah now has offline classes at places they have termed Vidyapeeth. You can visit the Physics Wallah Login page to know more about it.


Physics Wallah is trying to ensure that top-quality education is not retained within a certain sphere, but everyone gets an opportunity to excel. With their targeted study material, comprehensive test papers, live sessions, and affordable classes, students of all backgrounds can now aspire to achieve their dreams. By simply following the procedure and verifying their details on the Physics Wallah Login Page, students can now fulfill their dreams.

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