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Gimkit code: Visit to play more games!

Hello, my brainy and intellectual readers! Gimkit is a platform for game shows in the classroom where students compete by using their electronic devices to answer questions. Students don’t earn points during the game; instead, they earn virtual money that they can “invest” in order to increase their scores. Games may be assigned as independent practice or may be played in real-time. Students can play in a web browser on any device that is connected to the internet. By connecting via Gimkit code or through a classroom account or by visiting

They can work in teams, compete against one another, or work together as a class. When teachers start the game, they can select from a number of play modes and set in-game restrictions. In KitCollab mode, students contribute to the creation of the game by asking questions prior to play. Detailed student reports are available for teachers to view and download following each game.

You can use or gimkit/join to visit and play the games. You can also join to play even more games!

Gimkit: A short description

Gimkit feels incredibly familiar to those who are familiar with other game show apps while also being completely different. It appears to be a fairly typical quiz platform at first, but further investigation reveals some interesting features. Students might find the money and power-ups to be the most fascinating. As they play, students gain (and lose) money that they can “invest” in upgrades and power-ups. Power-ups can give you extra chances or increase your earning potential so you can get paid more for each correct response. Power-ups can be turned off if they are a distraction, but they also add randomness and interest to the gameplay. A high school student developed Gimkit, and even though it is a product intended for teachers, the experience is very much focused on the needs of the students. Visit to know more.

Who created Gimkit?

Josh Feinsilber created Gimkit in partnership with Jeff Osborne as a part of his school project. The game encourages the use of strategic judgment and critical thinking abilities and is applicable to almost every discipline. The fun and exciting class activity can be used to practice vocabulary and subject matter in a variety of academic courses, including foreign language classes. To be at the top of the leaderboard, students compete with one another. Players can plan ahead by making purchases using Gimkit’s shopping feature in order to increase their winnings in addition to receiving fictitious currency for giving accurate answers. To make up for the unequal amounts of the currency earned by students in the individual matches, Feinsilber also included a team mode.

The various Gimkit game modes

Gimkit offers a variety of game modes, some of which are momentarily unavailable. The Classic and Team modes are very simplistic. Others are modeled after well-known video games like “Solitaire Masters“, “The Floor is Lava,” “Humans Vs. Zombies,” and “Trust No One.” Finding the right balance may require trial and error. Some game modes support your learning objectives more effectively than others. Use the setup options to activate/deactivate features and adjust the platform for your classroom if the in-game games prove to be too distracting. Remember that the post-game report contains two sets of results. The student’s performance in the game and their proficiency with the questions. Students may need to improve in gameplay due to random events in some game modes but excel in their comprehension of the academic material.

How to use Gimkit to teach?

Gimkit, which resembles a hybrid of Kahoot! and Quizlet but includes some special features neither of them has, can be used in any classroom to introduce or review concepts. Gimkit performs more like flashcards when used for independent practice, despite the fast-paced and engaging live gameplay. Finding kits (question sets) made by other users and copying/modifying them for your own use is simple. Gimkit allows you to import pre-existing question banks from spreadsheets or other flashcard platforms. By using the KitCollab feature, students can quickly assist you in creating a kit by contributing their own questions. Because of this, adding an interactive review game to your lesson requires little advance planning. Teachers can use the assignments feature to assign homework. Students complete the kit at their own pace, answering questions until they meet the deadline that teachers have set.

Now we move on to Gimkit codes and how one can join a game using Gimkit join code! But first, you need to visit

Gimkit code: Using them to join in 

Gimkit codes (also known as Gimkit join codes) are a way for students to join life sessions or games. They can participate to have fun by showing off their knowledge and skills in their fields of knowledge and the various game modes provided in the game. The Gimkit codes are temporary, but the session code stops working after the game ends. The correct way to use Gimkit codes is given below:

  1. Go to, gimkit/join or join
  2. Click on the Join Game button
  3. Once you are at dashboard, paste a Gimkit code in the Game Id box and hit enter

This is how you can use a Gimkit code to join in the fun of games and learning. Now, you may be wondering how you can generate a Gimkit code to start a session.

How to generate a Gimkit code and join a live game session?

Perform the actions listed below, to create a special Gimkit enter code for yourself. Visit the Gimkit website and participate in a live game session:

  1. Choosing a question set: First, use the Search Kits menu to select a question set from the kit library that you want to practice with your friends. You can also create your own question set by adding the questions you want to practice using the Kits menu in the sidebar.
  2. Choosing a Game mode: To choose a game mode, first click on it and then press the “Continue” button in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Set the time and the various other settings: Set a game duration for the session and set up any other settings required, such as the nickname generator.
  4. Generate a Gimkit code: After you set any additional settings, a Gimkit enter game code here will be generated on the next screen.
  5. Joining the game: Copy the Gimkit code and go to to paste the Gimkit code in the Game ID box.

What is Kitcodes?

Kitcodes or Game Kit Codes are designed to get the students to move around the classroom. Scanning various QR Game Kit Codes hung around the classroom in order to shop and select upgrades and power-ups while the respective sections are sealed off. This is an innovative and fun way to evolve the game and change the gameplay having fun.


This blog is to assist students to play the game and give them a little more context on it. It was also written to help them use Gimkit codes easier. If you experience any difficulties when utilizing the Gimkit codes and joining the Gimkit game session, I hope this blog helps you with it. 

Gimkit is an amazing game to play for the betterment and nourishment of the students. It is also very intuitive for the teachers even if it is a student-centric game developed by a student.

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