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Download the Zupee Gold App and get 100 free credits

Hi Readers! Online Gaming is already popular in today’s life. But Online Game for earning money is something today we will find in this blog. The Zupee Gold App is a game where you can win money by playing Ludo. To play Zupee Ludo, you first need to sign up, and after that, you can play against other players and win money.

What is Zupee app?

Zupee is an app that you can download on your phone. There are various games you can play on the app to win real money. The most popular game on the app is called Zupee Ludo. To play the game, you have to be skilful and also lucky.

What type of game is Zupee Ludo?

Zupee is a Ludo game. Ludo is an Indian board game that two to four people can play. The goal is to get your pieces around the board to your home base before anyone else. There are different versions of the game with different rules, but usually, each player has four pieces that they move around the board. You can now also play Zupee Ludo on your phone.

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Zupee at a Glance:

App Name Zupee Ludo App
Last Update 06 Jan 2023
Get Apk Download
Playing Duration 10 Minutes
Sign-Up Bonus Rs. 10 /-
Referral Bonus Rs . 100 /-
Referral Code 1005XJU7KE
Company Cashgrail Private Limited

Features of the Zupee Ludo Game: 

100% Secure & Legal,

Instant Withdrawal

Ultimate Cashback 24/7 Competitions

Minimum Withdrawal INR 60

Certified Dedicated Customer Support

Zupee App Earnings: How Does It Work?

There are two ways to make money with the Zupee Ludo App. The first way is to earn money by referring friends to the Zupee Ludo app, and the second is to play games on the app and win money.

How Can I Get Zupee Ludo?

The procedure listed below must be followed in order to download Zupee Ludo. Ludo Supreme is the simplest form of Ludo and can be played with two, three, or four players. Zupee Ludo Turbo is a fast-paced game played between two, three, or four players.

On the other hand, Zupee Ludo Ninja is the most challenging form of Ludo.

Zupee Gold App download process is very easy. 

You can quickly download the Zupee Ludo app and start playing Ludo to win cash.

Step 1: Launch the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2:  Get the App in the search bar. 

Step 3: The official URL for the Zupee Ludo app is now shown as the top number in the search results. Open the website that will now display, download.

Step 4: Click the Download App icon on the Zupee Ludo official website, download.

Step 5: Download the Zupee Ludo APK file and then install it by approving the installation of software from unknown sources.

What are the Games you will get in Zupee? 

The Zupee Ludo game has two modes – offline and online. The offline mode can be played without an internet connection.

Zupee Ludo Supreme is a popular board game that can be played online with other people. You can also win real money by playing this game.

Zupee Ludo Ninja is a modern version of Ludo that is considered one of the best.

Zupee Ludo Turbo is a faster version of the Ludo game.

Snakes & Ladders Plus is a board game that aims to get your pieces to the end without landing on the snakes.

Zupee Trump Cards Mania: The game was designed by cricket lovers for cricket lovers. The game is easy to learn and fun to play.

Zupee Ludo, Carrom Ninja is a tabletop game that is similar to pool.

What is Zupee Ludo Download?

Ludo real money APK is a game app for Android phones. It is based on the classic board game Ludo. The Zupee Ludo app has features such as tournaments, multiplayer games, and quick gameplay. Some versions of the zupee ludo download app also allow users to win real money.

Ludo Supreme APK download instructions?

Follow the instructions below to obtain Ludo APK Supreme by Zupee from the official Zupee Ludo website:

Go to this website and select Download. OR On this page, click the download Zupee Ludo icon.

Your smartphone will request permission and notify you of the risks associated with installing apps from a third party. Zupee is 100 percent secure.

  1. Install the Zupee Ludo ultimate APK by selecting “Ok.”
  2. Check “downloads” or access the file manager on your device to find the downloaded programme.
  3. Turn the Zupee Gold APK on Zupee Ludo. 
  4. Select install.

Zupee Ludo will get installed in your android device.

How Do I Register The Zupee Ludo Gold App?

Open the Zupee Gold app, and choose your language. 

  1. Sign up for the Zupee Ludo Gold App.
  2. Input your cellphone number. 
  3. Choose to Get OTP. 
  4. An OTP will now arrive on the number you entered; input it and click Next. 

As soon as your account is established in the Zupee Ludo app, you will receive a bonus of 15 rupees to use in the game.

How Can I Pay For The Zupee Gold App?

  1. Click on your Zupee Wallet on the Zupee Ludo app. 
  2. Then, enter the desired amount of money in the Enter Amount field after tapping the Add button.
  3.  Enter the amount now, then select Add Money. 
  4. Afterwards, select one of the following payment methods: UPI, Net Banking, credit/debit card, or Wallet, and make the necessary payment.

In which way can I add money to my Zupee Gold account?

  1. You can add money to the Zupee Ludo App by clicking on the “Add” button on your Zupee Gold Wallet. 
  2. Enter the amount you want to add in the “Enter Amount” field. 
  3. Click on the “Add Money” button. 
  4. You will then be asked to choose a payment method.
  5.  You can choose from UPI, Net Banking, Credit / Debit Card, or Wallet. 
  6. After you have chosen a payment method, follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Why should I download Zupee APK to play Ludo?

Zupee ludo is an app where you can play ludo and win money. You can play with 2 or 4 players in multiple formats, and the game is over within 10 minutes. You can win up to Rs. 10 lakhs monthly, and the app is safe and secure.

Zupee provides all three Ludo variations—ZupeeLudo Supreme, Zupee Ludo Ninja, and Zupee Ludo Turbo—in one location.

They don’t need to be downloaded individually by players.

This Zupee Ludo Cash APK offers players many cashback and referral bonus choices.

Players can promptly withdraw Zupee Ludo money.

Zupee Ludo games are quick; most games are expected to end in less than 10 minutes.

Huge prizes up to Rs. 10 lakhs can be won by players each month.

This Zupee Ludo real money APK is dependable and secure, and all players have been confirmed. There are no bots in the game.

Zupee Ludo supports fair play for all players and offers loving customer care around the clock.

Zupee Ludo Gold: How Do I Add a Bank Account?

  1. Go to Zupee Wallet on the Zupee Ludo App to add a bank account.
  2.  Click on Withdraw.
  3. Click the Bank Account Add button that just appeared in the Withdraw Modes.
  4. Now accurately enter all the required information about your bank account and click Proceed.
  5. Your bank account and the Zupee Ludo app are now connected.
  6. By clicking on UPI ID, you can also link UPI ID.

To withdraw money from Zupee Ludo:

– Go to Wallet of Zupee Gold.

– Click on Withdraw option

– Enter Amount on Zupee Gold.

– select anyone in UPI or bank account in Withdraw Modes

– Click Withdraw Now.

How Does the Zupee Gold App Perform KYC?

Go to your Profile on the Zupee Ludo App to complete KYC verification. 

After that, select Complete Your KYC from the menu.

 Select a document from the PAN Card, Driver’s License, or Voter Card ID to complete KYC. Complete the paper with all the required information, upload a clean snapshot of the document (less than 5MB), and then submit. Your KYC verification will now be finished in less than 24 hours.


Zupee Ludo gold is a game app that you can download on your phone. With this app, you can earn money by playing different games. To do this, you first need to sign up and create an account. After that, you can start playing Zupee Ludo and win money.

Thanks for reading.

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