Lean Framework Management

Lean Framework Management

Lean Framework Management is a production efficiency service provided by IEM Labs. The principal goal of Lean Framework Management is value creation for the customer through optimization of resources. The rationales of Lean Framework Management target to generate a steady workflow grounded on the genuine demand of the customer. Constant progress is a significant facet of Lean Framework Management, making sure that every worker takes part in the procedure of upgradation.


The IEMLabs team of professionals offers Lean Framework Management services based on the five major Lean Framework Management principles mentioned below (as laid down by Womack and Jones):

  1. Value 
  2. Value stream
  3. Flow
  4. Pull
  5. Perfection

Fundamentally, Lean Framework Management is a business technique that enhances the value stream to the client via two steering principles: constant advancement and regard for people.

Lean Framework Management is a management procedure that targets the constant progress of an organization through the utilization of as minimum resources (funds, time, endeavor) as possible. This form of management is also associated with lean manufacturing/production. In this situation, the principal objective is to manufacture by getting rid of wastes as much as one can.   

The eight lean management principles are:

  1. Waste elimination
  2. Cutting down on needless inventory
  3. Development of quality in the manufacturing procedure through the adoption of quality control testing methodologies
  4. Generation of knowledge
  5. Compliance of pledge
  6. Quick delivery by reducing production cycles
  7. Regards for people and soliciting customer feedback
  8. Optimization of the entire process

Tools used by IEM Labs in the Lean Framework Management process

IEM Labs uses the following tools to carry out its lean framework management procedure:

  1. JIT (Just-in-Time)
  2. Bottleneck Analysis
  3. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) 
  4. Value Stream Mapping
  5. Error Proofing
  6. PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) 
  7. RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

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