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IS Audit

An IS audit of IEMLabs is an examination of the controls within the information technology infrastructure of IEMLabs, a company that provides cybersecurity training and services. The purpose of the IS audit is to assess the risks and vulnerabilities that may affect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information assets of IEMLabs and its clients. The IS audit may also evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT processes and systems that support the business objectives and operations of IEMLabs. The IS audit of IEMLabs may result in a report that summarizes its findings, conclusions, recommendations, and opinions. The report may also include an executive summary, an introduction, a background information section, an audit scope and objectives section, an audit approach and methodology section, an audit results section (with findings categorized by risk level), an audit conclusion section (with overall opinion), an appendix section (with supporting documents), etc.

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    Service Details

    Enhancing the trust and confidence in the IT systems and services of IEMLabs.

     Identifying and mitigating the IT risks and vulnerabilities that may affect IEMLabs.

    Improving the performance and efficiency of the IT processes and systems of IEMLabs.

     Ensuring the compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

    Providing insights and recommendations for improving the IT governance and management of IEMLabs.

    Why IEMLabs Service?

    Make your web app secure and find vulnerabilities other pentests miss.

    Our aim at IEMLabs is to provide our clients with the best VA & PT solutions so that they can understand the vulnerabilities and loopholes that exist in their web infrastructure from the comprehensive report we provide at the end.

    Our approach mostly involves manual testing and automated testing when required. Our experts cover the scope which involves vulnerabilities in :

      API Endpoints

      Web Infrastructure

      Security Misconfiguration

      Business Logic Flaws


    What Our Clients Say

    • Best Cyber Security Courses and Services

      “ IEMLabs provides excellent VAPT Services for clients and has developed many innovative solutions for different companies. This place is a one-stop solution for DevOps & Cyber Security issues.”

      CEO Kapur Group

    • Best Cyber Security Courses and Services

      “They provide excellent VAPT services. To ensure that the client won't have any further troubles in the future, they carefully inspect every little detail of the customer's system.”

      Manoj Agarwal
      Chairman of APC Group

    • Best Cyber Security Courses and Services

      “Professional ethical hacking training is offered by IEMLabs, and they also offer effective VAPT solutions for any website.”

      Deepan Saha
      CEO IBS Company

    • Best Cyber Security Courses and Services

      “Very prompt service, detailed in nature for future safety. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to other business enterprises.”

      Sumit Jaiswal

    • Best Cyber Security Courses and Services

      “An organization that is focused on technology. To benefit everyone in Cyberspace to the fullest extent, IEMLabs places a greater emphasis on technology than branding. Their technical support to VAPT must be honored.”

      Manisha Poddar

    • Best Cyber Security Courses and Services

      “Detecting vulnerability although of prime importance to IEMLabs but I must say that they guide their client in a well-equipped manner to stay secure in a future attack.”

      Harpreet Singh


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