Robotics With Embedded Systems Training


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of human life in the recent years. There are many practical applications of AI such as the recommendation bots of YouTube or Netflix, etc. This is the reason why Robotics and AI go hand-in-hand. Whatever AI system that you code may be installed in a Robotics system and it can be made to work. So, if you do not apply your knowledge of AI in practical situations, there is no point in learning that. Hence IEMLabs brings to you this Robotics with Embedded Systems Training Programme wherein you will be taught about the fundamental concepts of Embedded Systems and Robotics which will help you greatly in the advancement of your careers.

IEMLabs is an ISO 27001 and an ISO 9001 certified training centre. It is also a proud member of NASSCOM and EC Council. We have been training students in various courses since our initiation in 2016. Our top-quality teachers and the interactive mode of teaching has benefitted hundreds of students. Thus, IEMLabs brings this Summer / Winter training programme for the benefit of those interested candidates who want to learn something outside of their course curriculum.


  • Module- 1: Embedded Systems
  • Module- 2: Arduino
  • Module- 3: Anatomy of Arduino
  • Module- 4: LED Interfacing with Arduino – 
  • Module- 5: Basic Electronic Concepts of Embedded Designing
  • Module- 6: Pulse Width Modulation.
  • Module- 7: Seven Segment Displays 
  • Module- 8: LCD Interfacing with Arduino
  • Module- 9: Digital Input Processing 
  • Module- 10: Interfacing a Buzzer with Arduino 
  • Module- 11: Interfacing Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Module- 12: Serial Communication in Arduino 
  • Module- 13: ADC and Serial Monitoring
  • Module- 14: Interfacing IR Sensors (Analog) 
  • Module- 15: Interfacing LDR Sensors (Analog) 
  • Module- 16: Interfacing Temperature Sensor 
  • Module- 17: Autonomous Robotics
  • Module- 18: Motor Driver & Its Need 
  • Module- 19: Line Follower Robot 
  • Module- 20: Project Discussion and Building
  • Module- 21: Project

Take Away Kit Content: –

    1. Arduino Nano
    2. Connecting Wires
    3. Motor Driver
    4. LEDs
    5. Piezo Buzzer
    6. 16×2 LCD
    7. 7-Segment
    8. Potentiometer
    9. Ultrasonic Sensor
    10. Color, Light, Temperature Sensor
    11. Robot Chassis
    12. BO Motors & Wheels
    13. Castor Wheel
    14. Batteries
    15. Battery Connectors

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Sample Certificate – View

    1. What must be the minimum age for doing this course?

Answer – There is no minimum age requirement for doing this course.

    1. What must be the minimum qualification required for doing this course?

Answer – There is no minimum qualification required if the student meets the Eligibility Criteria.

    1. Will I get a certificate after this course?

Answer – Yes, certificate (hardcopy/softcopy) will be provided after the course.

    1. In which language classes will be conducted?

Answer – Classes will be conducted mainly on English, Hindi & Bengali, mainly it will depend on majority criteria.

    1. Is this for professionals, students or both?

Answer – This course is both for Professionals and Students.

    1. Will there be any exam or project?

Answer – Yes, there will be 1 live project to be done after the course completion.

    1. Will I have to carry my own laptop or it will be provided?

Answer – It is recommended that the student carry his/her own system because it makes their self-practise easier. In case of emergency laptop/desktop can be provided by us.

    1. My question is not enlisted here, whom can I contact?

Answer – Feel free to get in touch with us at: –

      1. Email: [email protected]
      2. Phone: India: +91 9163198148 | Canada: +1-604-431-979

Course Feature

>  Course Type: Training

>  Duration: 16 hours

>  Batch Size: 5 Students maximum

>  Classes: 2 Classes Per Week

>  Course Content Provided: Yes

>  Classroom Program: Yes

Eligibility Criteria

>  No basic knowledge required.
>  Minimum System Configuration Required: –

      • Intel i5 processor
      • 8gb Ram
      • 1tb Hard disk

Course Fees

>  Online: 4500 INR + 18% GST

>  Offline: 4000 INR + 18% GST

Training Location

> Offline – Kolkata

> Online – Any

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