More than 80% of the companies restructured their cybersecurity infrastructure

More than 80% of the companies restructured their cybersecurity infrastructure

Amid the pandemic situation of 2020, when everyone is getting accustomed to work from home, there has been a rapid increase in the rate of cyber attacks. The ongoing pandemic has increased the usage of the internet to a large extent in India. But at the same time the rate of Cyber crimes has also increased. Due to the increased rate of cyber attacks, over 80% of the companies have changed their approach to cyber security.

Over 40 percent of organizations sped up their cloud migration because of COVID-19. Some already used several cloud services, such as services to track employee productivity, cloud invoicing and accounting solutions, and videoconferencing programs.

Remote security access has become a major priority for many large organizations. Having a remote workforce has created unique cybersecurity challenges that require businesses to use specific cyber security tools to meet compliance requirements. This is especially true for organizations that are handling sensitive information, such as credit card payment information, health information, and personally identifiable information.

 Cybersecurity will continue to be important in the modern world. Organizations that cannot remodel their cybersecurity to meet current threats will put themselves at risk of being hacked. This will lead to serious consequences for them and for the customers who entrust them with their data.

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