Illinois Valley Community College Warns Students About Data Breach

Illinois Valley Community College Warns Students About Data Breach

Recently, Illinois Valley Community College has informed all its current and former students, faculty and applicants about a data breach that took place in April. More than 160,000 letters have been sent by the college to all the people who may get affected by the data breach.

According to the letter, IVCC does not know the exact data taken, but told that some of their data was taken. Moreover college is also unaware of any incidents related to the data obtained from the breach.

IVCC has hired Kroll, a risk prevention firm, to provide free identity monitoring that includes credit monitoring, fraud consultation and identity theft restoration. Anyone who received a letter will be able to obtain a free credit report and the ability to place a fraud alert or security freeze on their credit files. As per reports about 750 people have signed up so far to take advantage of these services.

When higher authorities of the college were asked about the incident, they said that they have been dealing with the issue very seriously and doing the needful at earliest convenience. The college has also ensured about establishing a stronger security system with more precautions.

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