The CompTIA Security+ is a worldwide credential that authenticates the standard expertise needed to carry out the basic security operations and go after a bright career in information technology security. 


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The CompTIA Security+ is a worldwide credential that authenticates the standard expertise needed to carry out the basic security operations and go after a bright career in information technology security. 

It is worth mentioning that the CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) examination in the English language will be withdrawn from July 31, 2021. The fresh Security+ (SY0-601) will be available subsequently.

Why is the CompTIA Security+ certification from IEMLabs so special?

  1. More and more candidates are picking the CompTIA Security+ certification since it is preferred by a growing number of defense agencies and corporations in comparison to any other certification or credential in the market to authenticate fundamental security expertise and to meet the Department of Defense 8570 abidance. 
  2. The Security+ certification corroborates practical expertise– It is the exclusive standard cybersecurity credential underlining practical expertise, making sure the security expert is better equipped to troubleshoot a broader range of present-day complicated problems.
  3. The CompTIA Security+ credential is adjusted to the most recent developments and methods – encompassing the most fundamental technical expertise in threat evaluation and mitigation, occurrence reaction, enterprise networks, forensics, cloud/hybrid maneuvers, as well as security checks, making sure excellent execution in the assignment takes place.
  4. More and more employment positions resort to the Security+ certification for adding expertise– standard cybersecurity expertise is relevant throughout more of the contemporary employment functions for safeguarding hardware, software, and network infrastructure.

What are the salient benefits of attending the CompTIA Security+ certification from IEM Labs? 

The CompTIA Security+ certification from IEM Labs is the first credential that one should attain. It proves that the candidate has the fundamental understanding that is necessary for any cybersecurity job. It also offers a launchpad for intermediate-grade cybersecurity vacancies where they can work with a comprehensive understanding of the pertinent guidelines, rules, and protocols.

The CompTIA Security+ certification includes the industry best practices in practical problem solving, making sure that the candidates have hands-on exposure to troubleshooting necessary for:

  1. Evaluating the security position of a business’s network infrastructure and suggesting and executing suitable security remedies. 
  2. Keeping tabs on and safeguarding hybrid setups, comprising mobile, cloud, and the Internet of Things.
  3. Detecting, investigating, and reacting to security occurrences and happenings.

The CompTIA Security+ credential given by IEM Labs is acquiescent with the ISO 17024 benchmarks and acknowledged by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to fulfill decree  8140/8570.01-M prerequisites. 

Administrative bureaus and overseers are dependent on the ANSI credential since it renders guarantee and conviction in the throughput of an approved program. Since the first day of January 2011, more than 2.3 million candidates have appeared for the CompTIA ISO/ANSI-licensed exams.    

Eligibility criteria for CompTIA Security+ certification from IEM Labs 

Candidates interested to enroll in this globally acclaimed certification program should have CompTIA Network+ credentials or comparable employment experience of two years in networking. An IT administrator role with a security emphasis will be quite handy.

CompTIA Security+ Exam Domains

The examination domains of the CompTIA Security+ certification by IEM Labs are as follows:

For Security+ SY0-501

  1. Risks, hacking attempts, and exposures 
  2. Tools and technologies
  3. Plan and architecture
  4. Detection and access supervision
  5. Risk mitigation 
  6. PKI (public key infrastructure) and cryptography

For Security+ SY0-601

    1. Risks, hacking attempts, and exposures 
    2. Plan and architecture
    3. Execution 
    4. Maneuvers and occurrence reaction 
    5. Administration, exposure, and conformity 

There will be both multiple-choice and performance-oriented questions for the candidates. The course is only available in the English language and the certification will remain valid for three years. 

What’s novel in the CompTIA Security+ certification by IEM Labs?

Currently, cybersecurity strikes are on a rising spree. Consequently, there are more and more employment opportunities loaded with assignments for candidates who are prepared with the fundamental security skills and answers to deal with the present-day cybersecurity risks. Modifications to the CompTIA Security+ certification showcase the expertise pertinent to these employment opportunities and help candidates become more dynamic in averting the next hacking attempt. The modified version of CompTIA Security+ 601 makes sure that the companies have the workforce with the most recent expertise and capabilities required to better the fundamental security preparedness and occurrence reaction through the implementation of the contemporary industry best practices to deal with the unique types of hacking attempts, risks, and exposures.

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    Market Job openings

    Following the completion of the CompTIA Security+ certification from IEM Labs, candidates can apply for the following prestigious job roles:

    1. Systems Administrator
    2. Security Administrator
    3. Network/Cloud Engineer
    4. Helpdesk Analyst/Manager
    5. Software/DevOps Developer
    6. Security Analyst/Engineer
    7. IT Project Manager
    8. IT Auditors

    Organizations that have made a significant contribution to the growth of the CompTIA Security+ program and hire Security+ professionals regularly include the following:

    1. General Dynamics IT (GDIT)
    2. Target Corporation
    3. Splunk
    4. Netflix
    5. Applied Physics Laboratory Johns Hopkins University 
    6. U.S. Navy Center for Information Dominance
    7. Ricoh
    8. aeSolutions
    9. RxSense
    10. Max Life Insurance
    11. Southeastern Louisiana University 
    12. SecureWorks
    13. Spire Incorporated 
    14. University of Redlands
    15. Deakin University/Australian Information Security Association

    Systems Administrator

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    Security Administrator

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    Network/Cloud Engineer

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    Helpdesk Analyst/Manager

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