The Network+ certification from CompTIA authenticates the capabilities and cognition required for troubleshooting, organizing, and handling typical wireless and wired networks. 


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The Network+ certification from CompTIA authenticates the capabilities and cognition required for troubleshooting, organizing, and handling typical wireless and wired networks. 

Network+ is an endorsement or credential of a fundamental awareness of evolving technologies incorporating integrated communications, cloud, mobile, and virtualization expertise.

Network+ certification from IEMLabs makes sure that an information technology pro has the capability and awareness of the following areas:

  1. Planning and execution of operational networks.
  2. Utilization of equipment like routers and switches for dividing network traffic and generating robust networks.
  3. Structuring, handling, and sustaining necessary network equipment.
  4. Executing network security, benchmarks, and conventions.
  5. Pinpointing advantages and disadvantages of prevailing network structures.
  6. Troubleshooting of network issues.
  7. Assisting the generation of virtualized networks.   

It is worth suggesting that interested candidates should have a CompTIA A+ credential or corresponding qualification and nine to twelve months of experience in networking.   

There are classroom resources like the content guide, transition guide, webinars, tutorial videos, and slideshow presentations to constantly help the students.  

Domains of CompTIA Network+ Examination conducted by IEM Labs

The various domains covered in the IEM Labs CompTIA Network+ exam are as follows:

    1. Networking Infrastructure
    2. Networking Conceptions
    3. Network Security
    4. Network Operations
    5. Network Troubleshooting and Widgets   

The United States Department of Defense or DOD supports the CompTIA Network+ certification to meet the Directive 8570.01-M prerequisites. It is also recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as fulfilling the ISO/IEC 17024 benchmark. 

It abides by the government guidelines as laid down by the FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act).

What’s so special about Comptia Network+ certification?  

The Network+ course from Comptia launched by IEMLabs has been thoroughly modified and restructured to deal with contemporary networking technologies. The updated course structure has grown the reportage of various domains through incorporating:

  1. Vital cloud computing most suitable implementations, incorporating virtual NICs (network interface cards), hypervisors, virtual switches, as well as usual service prototypes
  2. Vital security ideas to assist networking experts to function with security consultants
  3. Models like disaster recovery, network virtualization, and equipment toughening to provide professionals the blend of expertise for maintaining the network in a robust state. 
  4. Handling of more innovative virtualization and hardware practices, incorporating NFV (Network Feature Virtualization) and “white box switching”.

Companies that endorse or train Comptia Network+ course include the following:

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  2. Apple
  3. Dell
  4. Canon
  5. Intel
  6. HP
  7. US Department of Defense (DoD)
  8. Time Warner
  9. Xerox
  10. Verizon
  11. Best Buy 
  12. Cisco
  13. Konica Minolta
  14. Sharp
  15. Ricoh

The IEM Labs CompTIA Network+ certification validates that you have the necessary expertise and knowledge in the networking domain to build a shining career in information technology infrastructure.

All these certifications enable IT experts to attain seller-neutral cybersecurity and infrastructural control, from start to finish. The fundamental IT expertise credentials create a level playing field for the networking professionals and put a foundation stone for a bright career in information technology, irrespective of which path you choose.

What are the key attributes and advantages of this course?

  • Resilient evaluation
  • Captivating video lessons tailored particularly for Comptia
  • Network restructuring modules
  • Orientation and uniformity throughout study materials and evaluation 
  • Reinvigorated Image and interior design curriculum

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    Market Job openings

    Individuals completing the Network+ certification program from Comptia can be eligible for the following job positions:

    1. Network Administrator
    2. Junior Network Administrator
    3. Network Field Technician/Engineer
    4. Network Support Specialist
    5. Help Desk Technician
    6. Computer Technician
    7. Systems Engineer
    8. Junior Systems Engineer
    9. IS Consultant
    10. Network Analyst

    Passing the certification exam is quite easy. You just need to answer multiple-choice questions (both single and multiple answers), performance-oriented questions, as well as drags and drops. At least nine months of previous networking experience and CompTIA A+ credential are necessary to appear for this certification from IEMLabs. The course is only available in the English language. The certification is typically valid for three years.

    Network Administrator

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    Junior Network Administrator

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    Network Field Technician/Engineer

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    Network Support Specialist

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    This course is both for Professionals and Students.

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