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Certified Certified Virtualisation Professional | CVP

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Course Description

Virtualization is the process of making a virtual model of any hardware platforms, storage devices and computer network resources.
These virtual models substitute for the physical equipment, reduce the company’s cost on IT equipment and help in increasing efficiency and speed. Therefore, the work of a Certified Virtualization Professional | CVP is to make virtual versions of these equipment, storage devices, computer network resources, etc.
A Certified Virtualization Professional | CVP is therefore highly valued by MNCs who work with large volume of equipment and data. They require these Virtualization Professionals to make these virtual models to reduce their expenses on the physical equipment and make production more cost-effective.
In this course, the students will be taught the details of virtualization methodologies from scratch. This course organized by IEMLabs goes step-by- step into virtualization fundamentals. After the completion of this course, the students will be able to perform any task related to virtualization, VMWare, Virtual Box, etc.
The main focus areas of this course are: –
 Virtualization fundamentals
 Virtual Machines
 vSphere components
 Deployment and cloning of virtual machines
The training sessions will be conducted by our industry experts who have been working in this field for the last 8-10 years. Using this certification credential, students will be able to apply for Virtualization Professional and related job titles. Students will find it exciting to undergo this course since we provide hands–on training procedures through projects and practical-oriented classes throughout the entire curriculum of the course.
We at IEMLabs provide both online (through platforms like “Google Hangout Meet”, “Go to Meeting”, “Zoom”, etc.) and offline mode classes. The most positive aspect for a student to get trained by IEMLabs is the “One Year Lab Access”, i.e. every student from the date of admission will have access to our “Online Virtual Lab” for practicing and getting all notes, pre-recorded videos and tools according to their courses for one year absolutely free of cost.

What will you get?​


Get certificate on passing the exam after course completion and alumni status from IEMLabs.

100% practical sessions

All sessions conducted are 100% practical and lab based for being industry ready.


Get scholarship from us on scoring 85% or above in board exams and 7.5 CGPA or above in semesters.

One Year Lab-Access

Get access to our virtual lab consisting of course videos and software's relevant to the course.

Industry Internship

Get paid internship chance from IEMLabs on course completion and work on live projects and industry visit.

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Course Features

Offline Live Classroom Training

Students Enrolled

Online Live Training

Students Enrolled

Course Curriculum

  • Module – 1: Introduction to Virtualization
  • Module – 2: Lab Setup
  • Module – 3: Virtual Machines
  • Module – 4: vSphere Components
  • Module – 5: Architecture of VMware ESX and ESXi
  • Module – 6: Manually Configure VMware ESX/ESXi
  • Module – 7: Configuration of vCenter Server Components
  • Module – 8: Management of vCenter Server Inventory Objects
  • Module – 9: Configuration of vNetwork Standard Switches
  • Module – 10: Management of Network Infrastructure
  • Module – 11: Storage to Configure ESX/ESXi with iSCSI,
  • Module – 12: Storage to Create and Manage vSphere atastores
  • Module – 13: Deployment & Cloning of Virtual Machines
  • Module – 14: Storage vMotion Migrations
  • Module – 15: User Management
  • Module – 16: Control Virtual Machine access to CPU, Memory, and I/O Resources
  • Module – 17: Introduction to VMKernel Methods
  • Module – 18: Configuration of VMware High Availability luster
  • Module – 19: Configuration of Fault-Tolerant Virtual Machines
  • Module – 20: Project
    1. Preferred Technical Knowledge : –
      1. Knowledge of Android structure and development process.
    2. Minimum System Configuration Required: –
        1. Intel i5 processor
        2. 8gb Ram
        3. 1tb Hard disk

What must be the minimum age for doing this course?

Answer – There is no minimum age requirement for doing this course.

What must be the minimum qualification required for doing this course?

Answer – There is no minimum qualification required if the student meets the Eligibility Criteria.

Will I get any course material?

Answer – Yes, all materials are available on our online virtual lab, you can access them fully upto 1 year from the date of admission.

Will I get a certificate after this course?

Answer – Yes, certificate (hardcopy/softcopy) will be provided after the course which will consist of a grade provided by the assigned trainer as per the final project submitted.

In which language classes will be conducted?

Answer – Classes will be conducted mainly on English, Hindi & Bengali, mainly it will depend on majority criteria.

Is this for professionals, students or both?

Answer – This course is both for Professionals and Students.

Will there be any exam or project?

Answer – Yes, there will be 3 exams through the whole course duration and 1 project to be done after the course completion based on which Grade for certificate will be provided.

Will I have to carry my own laptop or it will be provided?

Answer – It is recommended that the student carry his/her own system because it makes their self-practise easier. In case of emergency laptop/desktop can be provided by us.

What kind of jobs roles can I apply after doing this course?

Answer – You can apply for any job roles related to Virtualisation.

Can I apply for an Internships at IEMLabs? What will be the selection criteria and procedure?

Answer – After completion of minimum 2 courses you can apply for an Internship. There will be a technical interview, based on the reports from Faculty and Technical Interview selection will be granted.

Are the Internships paid?

Answer – Yes, the Internships are “Paid Internships”.

My question is not enlisted here, whom can I contact?

Answer – Feel free to get in touch with us at: –

Email: [email protected]

Phone: India: +91 9163198148 | Canada: +1-604-431-9797

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Get the best quality training from our expert faculties and become industry ready.

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Get job placement assistance to different companies on successful completion of the course.

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Market Job Openings

Listed below are the jobs that both computer science students and working IT professionals can apply for after they complete the Certified Virtualization Professional | CVP course. At present, a substantial number of IT companies are hiring virtualization professionals in their workforce. The responsibility of a virtualization professional is to install, assemble, and handle components of the VMware virtualization environment, like ESX, VSphere, VRM and others. The Certified Virtualization Professional | CVP course by IEMLabs in Kolkata is indisputably one of the best virtualization courses in Eastern India. Over 600 workshops and seminars have been enthusiastically organized by IEMLabs in the last four or five years, covering different fields of information technology. These evidently included virtualization concepts. IEMLabs’s Certified Virtualization Professional CVP course in Kolkata is one of the most recognized virtualization courses. Our focus is constantly kept on building successful candidates in the field of virtualization who are capable of handling various virtualization projects with efficiency.

VMWare Engineer

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