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YouTube Vanced Alternative: Adding Its 10 Best Applications

YouTube Advanced Features are much sought after, and to add that up, it has its ten best applications that are absolutely free and more approachable as it’s free. It is a third-party YouTube app and was developed by Team Vanced. It is built upon the YouTube API. This application has the potential to offer some of the best, unique features on your Android device. Utilizing YouTube Vanced allows you to access all the premium perks of YouTube for free. The reasons for the rise of complaints from many users about errors while using the YouTube Vanced application could be many. This could occur as the application does not use the original Google service framework, thus interfering with Google Play services. This is the reason why a compiled list of the best YouTube Vanced alternatives is given.

Another reason would be YouTube Vanced’s decision to shut down the application. This was done after receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Google in early 2022. Therefore, though the original Vanced is no longer available, there are still many clones of it. Mirror apps of YouTube Vanced exist and are currently up and running. All of its, respective repositories and download links can be found on GitHub.

10 Best YouTube Vanced Alternative

Popular YouTube Vanced Alternatives exist on a large basis. Below provided is the list:

YouTube ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced is a free customized YouTube client that serves to replace the discontinued YouTube Vanced. It aims to do so by providing users with similar app features. Other extra modes too will be given. The application comes with all the YT Premium features extensively.

The ReVanced APK is currently in the early stages. This may cause some issues with your device. Believe that the app is stable and still undergoing repair. However, by all means, you can surely give the app a try. YouTube ReVanced is packed with various uncountable features. Almost all of it is similar to its predecessor, YouTube Vanced.

YouTube ReVanced needs micro G to work extensively. This is needed as it is widely known as an alternative to Google Services Framework. You can log in to your Google Account and enjoy all premium features for free with YouTube ReVanced.

Vanced Extended

The Vanced Extended or ReVanced Extended is a follow-up project of the Vanced Project. The Vanced Extended has the same interface. It has in it all the features of the old YouTube Vanced. Furthermore, it comes with YouTube Premium features. You can visit the GitHub page and download the micro G and Vanced Extended APK widely. Micro G helps you sign in to your Google account. If you were looking for a Vanced alternative, this would be the best app you can switch to.

To download the extended Vanced, open the link below and click on Assets. In it, you will find APK files. Download the file and install it. However, after that make sure you have downloaded the Micro G app on your mobile first.


SkyTube is the best open-source and is extensively known to be a free alternative to YouTube Vanced. However, the app doesn’t allow you to sign in with your Google account. This is because it won’t be able to sync your playback history here. However, you can import your subscriptions. This will mean that you don’t have to start everything from the beginning.

SkyTube doesn’t run on top of the YouTube API. This alone enables and encourages users a seamless add-free video streaming experience.


LibreTube is the best YouTube Vanced alternative. If you are on the lookout for a privacy-based YouTube client then this application is the best of all. This application is new and accessible. It is the best YouTube client. Furthermore, it has multiple options that allow you to customize playback controls. It also helps in adding a free experience.

However, the only demerit is that this application is still in its beta. It lacks some features, including signing up using a Google account. Also, you can go ahead and select video quality and format during the playback very quickly.


NewPipe doesn’t depend on any of the Google frameworks to function correctly. However, it extensively depends on other APIs that don’t require a Google account to watch videos ad-free. The interface is very user-friendly and simplistic, which is beneficial in the long run.

Using this application, you can also download videos locally on your device. You can also import your subscriptions to the application. You cannot log in using your Google account despite all these merits.

Brave Browser

Instead of YouTube Vanced Alternatives and various applications concerning that, the Brave browser has in it extensive features. The Brave Browser is one of the best privacy-oriented browsers available for your device. The browser doesn’t collect any of your data. This means you can explore the browser thoroughly.

It comes with a built-in ad blocker. This is capable of blocking any amount of uninteresting advertisements no matter which website you are using. If you are someone who prefers privacy on a large scale, the Brave browser could be your go-to choice.


uYouPlus is another one of the many YouTube Alternatives for iOS devices.  uYouPlus is a YouTube tweak for the official YouTube application. It is similar to the one that can be found on the App Store. With this tweak, you get access to millions of additional features that YouTube doesn’t provide. Most importantly, uYouPlus takes care of the advertisements that keep popping up in between the videos. This is the best part about it, as uninterrupted video watching is the best part of all.

It offers many unique features like Pip integration, VP9 codec, etc. One of the best features is it offers users no advertisement experience. Furthermore, it can also skip sponsor segments. You can stay relieved as you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to use this app.


iTube is another third-party free YouTube Vanced Alternative that works for Android and iOS devices. This app can reduce the loading time. It can also reduce battery consumption drastically. You can also play videos offline and manage the playlist.

The app offers a very user-friendly interface. It extensively allows users to log in using a YouTube account. iTube can work on a poor internet connection as well. This makes it a highly versatile alternative. It also has an inbuilt ad blocker.


Apple iOS users can get YouTube++ as the best alternative for YouTube Vanced. It is a tweaked version of the stock YouTube app. By all means, its features are not as rich as those of YouTube. However, you can heave a sigh of relief as YouTube++ is presently the best alternative for YouTube Vanced iPhone.

Below given are some of YouTube++ Features:

  1.         Download Videos to Camera Roll
  2.         Block All Ads

    iii.          Background Playback

  1.         Change Playback Speed (0.5x-2.0x)
  2.         Auto-Repeat Videos
  3.         Disable Age Restrictions

   vii.          Forward/Rewind Controls

 viii.          Set Default Playback Quality

Installing YouTube++ on a non-jailbroken device requires a sideload utility such as AltStore. Below are the steps for doing so:

  1. First, delete the original YouTube app from your device.
  2. Download and install AltStore on your PC and Mobile.
  3. Connect iOS device to PC.
  4. Launch the Safari browser on your device and download the YouTube++ IPA file. (Google Search)
  5. Install YouTube++ using the AltStore app on iOS.

YouTube Premium

The last YouTube Vanced Alternative is YouTube Premium itself. It’s a subscription service by YouTube. It offers and adds a free experience along with background music playback. It is also linked to your Google account. Therefore, it means that all of your data is sent across all platforms.

However, one of the major problems users have with YouTube Premium is its rate of availability. Nevertheless, this problem does not exist now. This is because it is now available in many countries. So if it’s available in your country, don’t hesitate to give it a try thus being a part of its advancement.


Thus, this is the list of the ten best YouTube Vanced Alternatives that one can use in the long run. These are similar to that of Youtube Vanced in terms of its performance. From certain angles, it might get drained, etc. However, in the long run, its performance is uncompromised and is the best of all.

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