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Hello, my wonderful readers! Payment networks are an integral part of today’s financial industry. These technological platforms facilitate the safe exchange of money between individuals, institutions, and other online commerce platforms. In Nigeria, Verve and Mastercard are among the most popular payment platforms. You can access it by logging in to application!

In this blog, we will discuss Verve and its services and see if they are a good fit for you! What is Verve Card?

The Verve Mastercard is a bittersweet symphony of maintenance fees, high-interest rates, unclear terms, and low credit limits. There is no way to sugarcoat it.

The Verve credit card, offered by Continental Finance and issued by The Bank of Missouri, is targeted at consumers who want to build or restore their credit. It can assist you in accomplishing that, and since it is an unsecured Mastercard, you will not have to pay a security deposit upfront and can use the card anywhere. You will pay for it, though, in several other ways. Any other credit cards for bad credit would be a better choice. You can apply with

Types of Verve cards

The three types of Verve cards available in the financial sector today are listed below:

  • Prepaid Verve cards: These cards are made to give you the freedom to make payments for various things anywhere without a physical bank account. The cardholder must preload the card with the desired amount before using it at any Verve-accepting POS (point of sale). 
  • Verve debit: The Verve Debit Card is the ideal tool for quickly and easily making daily payments. This one is connected to your current or savings bank account instead of the prepaid one. Your bank account’s funds are instantly accessible through the debit card, allowing hassle-free usage. 
  • Verve contactless: Customers can make quick payments on the go with Verve’s contactless cards by tapping them on contactless-enabled terminals. These locations also allow for tap-and-go withdrawals. 

Verve transaction limits

The Verve cards’ transactional caps are listed below. 

  • ATM withdrawal every 24 hours: 218.64 United States Dollars
  • POS spending every 24 hours: 1,457.57 United States Dollars
  • Online spending every 24 hours: 728.78 United States Dollars

The prices are converted from Nigerian Naira to USD as of the blog posting!

Verve card charges 

The following are the various fees associated with the Verve card.

    • New card: 1.22 United States Dollar Card 
    • Replacement: 1.22 United States Dolla
  • Maintenance fee (monthly): 0.061 United States Dollar
  • Cash withdrawal on ATMs at an issuer’s bank branch: Free 
  • Purchases made on POS and local websites in Nigeria: Free

The prices are converted from Nigerian Naira to USD as of the blog posting!

Verve Mastercard

Mastercard is a multinational American financial services company with its main office in Purchase, New York. The business owns the Mastercard payment system, which enables prepaid, debit, and credit cards bearing the Mastercard logo. The card can be used to make purchases in stores, make online payments, and withdraw money from ATMs in Nigeria. Prepaid, debit, or credit Mastercard are available. The issuing financial institution affects this differently.

Transaction limits 

  • ATM withdrawal every 24 hours (in Nigeria): 182.93 United States Dollars
  • POS spending every 24 hours (in Nigeria): 1,219.51 United States Dollars
  • Online spending every 24 hours (in Nigeria): 609.76 United States Dollars
  • International ATM withdrawal every 24 hours: $1,000 
  • International POS spending every 24 hours: $2,500 
  • International online spending every 24 hours: $6,250

The prices are converted from Nigerian Naira to USD as of the blog posting!

Difference between Verve Card and Mastercard

Various businesses issue payment cards for Mastercard and Verve, each with different features. Millions of businesses worldwide accept Mastercard cards, which is a global payment network that provides a variety of credit, debit, and prepaid cards for online and offline purchases as well as cash withdrawals from ATMs. Nigeria’s Verve payment card system allows the use of debit and prepaid cards for shopping at businesses with Verve card payment terminals, as well as for ATM withdrawals and bill payments. To summarize, millions of merchants worldwide accept Mastercard, which provides a wide variety of card options globally. In contrast, Verve is a Nigerian payment card program specifically tailored for the Nigerian market.

Can I use my Mastercard at Verve merchants?

Mastercard’s acceptance network is much wider than Verve, a Nigerian payment system with a more restricted acceptance network. Millions of businesses worldwide, including many in Nigeria, accept Mastercard. Some businesses in Nigeria may exclusively accept Verve cards, while others may accept alternative payment methods, such as Mastercard. Before using your Mastercard at a particular retailer in Nigeria, it is advisable to confirm with the retailer whether they accept Mastercard payments. You can also check if a merchant’s point-of-sale terminal bears the Mastercard logo, or you can ask your bank if it has a list of Nigerian merchants who accept Mastercard payments.

Payment Scheme-

A payment scheme is a payment system that permits the transfer of money from a payer to a payee. Payment schemes offer the guidelines, processes, and technical foundation required for safe and effective payment processing.

Various categories can be used to divide payment schemes based on their size, ownership, and the payment instruments they support. Typical payment schemes include the following:

  • Card schemes: These are payment plans that let users use credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards to make purchases. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are a few examples of card schemes.
  • Bank transfer schemes: These are payment methods that transfer funds directly between bank accounts. ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers, SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers, and SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) transfers are a few examples of bank transfer protocols. 
  • Mobile payment methods: These are payment methods that permit transactions on portable electronics like smartphones and tablets. Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are a few examples of mobile payment systems.
  • Digital wallet programs: These are payment plans that let users store their credit card and bank account information electronically and use it to make purchases. PayPal, Alipay, and WeChat Pay are a few examples of digital wallet programs.

Payment schemes are important in the global economy because they enable secure and efficient payment transactions. Governmental organizations and business organizations must regulate them and oversee their operations to ensure they are lawful and ethical.


This blog on provides a comprehensive overview of Verve and Mastercard payment cards. Verve, a Nigerian payment card program, offers prepaid and debit cards with a more constrained acceptance network. In contrast, Mastercard, a global payment network, offers a wide selection of credit, debit, and prepaid cards accepted by millions of merchants globally. Users can select the payment card that best suits their needs by being aware of the differences between these cards. The information on payment schemes that have been provided in this guide is also crucial for facilitating secure and effective payment transactions in the global economy. In general, this guide assists readers in selecting payment cards and comprehending the payment ecosystem.

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