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Windows’s domain is being used by LockBit 2.0 to propagate

LockBit’s new variant has been detected which has added features of automated encryption of the Windows domain. This ransomware is using its advanced features to abuse the group policies of the group policies.

This LockBit ransomware has been active from around September of 2019. After the banning of ransomware topics on hacking forums, the hackers have been seen to advertise the new LockBit 2.0 Raas.

The features of this ransomware were used earlier by other ransomware platforms. One of the unique features of this ransomware is using the windows domain for the automated distribution of ransomware without the use of scripts. On every execution of this ransomware, a new domain policy is created and applied on every device that is present in the targeted network.

Some additional insights-


This ransomware has added to many unique approaches making exploitation of the active directory domain controller for the propagation of their malware. It also has global policies that have the capability of disabling the capabilities of disabling the anti-malware systems that are present in the windows system. All these shows that LockBit developers are trying every possible way in which they can target users, and they are well versed in the Windows OS.



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