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Why Do People Fail At Continuing With Workouts

Every first of January, people set a resolution to work out and get those enviable abs and ripped sculpted muscles. But a week into the new year, they realized this was more difficult than ever imagined.

What happens when we fail to stick with our resolutions like this? Many things, actually! However, this also means we must start with the initiative of working out. Joining La Dolce Studio’s Reformer Pilates Chelsea-based classes would be your first step. They offer personalized one on one sessions as well as in groups. Their specialty is giving classes for different age groups and people with varied lifestyles.

This brings us to the next question- what triggers people to fail in a resolution they were so excited to follow in the first place?

Long Term Goals

People do not set their weight loss or fitness goals right. They may feel the need to lose 30 kilos by the year. It makes it more achievable to have several short-term goals instead. It helps us to stick to the plan of weight loss. Breaking down the 30 kilos to 1 kilo a fortnight will work wonders and give you the confidence to reach your goal.

Lacking Motivation

Many things could stop you from working out or heading out to the gym. The primary reason could be the comfort of the blankets and the bed that may be too cozy to get out of bed and head out. The next thing could be that you might have tried doing this over the years and always failed to continue with this workout schedule. If you feel that your workout is secondary in priority over other things in life, then you will only think of skipping it every day. However, there are many strategies you can use to stay motivated and committed to your workout routine, even on days when you feel tempted to skip it. Check out our guide on “Tips for Staying Motivated on Rest Days” to discover effective strategies for staying motivated and focused on your fitness goals.

Not Setting Realistic Goals

Understand that overnight you are not going to lose 100 pounds. You cannot become a sculpted runway model in just a week. It requires complete focus on getting every muscle right and toned. Only a trained and certified trainer can help set a goal for you that can be achievable.

Never Compare Yourself with Others

Your friend might have lost a lot of weight and now looks stunning. But remember that she must have spent hours working out, sweating out, planning, and even rewarding the body with nutritious food. Also, it is not possible to lose that same weight as your body constitution might be different from your friend’s. So you might lose more or less than your friends; all that matters is when the change happens. Take note of every gram you lose and take that as a much-deserved and much-needed motivation.

Not Having a Proper Plan

You might assume you need to lose weight, but there’s a lot to it. You must consider your body constitution, the lifestyle you lead, and the medications you take before you begin your pilates. Your trainer will offer consultation on what kind of foods you need to consume and how many days a week, and for how many hours you have to work out. All of these must be put in place, and you must prioritize workout and diet plans.

Once you have your plans in place, one day at a time, you should be able to work out and stick to your new year’s resolution this time.

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