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Whatsapp Plus Download: Latest Features and Installation Guide

Hi Readers! Instant messaging (IM) is a pervasive form of present-day enterprise communication; its influence in private and business settings is inestimable. Any emerging communication technology that is rapidly growing, like Instant Messaging (IM), has become part of our everyday lifestyle. The popularity cannot be questioned, and the users of instant messaging platforms worldwide cannot be ignored as people appreciate the ability to communicate through these platforms because of the ease and effectiveness that comes with them. Of them, WhatsApp is rather significant, which is mind-boggling. With over 5 billion users, it has become one of the dominant players in the IM space also in the year 2024. However, the official application of WhatsApp also has its demerits, and many people are looking for more features than WhatsApp plus mod offers. As we move into 2024, the necessity of instant messaging continues to grow, so let’s dive in to learn more about  WhatsApp Plus Download 2024. 

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a moderator of the base WhatsApp application that aims to provide users with more features and options than the core app. The basic features in the conventional application are enhanced by the additional features developed by the developers of WhatsApp Plus with the intention of meeting the demand of those users who require fun and flexibility in communication.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus

This tutorial reveals how to download the version of WhatsApp Plus Download that is modified, but this version has extra features as WhatsApp Plus.

To download WhatsApp Plus, follow these steps:

Download the APK

Because WhatsApp Plus Download is not on the Google Play Store, you will have to install from an APK file which preferably should be gotten from a reliable source.

Enable Unknown Sources

You should go to device settings – you need to find the security option and enable installation of applications from ‘third-party sources’ for WhatsApp Plus Download.

Install the APK

 The next step is to find the APK file you downloaded in the download folder and click on it to install it.

Set Up Your Account

 After downloading the app, you must follow the instructions on the application itself to register for a WhatsApp Plus account. You may also wish to use WhatsApp Plus Download concurrently with the native WhatsApp application.

What Makes Whatsapp Plus Apk Download Special?

This brings us to the point: if all that WhatsApp Plus did was everything done by a basic WhatsApp, there would simply be no reason for having another look at it. The good news in this regard is that a number of new and exciting features of the Whatsapp Plus latest version are certainly in store for interested users. The developers of this independent app added an extra advantage and always ensured they stayed ahead of the official team behind WhatsApp. Therefore, let us dive into what makes WhatsApp Plus so special!

Themes of the Whatsapp Plus Download

The only visual change you get to make in the stock, plus WhatsApp, pertains to setting the chat wallpaper and nothing else. You aren’t provided with various layout choices that you would have, color profile changes, and a host of other display changes. This is where WhatsApp Plus Download steps in with a myriad of beautiful themes—in excess of 700 at present—to make sure that you get a personalized chatting experience. With a library of awesome themes already waiting, more are being added on a regular basis by the team of developers behind the app.

Emoticons of the whatsapp plus download

Although WhatsApp has an onslaught of emojis and emoticons you can choose from, already cramming the space in its dropdown menu, WhatsApp Plus takes that to a whole new level by giving you further options for use. Suppose you are someone who has enjoyed Google Hangouts. In that case, you already know how great those emojis are—you will now love Whatsapp Plus v17 even more for integrating the same set of emojis to expand on the already rich library provided at hand.


Probably, the best gain that exists for whatsapp plus update users is the privacy protocols. The official app lets you turn off Read Receipts, which disable the blue tick from appearing when you have actually read a message. This also makes it so that your contacts need to know when you view their status updates. Here, however, there is a flip side to everything. Enabling such features causes you to lose the right to see blue ticks when your messages are read or who has viewed your status updates. Fortunately, the WhatsApp Plus Download does not have such restrictions. Be assured that you will be able to protect your privacy without giving up the ability to see such from the other end of the conversation. A win-win deal, if you will.

This Whatsapp Plus APK download will conceal blue ticks and status viewing notifications. What’s more, it allows one to turn off the second tick so contacts don’t know when messages have been delivered. You can turn off the recording notification when you are making a recording, even in a group or other chat, guaranteeing that the contact does not know or see when you have opened an audio file.

Installing WhatsApp Plus On Your Android Device

To install WHatsapp Plus on your Android device, read and follow the steps highlighted below;

Here are the minimum device requirements and the steps and rules for installing and using WhatsApp Plus. The requirements can be split into as much detail as possible, and the workflow can be carried out independently without the participation of a specialist.

Nowadays, Android smart devices are programmed to permit the installation of applications only through the Google Play Store as a default step. If you did not download the app by accessing the Play Store, a measure like that may come into force to stop you from installing the app on your phone.

After downloading the app (you can use the download button provided above), Proceed to install the app by :

1- Now open the downloads folder on your mobile phone and search for the WhatsApp Plus APK file.

The Android system might have previously generated default pop-up warnings before the installation button was provided. It is safe to assume that this is some kind of anti-virus fake message, and you can go ahead and download.

2- A pop-up will appear when clicking on the APK file, which should be opened under the package installer.

3- A pop-up message will tell you that you are installing an app from an unknown source. Click on’ Allow them, ‘ then click on ‘Next,’ and finally click on ‘Install.’

Registering Second Account

If you want to use two accounts in different versions of WhatsApp Plus Download, you can use GBWhatsApp Pro. It is the same as WhatsApp Plus and enables you to use two applications on the same phone.

Download WhatsApp Plus v17.85 Latest Version For Android

WhatsApp Plus Download is an application based on the original WhatsApp that includes new customization options and features for better communications. As the above observations show, the features incorporated in WhatsApp Plus go much beyond the normal features of the natural app to help various users with more options and customization.

Version : 17.85 |  Base : |  Size : 70MB


WhatsApp Plus is an excellent clone of the official WhatsApp app and has more power besides extra features. In overview, WhatsApp Plus has many features that may be interesting for some users, such as increasing privacy, sharing media files, or just having a more personalized experience in messaging. What is even better is that it is now available at absolutely no charge; notably, all the features in the software are active.

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