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WhatsApp open the Door to Send Messages to Yourself from Different Devices

WhatsApp, cross-platform, is the most popular messaging application which accesses the internet to send messages videos, and pictures to your near and dear ones or the official people. It is very handy to use for all aged people – from young guys to older crowds. It brings new features for group or personal chat.

New Features of WhatsApp’s Latest Version:

The new update launched on 9th August. After the upgradation, it becomes more acceptable among the people and becomes very useful to all while maintaining all privacy.

  • Voice Messages Upgradation:

Voice messages were introduced to WhatsApp in 2013. It is very useful in time of a hurry when there is no time to type the messages and needs to inform it via chat. It also helps people to understand their emotions and mental state by voice time of expressing it. So, people adopt it wildly.

In the latest version, WhatsApp added more features in the voice message section –

  • Out of Chat Playback:

When you are multitasking on your phone or responding to other messages, this allows you to listen to the voice messages from the outside of the chat. For that, you don’t need to open the chat for long.

  • Fast Playback:

The feature allows you to increase the speed of regular and forwarded voice messages to 1.5x or 2x, to listen to them faster.

  • Waveform Visualization:

It adds a visual effect to the messages.

  • Draft Preview:

It automatically drafted the voice messages before sending them.

  • Pause/Resume Button:

The most attractive feature of WhatsApp is the Pause/Resume Button. While you are distracted by something during the time of recording the voice messages, it will support you to hold for some time and when everything will be settled down then you can resume the recordings.

  • Work in Large Community:

WhatsApp was introduced with its community feature in April 2022. Under this feature, WhatsApp provides a cloud-based system under one roof where people can hold meetings or interact together.

The community feature gives the admin to access the new tool like announcement messages which can be broadcast to all. It includes –

Group Audio/Video Call:

In this system, 32 people can do group audio/video calls together. It brings one-tap optimization for calling.

File Sharing:

This feature is most desirable. To this date, only 100 MB of files can be transferred. But in the latest update, this capacity reaches up to 2 GB.

So. All tensions are gone. Use WhatsApp as much as you can.

Admin Access:

There is control in the hand of the admin of the respective group. Now, the admin can remove disrespectful, unnecessary, and hurtful messages and video or audio.

Reactions :

All WhatsApp users are allowed to give their reactions to the received messages. Even there is the option of removing it also. It includes the main six emojis – like, love, laugh, sad, surprise, and thanks. There is a “plus” sign by which you can add another emoji to express your feeling for the respective messages.

  • Support Small Business:

WhatsApp added the feature to create a business account. Now,  in the latest upgradation, it brings some special features.

They are creating a cloud-based system for business accounts where one can handle WhatsApp from another 10 devices. It will allow creating of a new API.

Overall WhatsApp brings that kind of feature where you need no other applications for your business, community, and personal chats.  And all of these things are end-to-end-encrypt.


WhatsApp New Privacy Policy:

WhatsApp introduced a more encrypted and secure chatting platform. Personal calls and messages on WhatsApp are protected with default end-to-end encryption In the latest version, they add some more privacy.

  • Leave Group Silently:

In the latest version, if you leave the group, WhatsApp will not send any notification about it. But the group admin of the group will be notified if one exits the group.

  • Online Status Shown:

We all like to stay connected with our friends and family. So few times, we like to use WhatsApp privately without telling them. As a solution of it, WhatsApp brings the feature by which you can decide who can see your “ONLINE” status. It is on your hand to choose the viewer from your contact list.

  • No Screenshot for View Once Messages:

The “View Once” feature was added in the last edition. But now WhatsApp is working on the block of taking screenshots of those messages. It will add extra security in terms of maintaining privacy.

  • Profile Picture Hiding:

The latest version of WhatsApp introduced the new criteria “My Contact Except” to hide the profile pictures from unknown or unwanted people. It adds extra protection to the pictures.

So, in the latest edition, the user has total control over protecting their information.

How to message myself on WhatsApp:

Self-messaging is not currently available on WhatsApp desktop Beta but testing is going on there. According to the report in WABetaInfo, the ability to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp might come soon.

Process how to message me on WhatsApp –

  1. Click on the “WhatsApp” icon on your device.
  2. Click on the “Chat” icon from the right corner of the screen.
  3. Now the entire contact list will appear on the screen.
  4. At the top of the list, notice the “YOU” chat name and tap on it.
  5. Here, the personal chat section will be opened.
  6. Type the message or attach any contact in the typing section to send the message to yourself.


WhatsApp New Group Chat Features:

In the previous version, WhatsApp was more protected in terms of profile picture, status, and last seen. It adds privacy to the group chat.

WhatsApp group chat update was first spotted on beta hinting. Users can now edit the privacy setting of the WhatsApp group according to their preferences. Now, you can decide who can add you to a group and who can’t.

The process to set the group chat according to your preference:

Very first thing, you need to update your WhatsApp version. and perform the below-mentioned processes.

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click on the Kebab menu.
  3. From the appeared list select the “Setting” option from the bottom.
  4. Then go to “Account”
  5. After that tap on “Privacy” then “Groups”.
  6. Here, you can observe three options. i.e.- “Everyone”, “Nobody”, and “My Contact”.

Everyone – It will allow everyone to add you to any group. If the contact is not saved, still one can able to add you.

Nobody – It prevents adding you to any group on WhatsApp. But everyone can send you the invitation link which will expire after 3 days.

My Contact – The contacts which are saved on your phone can add you to any WhatsApp group.

As WhatsApp maintains privacy, it is the most demanding and useful application for people. Day by day it increases the security and end-to-end- encryption. This is the main reason to accept this application wildly.



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