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WhatsApp News: Stop these 5 things on WhatsApp

According to WhatsApp’s monthly user safety report, the instant messaging service banned almost 2.3 million Indian users, in August only. This WhatsApp messaging platform that Meta runs is constantly targeted by fraudsters and hackers, and it even spreads lies and misinformation. WhatsApp regularly offers security upgrades and privacy features to stop malicious activities. Additionally, there is a probability that your account might be suspended if you unknowingly spam your contacts with unverified information. When it comes to worries about the security and safety of its users, WhatsApp has constantly been in the WhatsApp current news.

This Meta-owned WhatsApp messaging platform is constantly targeted by fraudsters and hackers, and it even spreads lies and misinformation. To stop malicious activities, WhatsApp regularly offers security upgrades and privacy features. Users of the instant messaging application are shielded from fraudsters and other highly suspicious accounts by a combination of spam detection technologies and security procedures.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with over 1 billion users. In order to keep users secure on the platform, WhatsApp implements security protocols and safeguards. Additionally, it uses spam detection technologies to identify and take action against accounts that exhibit suspicious and unusual behaviour in a bid to prevent spam. Even if your use of WhatsApp was well-intentioned, if your behaviour and attitude violate the WhatsApp Terms of Service agreements, you are at risk of having your account suspended.

However, there are certain things you can do on the app that will get you banned. In this article, we’ll discuss what not to do on WhatsApp if you don’t want to get banned.

Resist yourself to do these 5 things:

Think Twice before Forwarding Messages:

To incentivize users to consider their behaviour before forwarding messages, WhatsApp has introduced a label for all forwarded messages and restricted the number of times you may do so. The first thing you should avoid doing on WhatsApp is sharing inappropriate content. This includes anything that is sexually explicit, violent, or hateful. At this current moment, WhatsApp only allows no more than five chats to be sent at once. Users can forward messages to a maximum of five conversations, including one group if they have previously been forwarded. If you are doubtful about the authenticity of the communication or don’t know who originally sent it, don’t forward it.

You are advised to refrain from forwarding messages that have the tag “Forwarded many times” on top of them to all of your groups because doing so might result in your behaviour being flagged as potential spam.

Avoid to Send Automated and Bulk Messages:

Business Computing World mentions that WhatsApp uses a combination of machine learning and user feedback to track down and remove accounts that send inappropriate automated messages. It leads you to be recognised as a spammer. Therefore, be careful while using WhatsApp for automated, bulk messaging, or auto-messaging. If you have an account with a WhatsApp Business and use your account for marketing purposes, then your account will be suspended and in some cases, it might even be permanently banned.

You should also avoid WhatsApp typing tricks where users deliberately type in a way that looks like they’re typing with one hand, or tricks to avoid spam detection.

Don’t try to trick people by using fake WhatsApp features or scams. This includes things like promising free WhatsApp credits or trying to get people to click on malicious links. If you do this, you will not only be banned from WhatsApp, but you could also face legal repercussions.

So, it’s important to know what not to do on WhatsApp if you don’t want to get banned!

Communicate with Known Contacts:

Send messages only to individuals who are in contact with you through WhatsApp or who asked you to do so. The use of broadcast lists for transmitting messages should be minimized as much as possible. People may report your messages if you often send broadcast messages. Additionally, WhatsApp will ban your account if it receives repeated reports about it.

Respect the Privacy and Boundaries:

Request authorization before adding an individual to a WhatsApp group, and if they choose to leave the group, respect their wishes by postponing adding them back until they explicitly state that you can. If you add someone to a group and they then remove themselves from it almost immediately, honour their decision and do not try to add them back in again. Additionally, don’t message someone if they ask you not to. If the other user reports you several times, WhatsApp may eventually terminate your account.

Don’t Violate the WhatsApp Terms and Conditions:

Finally, make sure you read and understand WhatsApp’s terms of service and terms and conditions. All of the user guidelines are summarized in WhatsApp’s “Acceptable Use of Our Services” section. The terms of service prohibit users from sending spam or unsolicited messages, as well as using the app for fraudulent purposes. These WhatsApp Terms of Service prohibit any sort of behaviours that can fall into the categories of illegal, defamatory, intimidating, harassing, or publishing falsehoods.

Another thing you should avoid is WhatsApp typing tricks. WhatsApp has a number of special characters that you can use to change the appearance of your text. However, using these characters can get you banned from the app.

If your account is banned what should you do?

First, you must send an email to WhatsApp. Otherwise, you can request to review the WhatsApp account. If you hit the request a review option, you will be sent a 6-digit OTP that you need to enter that will help you to get back your account.

Once you enter the OTP, you can file your request with details supporting your case. WhatsApp will investigate it and respond as soon as the review is completed. Later you will get back the account.

In conclusion, if you just want to use WhatsApp for personal use then there isn’t anything wrong with that as long as you follow the WhatsApp rules listed above. But make sure not to violate any of the WhatsApp terms of service because doing so will result in getting your account deleted permanently!

So, if you want to avoid getting banned from WhatsApp, make sure to follow the WhatsApp rules and avoid sharing inappropriate or harmful content.

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