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What subreddits you should follow in 2022 related to artificial intelligence and machine learning

A data scientist is someone who uses their tools and statistical knowledge to solve business problems. Data scientists can’t afford to wait around for days when they’re stuck on something. So it’s helpful for them to have a place where they can go to get help from other data scientists. There are forums where data scientists can discuss things with each other and share their knowledge. With this in mind, various machine learning course and artificial intelligence courses are in demand.
This article states that Reddit is the most comprehensive source of information on machine learning, deep learning, and data science. Reddit has a lot of information on programming, AI-ML and other fun stuff, too. It also helps to understand what are the subreddits trending in the year 2022.

Reddit and Subreddits

This is a social network where you can discuss and place Reddit Upvotes on content. The Reddit community is made up of millions of niche forums called Subreddits. Subreddits are the building blocks of Reddit’s social network.

The website is made up of many subreddit groups. Each subreddit on Reddit has a particular focus, such as music, politics, or technology. The most popular posts from each default subreddit make up Reddit’s front page, or front page as it is sometimes referred as.

You can find a variety of rich threads with exciting details, including websites, blogs, resources, issues people face, and clever solutions to typical problems.


There are many subreddits dedicated to machine learning and artificial intelligence. In 2022, the top subreddits for machine learning and artificial intelligence along with AI tools are trending.

The biggest Reddit forum devoted to all AI-related topics is called r/artificial.

Over 167k members share current information, real-world applications of AI, AI tools and AI News. These also includes discussions and queries from those researching and developing it.

The field of artificial intelligence (AI) is quite broad and contains several subfields. There are subreddits for several of them as well. All of these topics are covered in r/artificial. It serves as a forum for everyone interested in respectfully and intelligently discussing AI in all of its forms.


One of the most popular AI subreddits where you may post without choosing a content flair is r/ArtificialIntelligence. There are over 88k users on this subreddit. You may subscribe to this subreddit to be informed on popular AI.


A community of machine learning enthusiasts, researchers, journalists, and authors who contribute intriguing news and articles regarding the uses of AI may be found at r/machinelearningnews. You won’t miss any developments in the ML/AI/CV/NLP sectors because they are posted every day and rigorously reviewed to prevent spam.


More than 75,000 members of the sub participate in posting and debates about automation. The r/Automate subreddit is where people talk about automation, additive manufacturing, robotics, AI, and all the other technology we’ve created to enable a world without menial labour.

The subreddit is devoted to a thorough examination of the speculative scenario in which artificial intelligence advances to a level of superiority over human intellect, radically changing civilisation. The sub features postings of outstanding quality and importance, and it has over 161k members. It covers every facet of the technological singularity and related topics like artificial intelligence (AI), human enhancement, etc.


The machine learning-focused sub offers frequent technical postings and debates that are fascinating. There are a few fundamental conduct guidelines for the subreddit. This organisation, which has more than 2.5 million members, is a must-join for ML fans.


The sub, which has over 12.5k members, is dedicated to artificial general intelligence. Artificial general intelligence (AGI) refers to the ability of a computer to perform any intellectual task that a human can. The debates are insightful, and the posts are consistent.


Visit the r/compsci subreddit if you’re interested in sharing and debating content that interests computer scientists. There are several posts regarding AI in this. It has a few straightforward regulations that members must follow. Over 2.1 million users are active on the subreddit.


AI ethics are essential. The most recent information on how to use and develop different AI technologies ethically may be found on r/AIethics. Simple rules apply. There are more than 3.2k members. The subreddit contains debates about how to treat and act with artificial intelligence bots.


Although cognitive science is a broad area, the subreddit contains postings that somehow pertain to the scientific study of the mind and also include the most recent AI. It includes the multidisciplinary study of intelligence and the mind, encompassing linguistics, anthropology, psychology, artificial intelligence, and philosophy.More than 107k members adhere to general behavioural norms.


The field of AI science known as computer vision focuses on developing algorithms that glean information from unprocessed images, videos, and sensor data. Excellent computer vision and artificial intelligence information may be found on the subreddit. About 68k people are members. Academics and engineers working on and exploiting this multidisciplinary topic are based in this community, and they have competence in computer science, machine learning, robotics, mathematics, and other disciplines.


It includes the most recent articles and debates on data science and topics that are relevant to it. There are over 817k users and administrators on the subreddit. It functions as a discussion and debate platform for issues pertaining to the profession of data scientists.

The latest machine-learning algorithms are the focus of the subreddit. It contains a wide range of rules and frequently publishes articles about the most recent developments in machine learning. Over 276k people are active on the subreddit.


A great place to get intriguing news and articles on machine learning is /r/Machinelearning. There are active conversations on many ML issues, and it has more than 37.4k members. Beginners may ask foolish questions here, and professionals can answer them.


Deep Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, and Machine Learning are the topics of the subreddit. On these subjects, there are numerous posts and frequent debates. It has more than 21.8k members and is a wonderful resource for the most recent AI information.

Other Forus of AI and Machine Learning

Data Science Central is a place to discuss big data. It has topics about the technical aspects of data science and business topics. It also has a section on programming languages that discusses coding methods for various languages such as Python and Ruby.


Popular with data scientists is the website Kaggle. Here, data scientists can use large datasets to build models and gain experience. In addition, Kaggle has an active community forum where users can ask questions about analytics. Kaggle also attracts many well-known specialists, so you can ask questions of and get answers from some of the most accomplished people in your industry. Natural language processing, computer vision, neural networks, visualisation, and related topics are open to experts at all levels.

DEV Community

Programmers may exchange ideas and support one another’s development in the DEV Community. All talks about machine learning should take held in this thread. Get tutorials and other ML how-tos while discussing active projects, GitHub bugs, and machine learning forecasts.

Global Forum on Data Science at IBM

The Global Data Science Forum has roughly 21,000 members, 223 libraries, and 600 blog entries. IBM also offers a business analytics forum where customers may find out about new products and evaluate their AI capabilities. There is also a community for data operations. DataStage – Data Integration, Master Data Management (MDM), Watson Knowledge Catalog (WKC), Data Governance and Quality, among other issues, are some more.

Open Data Science

On the Russian forum Open DataScience, data science researchers, engineers, and developers interact. a stimulating environment where you may deepen your relationships and benefit from one another.

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