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What is AWS Certification for QA (Quality Assurance) and Testers

AWS certification expands your knowledge and makes you even more marketable and competitive. With the right certification, you are on the right path to elevating even higher in your career. For quality assurance and testers, there are certification options that you can consider.

AWS: what is it?

AWS stands for amazon web services. This is a secure cloud services provider. You can access common services such as AI, machine learning, database storage, computing power, content delivery, developer risk monitoring, and security. It is one of the best ways for a business to grow and scale.

In the AWS marketplace for QA testing, there are many tools that are available. This makes it very hard to choose where to start. It is important to choose the available tools carefully.

For the firms that have already invested in AWS, there are options that they can use to get quality analysis jobs done. They can choose native tools or venture into the marketplace to pick third-party tools they can combine with cloud workloads. In many cases, it is wise to mix the testing tools to find the best for configuration, performance standards, and security.

AWS certification for testers

These type of certifications is a good idea for:

  • Manual testers who want to learn more about cloud services
  • A manual tester who is keen on setting up a test environment for case execution
  • Automation testers who want to set up an execution environment to carry out software testing.

When you want certification in this area, there is much doubt, and at times you may wonder what to study. What you should know about AWS certifications is that there isn’t a specific certification targeting testers. You can pick developer associate or architect associate certification to get a firm understanding of the AWS services. This serves as the foundation of the study.

Why you should consider getting the certification

Anyone actively involved in the industry of software development in the past couple of years may have noticed a great shift in the attitudes that are there regarding cloud technology. To understand the market better, there are major players making things happen, but one of the main players is amazon web service. Anyone who wants to further their cloud knowledge should utilize AWS.

When you gain certification, it can act as a shortcut to gaining effective knowledge on the best ways to use AWS. You also get recognition once you add this qualification to your resume.

Some of the best paths to take for QA and testing include the following:

  1. Cloud practitioner: the quick option

The cloud practitioner exam is one of the best ways to get started when you choose to go the AWS way. This is the only way to understand the features and services that AWS has to offer. There are no prerequisites to take this exam, unlike other types of certifications. This is one of the best exams to take if you want to get certified, regardless of whether you are a business analyst, developer, architect, or tester.

In this certification, you get a chance to learn all the fundamentals regarding how the cloud works. You also get the chance to learn the benefits you can get from AWS as an individual, a company, or a team. In this certification, no programming or code needs to be learned. As you advance in knowledge and other courses, there isn’t much coding.

Cloud practitioner certification does not take long. When you have a decent learning course and take the necessary exams, this is a certification you can acquire within a month, even if you study part-time.

  1. Architect Associate: ideal for keen testers

There are no prerequisites for this either. However, it is recommended that you take the practitioner testing first for different reasons. This makes it easier to learn architect associates. It also gives you a chance to be acquainted with the learning materials. The exam process becomes comfortable from here on. In this exam, you cover different AWS products focusing on virtual machines, storage, and databases. This represents core firms on which many other products are based. Amazon gives you a firm foundation through this exam where you can continue with further studies if you so wish.

Testers are curious in nature, and when you understand the elements in this course, it becomes easier to become better with the testing strategies you apply.

  1. Developer associate:

You notice that architect associate and developer associate exams have many overlaps. In this case, you can settle on one, and you would be good to go. The gap between tester and developer, today in terms of skills, isn’t as large as many would assume. An exam dedicated to developing AWS usage helps testers.

  1. Security specialty

This is a specialty option that you can take when you want something more. The security specialty exam is a good choice, and you want to learn a lot regarding how AWS applies security in its infrastructure. This is the best way to develop even better testing strategies based on acquired knowledge.

There has been a dramatic change in software development in the past years, leading to cloud technology. Previously most agencies preferred dealing with their infrastructure. In such a case, the developed software and all the infrastructure used would be housed in the same place. Other times, the servers could be deployed on the customer site.

Today, there has been a great change. The process is now moving towards hosting the production and development software within a rented framework provided by bigger companies like google cloud, Microsoft Azure, and amazon web services. There are many advantages that are related to moving as well as many ability downsides.

AWS is a good place to start because it dominates the market, and there are chances that testing software programs need to be tested.

Best way to learn

If you want to get AWS certifications, it makes sense to use the official learning materials for the exams. There are third-party offerings as well. Before getting started, you should find out which way to go because some can be more expensive. It is important to find out what you will get in a course and how much you need to pay. Getting a high-quality experience when learning is one of the best ways of grasping concepts and understanding the course in general.

You should also test yourself using mock papers. This is the best way to understand what the final exam will be like at the end of the course.

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