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What Information is Checked During a Gun Purchase Background Check?

Background checks play a pivotal role in upholding safety and compliance within high-risk industries. These checks are essential for preventing individuals who pose a risk to public safety from obtaining firearms unlawfully. Conducted by licensed firearms dealers, the process involves verifying the eligibility of prospective buyers before a firearm sale is finalized.

At the heart of this process lies the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a critical database managed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). NICS conducts thorough examinations of an individual’s criminal history, mental health records, immigration status, and other relevant factors to determine their eligibility to purchase firearms.

In this article, the high-risk credit card processing company Electronic Transfer explains the key steps in the background check process for gun purchases, including identity verification and criminal history examination. We will also cover the assessment of mental health and addiction records, review of restraining orders, verification of citizenship status, and investigation of previous firearm purchase attempts.

Identity Verification

The initial step in a gun purchase background check is verifying the buyer’s identity. This is crucial to ensure that the individual purchasing the firearm is who they claim to be, thus mitigating the risk of identity fraud. Government-issued identification documents, such as driver’s licenses or passports, are typically required for this purpose.

Verifying identity serves as the foundation for the entire background check process. By confirming the buyer’s identity, licensed firearms dealers can ensure that all subsequent checks are conducted accurately and that any disqualifying information is associated with the correct individual. This step helps maintain the integrity of the background check process and enhances public safety by preventing firearms from falling into the wrong hands.

Criminal History Examination

The examination of an individual’s criminal history is a crucial component of the gun purchase background check process. This step involves scrutinizing various records to identify any convictions that would disqualify the person from purchasing a firearm.

One of the primary disqualifiers is a felony conviction. Individuals convicted of a felony offense are prohibited from owning or possessing firearms under federal law. Additionally, domestic violence misdemeanors can also result in firearm purchase disqualification. These convictions signal a heightened risk of violence and are thus taken seriously in the background check process.

Furthermore, any crime punishable by imprisonment for a duration exceeding one year can render an individual ineligible for firearm ownership. This broad criterion encompasses a range of serious offenses and serves to prevent individuals with a history of significant criminal conduct from obtaining firearms.

Mental Health and Addiction Records

In addition to criminal history, the background check process includes an assessment of an individual’s mental health and addiction records. This is crucial for identifying any factors that may pose a risk if the individual were to access firearms.

One key disqualifier is involuntary commitment to a mental health facility. Individuals who have been involuntarily committed due to mental illness or deemed mentally incompetent by a court are prohibited from purchasing firearms. This criterion aims to prevent individuals with severe mental health issues from obtaining firearms, as they may pose a risk to themselves or others.

Furthermore, a known history of substance abuse can also result in disqualification from firearm ownership. Substance abuse disorders can impair judgment and impulse control, increasing the likelihood of firearm-related incidents. By screening for substance abuse history, the background check helps mitigate the risk of firearms falling into the hands of individuals who may misuse them due to substance-related impairments.

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence Records

One critical aspect of the background check process is the review of restraining orders, especially those related to domestic violence. This thorough examination is essential for preventing individuals who may pose a threat to their family members or intimate partners from accessing firearms.

Restraining orders, also known as protective orders or orders of protection, are court-issued directives that prohibit individuals from contacting or approaching specific individuals, typically due to allegations of domestic violence or harassment. In many jurisdictions, individuals subject to restraining orders are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms.

Domestic violence records are scrutinized to identify any history of violent or abusive behavior within familial or intimate relationships. Individuals with a documented history of domestic violence are considered high-risk individuals who may misuse firearms to harm their partners or family members.

Citizenship and Immigration Status

Verifying the citizenship and immigration status of firearm buyers is an essential component of the background check process. Certain non-immigrant visas and illegal immigration status can disqualify individuals from purchasing firearms under federal law.

Individuals must be either citizens or legal residents of the United States to buy firearms. Non-immigrants, such as those holding tourist visas or student visas, are generally ineligible to purchase firearms. Additionally, individuals with illegal immigration status are prohibited from buying firearms.

The verification process involves cross-referencing information provided by the buyer with relevant immigration databases and records. This ensures that only eligible individuals with lawful status in the country are permitted to purchase firearms.

Previous Attempts to Purchase Firearms

Background checks include an examination of an individual’s history of previous attempts to purchase firearms. This comprehensive review is crucial for detecting any patterns of behavior that may indicate fraudulent activity or attempts to evade legal restrictions.

When conducting a background check, licensed firearms dealers access databases containing records of past firearm transactions. They scrutinize these records to identify any instances where the individual’s purchase attempt was rejected or flagged as problematic.

Previous rejections may raise red flags indicating potential issues such as disqualifying criminal history, mental health concerns, or fraudulent identification. Additionally, repeated attempts to purchase firearms despite prior rejections may suggest an individual’s persistence in attempting to circumvent legal restrictions.


Thorough background checks are crucial for preventing illegal firearm possession and enhancing public safety. By examining criminal history, mental health records, and immigration status, these checks identify potential risks. Retailers must conduct these checks diligently and report any red flags. Ensuring compliance with these procedures helps keep firearms out of the wrong hands, reducing firearm-related incidents and promoting community safety.

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