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What are the Important Elements of a Cyber Incident Response Plan?


You must have a cyber incident response strategy to safeguard your company from possible cyber attacks. You may successfully recover from, respond to and get ready for a cyber event with a proper strategy in place. The potential of cyber attacks and ransom ware assaults has increased significantly as technology goes on permeating more and more aspects of our everyday life. Each organization must have a CIRP or cyber incident response plan in place, in order to defend against and respond to any cyber attacks.

Top Elements of a Cyber Incident Response Plan

Many important components should be present in a thorough cyber incident response strategy, including:

  1. An organized team with defined tasks and responsibilities for responding to incidents.
  2. The incident response strategy is routinely tested and trained. By doing so, it will be guaranteed that the strategy would truly limit the harm that ransom ware attacks and/or data breaches may do.
  3. Procedures for locating, stopping, stopping the spread of, analyzing, eliminating, and recovering from an event.
  4. Plans for communicating the occurrence and its effects to stakeholders, including workers, clients, and consumers.
  5. Knowing when to contact law enforcement and how to do so in the event of a cybersecurity incident.
  6. Steps to assess and modify the incident response strategy.
  7. The NIST Computer Security Incident Management Guide’s advice should be considered.
  8. A CIRP should incorporate particular protocols for other event types, such as natural catastrophes, phishing and malware, in addition to these essential components.

Stages of Cyber Incident Response

The Cyber Incident Response process consists of six basic components. These steps are based on advice from the NIST-created Computer Security Incident Management Handbook. The steps consist of:


Staff members are regularly trained on cybersecurity, and the incident response plan is tested to assure readiness in the case of a real occurrence.


This entails locating the precise occurrence and estimating how it will affect the organization. This is often accomplished by keeping an eye out for odd behavior on various networks and systems and by checking security logs.


This can entail removing impacted systems from network, installing firewalls, and taking other precautions to stop the problem from spreading.


This can entail removing malware, fixing vulnerabilities, and taking further precautions to stop the incident from happening again.


This entails bringing things back to normal and getting things back to normal.

Post-incident activity

This entails assessing the incident response procedure, finding potential areas for development, and revising the incident response plan as required.

Cyber Resilience requires sustained effort. It is insufficient to only have an efficient incident response plan. This strategy has to be updated on a regular basis to account for new risks. Also, you might wish to sometimes consult with outside cyber-security experts to get their expert assessment of your preparedness for a cyber-attack. They can also assist in updating your strategies and protocols. To determine the extent of vulnerability of your organization in the event of an incident, they may also assist you in conducting a thorough risk assessment.

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