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Ways in Which Streaming Has Changed How We Watch TV

Catching up on the latest TV shows and movies has become convenient these days. Instead of waiting in front of the TV for a favorite show to be aired, viewers can easily watch it on Netflix or YouTube.

All they need is an internet connection to enter the immersive world of entertainment online. They can go through Spectrum internet pricing or any other internet service provider to subscribe to a package that suits their budget.

The Rise of Online Streaming

Digital streaming media has gradually become the most popular entertainment provider. In the past, watching a show meant sitting on the couch in front of the TV, but that has changed drastically. With the advent of the internet and companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon Prime, it is now possible to stream videos, podcasts, music, and movies on smartphones, laptops, or smart TVs. The increase in Netflix subscribers from almost 24 million in 2012 to a shocking 214 million in 2022 shows the popularity of streaming media services.   Online streaming has led to a change in viewing activities and viewing styles. Let us see how.

Change in Viewing Activities

Why people watch TV and what they do while watching it has changed. Some of them watch it to keep themselves entertained while some turn it on to simply have something playing in the background. The very popular combination, “Netflix and Chill” has now changed to “Netflix and Sleep” or “Netflix and Snack”. Watching a TV show like Friends before going to bed is an important part of the routine for some people. Moreover, many depend on Netflix, or YouTube to watch videos while snacking.

Change in Viewing Styles

The internet has tailored how people watch content. The transformation from TV to online streaming has been drastic, especially for the younger audience. According to Forbes, nearly 50% of streaming viewers are aged below 35, and 22% of those between the ages of 15-29 said they entertain themselves with streamin

Streaming allows users to binge-watch their favorite seasons easily. This means they do not have to wait in front of the TV for their favorite show to come on air, instead, they can easily watch it on Netflix or any other streaming site.

Moreover, streaming services have also altered the way people listen to music. Instead of relying on the radio, users can now listen to millions of songs online. They do not have to go through annoying ads and can access their playlists across different devices. Music streaming services enable users to discover new artists. Some also personalize experiences by automatically curating lists according to a specific user’s taste.

The Effects of Online Streaming

Here are some ways in which online streaming changed TV viewing habits.

The Rise of Binge Watching Binge-watching is when people watch multiple episodes in one sitting. Streaming increased it tremendously as it made it possible to watch the entire series in one go. The ability to watch favorite movies and shows at users’ convenience is a substantial change. Netflix and other streaming services are benefitting from this approach by keeping the Millennials and Gen Z engaged and excited as they can now consume content on their schedules.

Customized Content

The TV broadcast model focused on content that appealed to a broader audience. However, the changes in viewing habits, have compelled streaming service providers to provide customized content for their viewers.  They try to attract niches by giving them options that are of interest to them and they cannot resist.

Reduced TV Advertising

Businesses relied on TV advertising to promote their brands in the past because it was the most popular medium of entertainment in those days. But with online streaming, the advertising landscape is changing. As consumers spend more time streaming content, businesses are trying to reach out to customers on these streaming platforms instead of relying on TV alone.

The Last Word

There was a time when people had to wait the whole week and set alarms to ensure they do not miss the latest episode of their favorite show. With online streaming, all this waiting is history. Users can now watch the entire series and movies in one go whenever they want.

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