Warning Issued Against NYDMV Phishing Scams

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The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has issued a warning to its clients regarding a phishing scam. The goal of this scam is to obtain the intended victims’ personal information.

Phishing fraud

The phishing scam uses SMS messages that promise $1,500 in state gasoline refunds as compensation for the rising cost of petrol, along with spam texts that are packed with links.

When a user clicks one of the links, they are sent to a page that mimics the DMV website and instructed to submit their personal information. The attackers receive the supplied data.

Additionally, the stolen data might be used to spread dangerous software or perform identity fraud.

Phishing is a powerful attack method

The Follina (CVE-2022-30190) vulnerability was recently exploited by a phishing effort to disseminate the Rozena backdoor.

During a phishing assault last month, Facebook Messenger chatbots were exploited to obtain login information for Facebook page administrators.

Additionally, a phishing method that took use of Microsoft Edge WebView2 applications stole the victims’ authentication cookies.


The NYS Office has offered several suggestions for avoiding such phishing attacks. This includes refraining from emailing personal information and checking emails for errors in language or spelling before responding. Keep an eye out for any threats or URLs that don’t match those of genuine websites, and verify them from a reliable source.

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