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Using Satellite Bus for Analysis of Coal Exploration Technology

A satellite bus using remote sensing technology is very effective at helping scientists, and coal exploration experts find mineral deposits on Earth. Satellite platforms monitor and cover large surface areas to track mining landscapes. This technology is incredibly useful in the mining industry. Coal remains to be a useful resource for our planet. We need it for generating electric power or warming up our homes. For example, many areas in the US use only electricity generated by burning minerals. Now that we have established how useful coal is for our society let’s have a look over how we can explore this precious resource by using satellite buses. 

What are the coal exploration methods?

There are many coal exploration methods, such as refraction-seismic, electromagnetic, magnetic, gravimetric, electrical, and radiometric. However, we will discuss here only the method that uses satellite bus technologies. A coal exploration satellite bus function is to identify areas where experts on the ground can start researching. After studying these areas and getting to a conclusion, mining operations can begin, provided a mining company gets the necessary governmental and administrative approvals. 

The coal exploration satellite remote sensing method has only one purpose. That purpose is to find new coal deposits. At the same time, it can work to evaluate existing or new deposits and identify their quality and quantity. A satellite bus for coal exploration can also send data on geological factors that could affect the use and recovery of minerals in a specific area. This method would not be effective without additional geological exploration studies, such as field mapping and ground geophysical studies on magnetism, earthquakes, and gravity. Satellite images and interpretations of air photos taken are necessary too.

Is using satellite buses for coal exploration effective?

The satellite bus coal exploration method is very effective because it doesn’t involve direct interaction with areas observed or studied. This way, research doesn’t have negative environmental impacts. Exploring mineral areas via satellite is not invasive, as opposed to ground techniques. Moreover, geological and other ground coal exploration methods are very dangerous. Many people have lost their lives while exploring coal mining areas. Luckily, scientists and space engineers came up with advanced technologies that use satellite images for mineral exploration. Another great thing about these exploration technologies equipped on satellite buses is that they also help with taking geological measurements. Satellite images can further provide data on how rich coal resources underground might be. Mining companies build business plans according to this exploration data. In fact, mining an area doesn’t start until experts have calculated and made approximations on how many resources there are underground. Space exploration data obtained from satellite buses is not effective only when it comes to performing geological research. It’s also useful for approximating the future profits and losses of a mining company.

What else is remote sensing used for?

Using Satellite Buses

A satellite bus for coal exploration uses remote sensors to acquire, transmit, process, and extract geographic information. Remote sensing works because satellites don’t interact directly with the explored surface. Satellites used for exploration also collect data on wavelengths falling outside or vision spectrum. The range of observation becomes enlarged this way. Further, remote sensing technologies provide information on how an objective phenomenon’s trajectory evolved over time. But this observation process must be repetitive. For the last 20 years, satellite remote sensing has delivered very accurate observations for agriculture, forestry, marine ecology, geological survey, and mineral exploration sectors. As far as mineral exploration goes, this type of technology accesses information on mining areas despite any limits related to geographical conditions. Moreover, remote sensing is also efficient at measuring mineral resources in an area by providing annular images. When analysing what these images present and making assessments on magnetic anomalies and gravity, exploration experts can determine if an area presents coal mining interest.

Which method is most suitable for coal exploration?

Analysing what has happened in the coal exploration sector so far, the most efficient method to explore areas where there is coal remains to be the one that uses remote sensing satellite buses. When compared with conventional coal exploration and estimation of coal reserves methods, the remote sensing satellite method has temporal, multiband, and multipoint features. Using data obtained through remote sensing and from other sources, SPOT5 and Landsat surveyed different areas at the Belchatow pit and discovered resources of brown coal. Seeing how effective satellite remote sensing technology was in different cases, you can’t deny that this method is most suitable for coal exploration. And the good news is that engineers are working hard to develop the most advanced satellites and remote sensing components for more accurate observations. Hopefully, we will no longer need to apply invasive ground coal exploration methods soon.

Today’s satellite buses for coal exploration use advanced remote sensing technologies to identify areas where we could start mining. Specialized mining companies use the data these space instruments provide to also determine what type of resources are underground. When analysing satellite images and using geological analyses, we can also determine how much coal an area would provide in the short- or long-term.

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