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Unlock Phone Free with IMEI Number- Easy and Quick

Unlocking your phone comes with a lot of benefits. For instance, it enables you to switch to a carrier that you are willing to take, and in doing so, you will be able to choose from many other data plans and get the best price possible. This means that you will no longer be restricted to the phone plans offered by just one carrier. However, the problem which most users have is that they need to learn how unlock phone free with IMEI number. So, if you have yet to learn of the process to unlock a phone with an IMEI number, pay close attention to this article.

How to Unlock a Phone to Any Network for Free?

Since we are discussing unlocking phone free with IMEI number, you must be aware of some of the requirements before you start the process to unlock phone for free. Firstly, you need to find your IMEI number, and then you need to click on the status of your phone’s IMEI number. Seems a lot, right? Do not worry; let me break it down for you.

IMEI Number:

For those of you who do not know, IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity), a unique identifier (15-digit number) assigned to each mobile device. There are multiple purposes for assigning an IMEI number; this includes network unlocking, blacklisting, and tracking.

How to Get an IMEI Number?

You can easily unlock phone free with IMEI number, and to obtain an IMEI number, you must be dependent on the type of phone you own and there are three other solutions along with it. They are:

By Using USSD Code:

This is convenient as it works with any phone, including Android, iPhone, or Windows. All you have to do is simply dial *#06#, and the device’s IMEI will be shown on the screen.

How to Find on Android?

As mentioned, you can unlock phone free with IMEI number, and to find your IMEI number on your Android device, you have to head to Settings simply and then, then tap on About Phone and scroll down towards the bottom of the menu, and you’ll be able to see the IMEI listed.

How to Find on iOS?

If you are looking to unlock phone free with an IMEI number and you own an iOS device, then you can find your IMEI number on your iOS device by again heading to Settings Then you need to go to General and tap on About, then scroll down, and you’ll find the IMEI.

Now that we have learned the ways to obtain an IMEI number which will help to unlock phone with IMEI for free, it is now time to learn the process of actually checking the blacklist status of your phone with IMEI number. Keep reading to gain more insights on this.

How to Check the Blacklist Status of the Phone with IMEI?

Folks, since you all gained a thorough insight into obtaining your IMEI number, in this section, you will briefly gain an insight into the process of checking the blacklist status of the phone with IMEI number so that you can easily unlock phone free with IMEI number.

By checking the blacklist status of your IMEI number, you can confirm that your phone is carrier locked, but most importantly, you can find out if your phone has been blacklisted. If it turns out that your phone is blacklisted, then there is no way you will be able to proceed with unlocking it unless it is removed from the blacklist. Hence it will cause a problem in your way to unlock phone by IMEI for free. To gather information, you can check how to use the All-in-one IMEI Checker. This is a tool that will help give out a variety of information. This includes:

  • If your phone is under warranty
  • The replacement status of your iPhone and the estimated purchase date
  • If your phone has been added to a blacklist (because it was reported as stolen or lost)
  • If your phone is locked to a carrier and which carrier it is locked to
  • The country that your phone is registered to (useful if you want to avoid international charges)

It is pretty handy to have all this information as it will help you know the status of your phone, whether your phone is blacklisted or not, and this All-in-one IMEI Checker finds that out for you.

You all must be eagerly waiting to know the process to unlock phone free with IMEI number. Right? Now that we have learned the process of obtaining IMEI numbers and know how to check out blacklist status. It is now time to head to the section where you will learn briefly about the process to unlock phone free with IMEI number.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

How to Unlock a Phone for Free?

In this section, you will briefly learn about the process to unlock phone with IMEI for free. So, two methods will help you unlock your phone for free with IMEI number. They are :

Contact Carrier to Unlock Your Phone Free with IMEI:

The very first thing that you want to try is to contact the carrier simply. However, you must know that each carrier will have its criteria for unlocking customers’ phones from the network; they usually don’t charge. This is because each carrier has its own rules, and you must take time to check to see whether or not you are eligible for an unlock.

Well, folks, there are certain requirements that you must fulfill if you are opting to unlock phone free with IMEI number using this method. The requirements that you need to fulfill are:

  • Your account number and phone number
  • The phone’s IMEI number
  • Your account’s security answers (if you’ve set them up for the carrier account)
  • (Optional) if you are in the military, proof that you are in the military will speed up the process
  • The name your phone is registered to

The Process to Unlock Your Carrier:

After you have acquired all the information, you need to proceed to unlock phone free with IMEI number. Follow the steps to do this process:

  • Firstly you need to start by contacting the carrier by calling their support number or using live chat. Then, explain to the support team agent that you want to unlock your phone from the carrier.
  • Then, the support agent will request the details we listed above to confirm that you are the real owner of the phone you are unlocking.
  • After receiving the details you provided and confirming that you own the phone, they will begin processing your unlock request.
  • Within the next 30 days, you will receive an unlock code from the carrier. They will provide instructions on how to enter this code and unlock your phone.
  • When you’ve unlocked the phone, you can replace the SIM card with one from a different carrier.

This way, you will be able to unlock phone free with IMEI number.


Some of the limitations of this method are:

  • It will take up to 30 days for the unlock to be completed by the carrier
  • Each carrier has varying criteria, but you need to meet every criterion to unlock the phone
  • Only the original carrier can unlock your phone
  • You must be the original owner of the phone; otherwise, the carrier will not accept your request

Lucky Dog Plan:

Well, this method uses the Lucky Dog Plan for WipeLock. You can check out their official site to see the process and the requisites of this plan, and it will help you to unlock phone free with IMEI number. Pretty simple.

How to Unlock Phone with IMEI Service?

This is an advanced way that you can use to unlock phone free with an IMEI number. However, let me tell you that these include paid options as well. So, folks looking out for a free plan, there might be a better one for you.

However, the process to unlock the phone with IMEI service is as follows:

  • Firstly, you need to head to the DirectUnlocks phone unlock page.
  • Then, you need to choose your specific network from the drop-down menu then enter the phone’s IMEI number. You can find the IMEI using one of the methods we explained before or by dialing *#06#.
  • Then, Click on Unlock For Any Sim Card button.
  • After you make the payment, your phone will be unlocked.


Unlocking a phone with an IMEI number is a convenient way to avail of many benefits. In this blog, we have briefly discussed IMEI numbers, the ways to obtain them, and checking the blacklist status of your phone. Finally, we have briefly discussed two methods to unlock the phone free with an IMEI number along with an additional method. That’s all, folks. I hope the article helped you in getting all the information you needed.

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