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Universal Pass | Registration, Login and Much More

Universal Pass is an initiative by the Government of India. It has digitized the matter for the Pass, which can be downloaded by consuming telegram. Both are from the internet site. You must be wholly vaccinated with both doses and have also accomplished 14 days of waiting time. It is compulsory to carry this documentation when you go to any portable communal places by public conveyance then. To know more about the universal travel pass, keep reading the article to know more.

Now that you have a fair idea about the Pass, it is time to know the eligibility criteria for acquiring the universal pass. Let’s head to the section where we learn about the eligibility for the pass. Let’s get started!

Eligibility of Universal Pass:

Here is a list of the criteria you need to fulfill to become eligible for the pass.

  • Workers are only qualified to apply for Universal Travel Pass if they work in the educational, health, or public facility arenas.
  • You must be in succeeding Universal Travel Pass groups and subgroups to apply.
  • If you want to register for a Universal Travel Pass, you must give the valuable info to the authorities.
  • To apply for Universal Travel Pass, you must inhabit Maharashtra.
  • Offspring need to be qualified for Universal Travel Pass.
  • These are some of the eligibility criteria that you must be able to fulfil to acquire your pass.

As we have come to know about the important eligibility criterion of the universal pass, it is now time to know about the importance of the covid. So, without any delay, let us head to the section of its importance.

Importance of Universal Pass Maharashtra:

You must be wondering why it is important to have a universal travel pass. To quench this question, let me tell you that the pass is needed because it proves that an individual is fully vaccinated. This pass also allows the individual to travel in public transport, including railway stations, buses, airports, malls, and other public places. You can consider it as a  certificate that proves that you have been fully vaccinated with both doses of the vaccine. A universal e-pass is a digital certificate with a QR code, which can be scanned at the entry points of public places to allow unrestricted access. In this way, you will be able to travel to many places once you have it with you.

That said, you must know that the pass is not a ticket for travel. Hence, after downloading the universal pass, the ticket has to be bought separately online or at the booking counter. There is also a high probability that the authorities will ask you to show this certificate before issuing the ticket.

Well, to apply for the pass, you will need to have some of the important documents and to know about them, keep reading the article.

Important Documents to Apply for Universal Pass:

Here is a list of all the documents you need to apply for a pass.

  • Registered Company
  • Industrial Papers
  • Registered mobile number
  • Aadhar card
  • Voter id
  • Registration certificate
  • Government ID

These are the documents which are mandatory to apply.


  • Every government initiative has an objective, and universal travel pass is no different. Here are some of the objectives of the universal travel pass.
  • Universal Travel Pass will have to avert people from traveling with hilarious ideas under COVID-19 boundaries.
  • Global Travel Pass will allow travelers to hand over between trains and rickshaws.
  • UT Pass first will also be a capability that benefits travel without the requirement for frequent RT- examinations.
  • Universal Travel Pass allows all from the passageway through the quarantine during the outbreak of covid-19. The Universal Travel Pass also grants that all healthcare and conservatory amenities are obtainable and working. (
  • UTP will be eradicated for all bodily confirmation to classify that all vaccines in illustrations are perfect.
  • QR code finest E passes it is inferior that travel is innocuous and more suitable.

These are the objectives of universal pass.

Now, it is time to look at the process of applying for the universal travel pass.

The Process to Apply for Universal Pass:

  • Firstly, you need to visit the website of
  • Once you have visited the website, then under the title of the citizen, you will be able to find the link level to the Universal Travel Passport double vaccinated citizens, and then you click on it.
  • After that, you need to finish giving the details, such as the mobile phone number used for healthy registration for CoWin.
  • Input the one-time password which was sent to your mobile device.
  • Info on the candidates and their covid 19 vaccination rank will be accessible.
  • Then, Continue to the box labeled produce pass on the pass. The candidate’s information has been soil, and an expense for them to add a photograph of themselves.
  • After that, you need to upload a copy to submit your photo, and you will be required to hit the apply button.
  • Once you upload your photo within 48 hours, an SMS will be delivered to the candidate with the link that permits them to download the Universal Travel Pass onto their mobile devices.
  • After you have got the link, be sure to save the pass on your mobile phone

In this way, you will be able to apply for the pass.

The Process to Download:

Under this section, we will be telling you the process to download the universal pass online. So pay close attention to the process.

  • Firstly, you must visit the official website of Maharashtra Universal Travel Pass, which is @
  • Then you need to click on the Register Your Formation button on the Homepage.
  • You must keep in mind that the Homepage will be exposed only for a few seconds. You will be required to work fast.
  • After that, a form for Registering Your Establishment will appear on your screen.
  • You need to fill out the form with the compulsory credentials sensibly and make sure not to forget to evaluate them.
  • Then click on the Register button after agreeing to the Terms and Circumstances.
  • After that, click on Pass for Single Vaccinated Citizens selection if you register separately.
  • Click on The UniversalTravel Pass for Double Vaccinated Citizens selection if you are double vaccinated.
  • But note that the page will be exposed for only 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Now, you need to give the mobile number you used on the Cowin website @cowin. gov.
  • Finally, choose the fellow for whom you are downloading the pass and click on the appeal for a pass.

Once you have completed all these steps, your pass will be downloaded.

Now that you have learned about the procedure to apply and download the pass. It is now time to know the details that will be reflected.

Information on Universal Pass:

Here are details which will be reflected on your pass.

  • Photo of the UTP holder
  • Travel category level
  • Candidate’s Recipient ID
  • Date of the first and second doses of covid vaccination
  • QR code
  • Name of the Universal Travel Pass-holder
  • Gender of the UTP holder
  • Age of the Universal Travel Pass holder

Since we have used it, it is quite understood that the pass can be used throughout the country, but let us decode more on this in the next section.

Across India:

If you doubt whether the pass can be used across India? Then let me tell you that you can use the pass across India. It was first rolled out in Maharashtra by the state’s government, but the Indian Government has adopted it. This move has made this certificate valid in all the states of India. Because the country has gone through three waves of Covid, the Government of India has permitted the use of public transport by all citizens. Travel passes can also be created and used by every citizen of India and are not restricted to essential services workers.


Universal pass is quite an important document to carry across India, and its importance is quite beneficial to the citizens. In this article, we have talked briefly, the process to apply for it and the process to download it. We have also talked about its importance and eligibility, along with the documents required. Additionally, we also discussed its validity throughout India. That’s all, folks; I hope the article helped you get all the information you needed.

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