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Types of visa in Portugal

The desire to settle in one of the most respectable resort areas is natural. And the westernmost point of the European continent is Portugal, which is at the top of the world rankings for safety. Therefore, families with children will be comfortable living on the peninsula. There is a good climate and all conditions for a luxurious life and building a business. Considering all the above, you must obtain permission to enter the country. It can be both short-term and long-term. Suppose you want to apply for citizenship eventually. In that case, you will first need to request a Portugal residency, after which it is possible to discuss the stability and processing of further documents. The second option is to apply for a passport, investing in the economy of the sunshine state.

Portugal visa types

So, the type of admission depends on your reasons for moving. Most often, people want to do business, study, move to marry a Portuguese, get medical treatment, vacation, and so on. You may also need a Portugal HQA Visa. The clearer the reason, the quicker and more precise it is to get permission to enter.

Types of visas are:

  • A – transit one, it does not provide for unrestricted movement in the country, issued for a period not exceeding five days;
  • C – short-term touristic one limits the stay of tourists in the Schengen countries for three months within one six-month period;
  • D – national one, issued for up to six months if there are good reasons, such as training or work.

In addition, a pass is issued for developing or starting a new business; or for studying at a university, college, or school. Below we will look at some types of passes, how long it takes to wait for permission to enter the western continent licensed, and what documents must be prepared for processing.

Schengen Visa

Depending on the requirements, this type of “mark” more often means it belongs to category A or C. The submission of biometric data is mandatory for all post-Soviet citizens. The first Portuguese marker requires the applicant to be present in person. This procedure will have to be repeated after five years. If you want more information related to Schengen visa requirements, Natvisa has an excellent article.

With the stamp you receive, you can visit more than 100 European republics without hindrance, as long as you do not forget to comply with the rules in this document. How many days of admission will be granted depends on several factors: the availability of prior stamps, their type and duration, and the purity of the visa history submitted with the package of documents.

Temporary Stay Visa

The temporary entry document provides for a stay from 4 months to a year, and you can cross the border twice. After that, the visa is canceled. Therefore, the D4 and D5 student marks in Portugal can be the foundation for a future successful life in one of the world’s most developed countries. To get this document, the applicant must provide the following documents in addition to the standard package:

  1. Application to the consul for issuing a visa type “D” with an explanation of the reason.
  2. An original certificate confirming enrollment in a formal educational institution.
  3. Proof of own or rented housing.
  4. Proof of solvency of the person who wants to settle for a particular reason.
  5. A certificate of criminal record translated into Portuguese.

It is helpful if you plan to study at the university and will be suitable as a student or work visa.

HQA visa in Portugal

Startup visa D3 for specialists is issued if a private establishment is opened in the territory. Thus, an innovator with high economic potential can apply for StartUPVISA. However, it is not easy to obtain such a document because of strict requirements and restrictions.

Golden Visa

The most popular permit for cosmopolitans from third countries and the former Soviet Union is the gold card or the Golden Visa Card. With the legal attribute, you can travel without worrying about location. After all, the main requirement of the five-year card is a two-week stay in the country a year! That is, you are not tied to the area and are free. What is required for this? Prove your attachment to Portugal, both financially and morally, have no criminal record, and make a deposit of about 400 euros in real estate. You can learn more about the golden visa in Portugal on Global Residence Index.

Portugal D7 Visa

It refers to the national pass and is issued for one calendar year. Having received it, you can soon qualify for the status of a dual citizen. To get a stamp in the main document with the Portugal D7 Visa, you must invest in real estate (buy or rent) and confirm your income of 760 euros.


There are additional types of passes, such as D6. It allows you to visit relatives who have already registered or temporarily settled in Portugal. The technical one will allow you to hire people from all over the world to work and come just for that purpose. Any of the above opportunities is a start on the path to well-being and a high standard of living. As a specialist of the agency Immigrant Invest, Evgeniya Morozova points out that you can reduce the waiting time by three times by using investment as a quick way to get to the enviable power. These are essential benefits of gold and other national cards, bringing you closer to your cherished goal. Many people are frightened by the amount that is needed to replenish the treasury, but the advantages of this action will definitely emphasize all the shortcomings. Many want to settle down, but fear does not allow them to act confidently. A modern approach to solving this problem is the support of the organizers of this event.


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