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Twitter to X | Iconic Brand Name Change By Elon Musk

Hello, my wonderful readers! Elon Musk is continuing with a significant rebranding of the social media platform he purchased for $44 billion last year by introducing a new “X” logo to replace Twitter’s iconic blue bird. On Monday, the X began to appear at the top of the desktop version of Twitter, but the bird was still the most prominent element throughout the mobile app. Meanwhile, employees at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco could be seen Monday removing the recognizable bird and logo until police arrived and stopped them because they lacked the necessary permits and failed to tape off the sidewalk to protect bystanders in case anything fell. Know more about Twitter to X in our blog, given below!

Highlights of Twitter to X

  • On Monday morning, the platform’s online version of the change was visible.
  • The bird has been replaced by the new logo, a stylized “X” in white on a black background, as the badge designating an account connected to a company employee.
  • Twitter’s official account, formerly known as @Twitter, has also undergone a name change as part of the rebrand and is now known as “X.” Its profile picture is the new logo alone, and its bio reads, “What is happening? (Phentermine) !”
  • Other Twitter accounts appear to be changing, with the main support account (@TwitterSupport) still displaying the blue bird at the time of writing, while accounts for creators (@TwitterCreators) and verification (@verified) have changed.
  • The blue bird still appears in mobile apps, but this will change once they are updated.

Twitter to X

The blue and white bird logo, which Twitter has used for more than ten years, has come to represent the social network’s distinct culture and lexicon. To “tweet” became a verb. A post was referred to as a “tweet.” “Tweeps” became the moniker for Twitter employees.

X logos were projected inside Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on Monday, and conference rooms were given new names that included words that begin with X, such as “eXposure,” “eXult,” and “s3Xy,” according to pictures obtained by The New York Times. Workers also started taking down bird-related decor in the cafeteria, like a huge blue logo. Before being stopped by the San Francisco Police Department for “unauthorized work,” workers outside the building removed the first six letters of Twitter’s name.

Everything App

Although Mr. Musk had previously hinted that the name might change, he accelerated the process on Sunday morning with the announcement that “soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds.” He has stated that he wants to make Twitter into an “everything app” called X, which would include social networking as well as banking and shopping. Earlier on Monday, Mr. Musk posted a picture of a huge X that was projected onto the Twitter office building in San Francisco along with the caption, “Our headquarters tonight.”

The modifications, which are still being made, are the most obvious ones that Mr. Musk has made to Twitter since he finalized the agreement to acquire the business in October. He has changed the platform’s features, such as badges intended to verify users and the policies dictating what can and cannot be said about the service, while also laying off thousands of employees.

Yet it was impossible to ignore the name and logo changes. By beginning to remove the Twitter name, Mr. Musk destroyed a well-established brand that had existed since the company’s founding in 2006, and that had simultaneously delighted and irritated celebrities, politicians, athletes, and other users. In 2010, Twitter unveiled its blue bird mascot, updated two years later.

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