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Try Vidtoon and Make Your Customized Videos at Ease

VidToon is a software that helps you make videos. It is easy to use and makes your videos look more professional. You can use it to make videos for your YouTube channel, social media, or your blog. Experience & qualification no bar to making videos within minutes. Now with VidToon, you can create sophisticated animated videos using the newest range of features on our animated explainer video software.

VidToon is a new video animation software that helps you create 2D animated explainer videos. It is easy to use and has many features, including ready-to-use animated characters, backgrounds, and images.

You can also upload your graphics, logos, and images.

The software is straightforward to use. You can create a 2D video in just three simple steps:

1) Choose your characters

2) Animate your scene

3) Export and share your video

History of VidToon Editions

VidToon is the way to go if you’re a video creator searching for a platform that is simple to use and offers top-notch functionality.

Both total newbies and seasoned marketers in all categories benefit from our platform’s unique features. Since its debut, the platform has developed into two versions.

1.0 VidToon (2020)

The original version of VidToon was 1.0. 1.0 of VidToon was released on April 20, 2020. With different tools, this version is easy to create animated videos. The animation movie creation process is much quicker and more efficient with VidToon.

2.0 VidToon (2021)

Following the release of VidToon 1.0, the platform was updated to VidToon 2.0. This version has no additional costs and is easy to use. With free audio files, this package includes over 1000 Full HD photos. Other animated characters and other templates are available.

The great pixel placement in VidToon 2.0 makes it easy to set things where you want them to be. The version offers 100% customer assistance and a text-to-speech feature.

2.1 VidToon (2022)

The latest version of Vidtoon, 2.1, was released in May 2022. A more capable explainer video tool is now Vidtoon.

Why use VidToon?

High-quality videos:

 With VidToon, you create high-resolution videos of up to 4k quality. The inbuilt library has millions of HD images, icons, and GIFs to help you create engaging visuals for your video.

Add audio effects:

You can add sound effects from the inbuilt library or import them from your system. There are over 50 audio tracks that you can use for free on VidToon.

Affordable pricing plans:

VidToon offers three affordable pricing plans with additional features, such as more storage space and extended video duration limits. You only pay.

Offline Video creation:

VidToon is a platform for creating videos offline. All you have to do to get started is download and install the program on your computer. To use VidToon, you don’t require an internet connection.

Easy Drag and drop Feature:

The user interface for this software is easy to use. You can find every tool you need quickly, and the drag-and-drop method makes it simple.

Easy to understand Tutorial

VidToon offers a friendly onboarding tutorial to help new users understand how to use the platform quickly and easily.

Easy Availability for different OS

VidToon is a program that can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers. It runs smoothly on both types of computers, so you can easily create your project.

At Affordable Price:

VidToon is inexpensive and cost-effective. For lifetime use, you need to make one payment. Access to VidToon 2.1 for life is $49.

Other Features

VidToon is a site where you can make videos without knowing how to edit them. There are many different videos and themes to choose from, so you can make your video however you want.

VidToon offers premium customer service 24/7. You can email customer care at [email protected] to talk with a representative, and they will answer your questions right away.

The product comes with a 30-day refund policy. You can get your money back if you don’t like it after 30 days.

VidToon 2.1 Features & Benefits

VidaToon has many features that make it a top animation maker worldwide. Check out these VidToon features and benefits.

Animated characters in 25+ styles

There are over 25 characters available in VidToon that can be used to make various video projects. Moreover, each character has more than 20 animation actions that you can use to create a unique character animation.

A massive collection of royalty-free music files is also included in VidToon’s library. In just a few clicks, these can be incorporated into the video.

Long term Video creation:

VidToon allows you to create long videos that are 20 minutes in length. Video makers and marketers can make videos up to 20 minutes long. A long video can be a powerful way to get your message across. You can make a long video to convey a lot of information, or you can use a short video with text to get the same message across. It is up to you. A long video can convey a lot of information and take the viewer on an emotional journey, which could make for a more powerful message. It is up to you how you want to use it. The length of a video correlates with the amount of information you can convey.

Easy drag and drop Feature

The VidToon interface has drag-and-drop tools for easy timeline creation. It also provides a tremendous time-saving experience with other desktop editing software. You use the features provided to create your video, and you can drag and drop them on the timeline. The tools are easy to use for newbies and professional video makers.


With VidToon, you don’t need any voiceover artist.


VidToon is a simple but effective tool for video creators who want to add text-to-speech to their videos. This VidToon feature allows you to create a fantastic speech from texts. You can record the voiceover and then use the text and audio recordings to create your perfect speech. You can choose between different accents, including United States English and British English. VidToon is a solution that provides realistic text-to-speech technology powered by Microsoft and Google. This solution will save your voiceover artist expenses as it will make videos sound like a natural person has dubbed over them.

Readable typography

Use the appropriate language. Make them appear more appealing, more importantly. To maintain brand memory, use your company’s logo typefaces and colors. Additionally, you may align your text’s type, and size and flush with the narrative in your video.

Zooming in and out

The zoom function on VidToon enables viewers to concentrate on a particular section of the video clip.

Option for simple customization

Add components in the appropriate ratio. You may resize the items in your output by dragging the corner (the red x will show you where).

Colossal HD backgrounds

There is a vast selection of HD backdrops on VidToon. 34 HD backdrops are available on the platform, making your movies seem impressive.

Over 30 animations and transitions

There are around 30 animations and transitions on the platform. These are used in between clips to create smooth transitions. Among the transitions are several more, including cross dissolve, fade, cut, and wipe.

Multiple-installer license

With VidToon, you may install the program on several systems with a single license. You can utilize the right on several computers after buying it, allowing multiple users to use it.

How Do I Use VidToon?

VidToon is easy to use, and you can access the platform after paying for the software licenses. Here are the fundamental principles of VidToon 2.1.

  • Launch the program by visiting the website.
  • Include a backdrop image
  • Select and then animate a character of your choice.
  • Add a voiceover and text.
  • Add music
  • Your file will be exported to a place on your computer.

Positives and Negatives of VidToon

Like other software, this program has advantages and disadvantages. The benefits and drawbacks of utilizing VidToon are covered in this review section.

Pros of using Vidatoon

100 or more animated characters

The software’s user interface is simple to use.

Windows and Mac operating systems may both use the program.

Free audio tracks are available.

The license is perpetually used, and there is a single payment.

Time and energy are saved.

Downsides of VidToon

Video exporting choices are few and far between.

Character animations are only available for some sectors of the economy.

The application isn’t cloud-based.

VideoToon Cost

Access to VidToon 2.1 is available for $49 per year.

Extra fees for VidToon Deluxe are $67 per month or $149 per year. You can access all of the software’s premium features with VidToon Deluxe.

Final Note

Marketing professionals may utilize VidToon to make attention-grabbing marketing videos. YouTubers often use the program to create tutorial videos.

Social media users and marketers use this program to produce videos for Facebook and Instagram. Teachers use this tool to produce animations that support their lesson plans.

The platform is used by businesses and groups to create promotional movies for the launch of new products. So without waiting, try VidToon!


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