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Top Risk Factors Involving Social Media Compliance

Social media raises some severe compliance problems. Companies that fail to effectively manage these issues in the market tend to run the risk of losing clients, contracts, goodwill and money. While many businesses may be ignorant of the social media compliance hazards, the use of social media by these businesses does provide certain cyber-security challenges.

What are Some Common Risk Factors Involving Social Media Compliance?

These include:

Human flaws

Human error is said to be responsible for 88% of all data breaches. Although human mistake is unavoidable, it becomes problematic when it has negative effects on cyber-security. Because they are ignorant that they are doing anything wrong, employees routinely commit blunders.

People who use social media to engage with potential clients, find new business partners, or find employees may have private and sensitive information in their mail history, message in boxes etc. And it is crucial that they take care in handling and processing this data.

Attacks through phishing

Phishing via social media has been on the increase while phishing via emails has grown common. While some assaults aim to steal data, others attempt to steal money from the organization by persuading staffs to reveal sensitive information or make unnecessary expenditures.

Weak passwords

For both personal and work-related social media accounts, many employees continue to utilize passwords that are simple to guess. Due to the apparent lesser danger, users could believe they do not need a strong password for these accounts. However, for people who could use social media for client connections, job searches, etc., adopting secure passwords for Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram accounts is crucial.

Companies must take action to lower the human error risk, phishing attempts, weak passwords, and other issues given the myriad compliance concerns connected with social media usage.

How to Reduce Cyber-security and Social Media Compliance Risks?

The following four recommendations can help to reduce cyber-security and social media compliance risks:

Create social media guidelines that specify requirements

A strong social media cyber-security policy can help to lower the possibility of cyber-security breaches, bad press, and legal issues. If you do not know where to begin or how, you can think about using a Virtual Cyber Assistant, who can guide you through the process quickly and affordably.

Social media policies offer instructions to staffs on how to use social media, avoid mistakes, and guarantee that the business is following social media platform usage standards.

Put multi-factor authentication into practice

There is a straightforward fix that can be applied to all social media accounts to greatly raise their level of safety. There are currently multi-factor authentication options available on all main social networks (MFA). You are effectively prompted for an additional form of identity when you attempt to log in.

Services for verifying credentials are available in many different formats. The user’s mobile device would get a passcode, they would input another passcode, or their biometric data will be verified. Data breaches can be prevented using MFA, and it can also defend against social engineering assaults.


Use of social media offers many advantages, but it also has many hazards. By using suitable social media compliance practices and a social media archiving solution of enterprise-grade, such risks may be reduced. You may prevent a myriad of possible data privacy and cyber-security issues, safeguard your brand, and increase your bottom line by tackling social media compliance concerns.

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