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Top 5 Websites to Teach Python to Your Kids

Aspiring programmers and software developers are familiar with JavaScript, HTML, C++, and other programming languages. Python, despite being new in the world, has gained immense popularity in no time. This easy-to-understand and quick-to-learn language is no longer limited to software engineers and tech professionals.

It’s rather become a popular skill for any student—no matter the career they choose. Not just for the graduates, but Python is interesting and easy for your kids too. You can enroll them in the program at an early stage, ensuring that they learn all the basics of this programming language, its user case, and the correct ways to implement it.

If you are also registering your kids for Python learning, we have got the five best websites that have private Python tutors for kids. They make Python easier and an interesting subject. Let’s check out the most popular teaching platforms.

1.    CodeWizardsHQ

CodeWizardsHQ is the ultimate platform for parents planning to enroll their kids in a Python learning program. They have a team of professionals that have developed a user-friendly course for the kids.

What sets them apart from other learning platforms is the gamification concept. There’s no boring or lengthy concept. Instead, the developers have introduced short learning sessions that keep the kids engaged till the end of the session.

Their initial learning sessions are focused on the fundamental concepts of Python, where they will explore the core programming concepts, including variables, data types, conditional logic, and more.

Moreover, they have a built-in library Wizardlib, using which the kids can develop simple programs with animations, images, audio, and other effects. The best part is there are no qualifications or any prior knowledge in programming required to sign up for the course. It’s a beginner-friendly course that’s perfect for all kids passionate about learning a new language.

2.    Tynker

For kids aged 12 years and above, Tynker is an ideal learning platform. It introduces kids to Python and helps them develop a strong foundation in the language. Students love the game concepts, which make the language super simple and interesting. The 50 coding puzzles and 5000+ interesting activities relevant to the language, make Tynker one of the best e-learning solutions.

Apart from theoretical knowledge, Python is known for offering a series of exciting activities that keep kids engrossed in the courses. It’s also pretty reasonable. At just $15/month, your kids can get easily accustomed to the programming language.

Some interesting activities your kids can try here are editing games, creating new characters, and more. The program teaches you browser-based games, 8 small games, self-paced courses, interactive learning sessions, fun challenges, and many hands-on activities that give your kids the best experience exploring the language.

3.    Wiingy

Are you looking for a 1-on-1 Python tutor? Wiingy has got you covered. Starting at just $22 per hour, Wiingy is a one-stop e-learning platform featuring many qualified tutors. The professionals here are known for their computer science background and excellent teaching skills with extensive knowledge of Python and other programming concepts.

The courses are for kids, adults, and people of all ages interested in learning a new language. The web tutorials are quite easy and perfect for university students, children, and working professionals that are looking for a side hustle. The tutors specialize in various computer science subjects, including Python and 50+ other subjects that can give a boost to the kid’s career.

Wiingy is a community of 20,000+ students and it currently offers learning programs to students based in 10+ countries. Not just Python tutors, but they have verified and qualified professionals that teach other subjects too, including math, biology, geometry, physics, chemistry, and more.

They have coding classes, robotic classes, as well as design classes for kids. In addition to Python, Wiingy has tutors specializing in other courses, covering various subjects, including Minecraft, Roblox, HTML, JavaScript, Data Science, and more.

4.    CodeCombat

CodeCombat’s interactive learning approach with game-based sessions makes it a highly effective and suitable choice for children of all ages. The text-based programming sessions help kids get acquainted with the basics of programming. There are slideshows, texts, games, and many interesting programming activities that track children’s progress levels.

They have used a very impressive learning approach, which helps build students’ engagement. Having trained 20 million students, CodeCombat is a one-stop destination for computer science aspirants. Their Ozaria classroom encourages adventure activities and fun-based learning sessions, taking online learning to a whole new level.

Join CodeCombat Worlds to experience gaming sessions, while developing codes for a new game simultaneously. With over 140,000 teachers based in 190 countries and over 1 billion lines of code, CodeCombat is a reputable e-learning platform for all developers and aspiring programmers.

5.    Udemy

Nearly every student who has aspired to learn a new skill knows about Udemy. It’s an e-learning platform that connects tutors with students. Udemy offers world-class programs in all genres.

The self-paced learning courses are offered by experienced programmers, software developers, and computer science specialists. Students can learn Python at their own pace. Udemy offers certification of the course completion and interactive tutoring sessions that you can watch however you like and as many times as you want.

The videos can be watched later when you feel the need to revise the sessions. There are many Python courses on Udemy and each has varying length and content based on the tutor.

The best part is the courses are very reasonably priced and come with a money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service or replace it with another course.


These were the five most popular and highly competitive e-learning platforms offering qualified and experienced online Python tutors for kids. Get your kids enrolled in one of these classes. They will have the best experience learning a language through gamification concepts. Although each website offers experienced tutors and interactive learning sessions, Wiingy is our best pick for kids interested in learning a new programming language.


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