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Top 5 Roles of AІ in Education

Artificial intelligence has long ceased to be something unusual. Today it is actively used in the education industry, which in many ways can make life easier for teachers. Optimize the learning process so that it is comfortable and effective for students. In this article, you will learn in detail about the opportunities that artificial intelligence provides to the modern field of education.

1. Automation of assessment

Skeptical arguments can sometimes be heard about the fact that a machine devoid of creative thinking will not be able to objectively evaluate a student or student. But such a conclusion is incorrect, based on the fact that the machine does not have such a task. Indeed, for a fair assessment of tasks that require a creative approach, the participation of a talented teacher is needed. But when it comes to tests and other types of tasks, the success of which can be determined using an automated program, its use greatly simplifies the work of the teacher. He can shift his focus to more creative and responsible tasks.

2. Student support

Modern opportunities in the development of IT products allow you to create such auxiliary programs that make the learning process easier for students. A variety of guides, tips, interactive guides, and much more make the process of mastering knowledge interesting and exciting. For example, the Studocu platform helps students share notes and prepare more effectively for classes and tests.

3. Teacher support

According to research, from 20 to 40 percent of teachers’ work time can be automated. There are all opportunities to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge not only for pupils and students but also to optimize teaching for teachers. In the coming years, IT products that are aimed at:

  • Hints and reference materials. When a teacher needs to look up a definition or date, a specialized application with search and AI elements will help to find the necessary information faster and more accurately than using a traditional search engine. There is every reason to believe that in the near future the demand for such products will increase.
  • Platforms for professional communication. It is good if such applications are equipped with high-quality chat bots, where the capabilities of artificial intelligence will be used to help the teacher find and apply exactly those platform options that best suit his request and the field of professional self-realization.
  • Applications with updates to the regulatory framework that relates to the field of education. When a teacher has such information at hand, and a chatbot can help you quickly find what you need in the required field of activity, it is much easier for him to work. You can be sure that no significant updates to the regulatory framework and work standards will pass by.
  • Platforms with information about various opportunities – competitions, grants, and programs. The same principle of operation as in the previous case is also relevant here.

Thus, the industry’s demand for technologies that optimize its functioning is high.

4. Opportunity for effective learning for students with special needs

Well-designed AI programs can be personalized assistants for children with vision, hearing or autism spectrum disorders. There are opportunities to improve the learning process of these children and to a large extent help them feel less maladjusted.

5. New conceptual vision of the teacher’s role 

If more automated tools are used in the assessment of children, this will relieve the teacher from performing routine tasks. He will be able to concentrate on the function of psychological support and motivation of students. This means that it will take education to a whole new level.

Summing up, it is worth noting that the possibilities of artificial intelligence to optimize the educational process are large-scale. The main thing is that the request of the education sector and the skills of developers should be in harmony.




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