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Top 5 Reasons Experts Include Alternative Investments In Their Retirement Planning

Many people start thinking about their investment options as they get closer to retirement age in order to ensure a comfortable and secure retirement. Although stocks and bonds have historically been the preferred investments for retirement planning, an increasing number of experts are turning to alternative investments to diversify their portfolios and increase their returns. While alternative investments include many asset classes like cryptocurrency, and hedge funds, commercial real estate is becoming a popular choice for retirement planning.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the top 5 reasons why professionals incorporate alternative investments into their retirement planning strategies, with a focus on commercial real estate with fractional ownership.

Top 5 reasons experts choose alternative investments for retirement planning

  1. Benefits of diversification: Whereas traditional investments like stocks and bonds cannot, alternative investments can. Investors can spread their risk and perhaps lessen overall portfolio volatility by investing in various assets that have low correlation to one another.
  2. Alternative investments like real estate can be used as an inflation hedge. The value of these assets may rise along with the cost of living, maintaining the purchasing power of retirement funds over time.
  3. Potential for higher returns: Compared to conventional investments like stocks and bonds, alternative investments like commercial real estate investment provide higher returns.
  4. Access to uncommon opportunities: Alternative investments can give investors access to financial opportunities that aren’t available through more conventional investments. Real estate, for instance, can expose investors to particular sectors like co-living and senior living or geographical areas.
  5. Portfolio personalization: Alternative investments can assist investors in modifying their portfolios in accordance with their unique goals and risk tolerance. Investors can create a portfolio that suits their particular needs and preferences by including alternative investments that are in line with their particular investment objectives.

Despite the fact that alternative investments can have a number of advantages for retirement planning, it’s crucial to thoroughly assess them and work with a financial advisor to make sure they match your risk tolerance and retirement goals.

Real Estate Investments: The Benefits of Passive Income, Tax Benefits, and Diversification in Retirement Planning

In recent years, real estate has become a crucial part of retirement planning and has become a popular alternative investment. Numerous advantages that real estate investments offer make them a desirable choice for investors looking to create a diversified investment portfolio. The ability of real estate investments to generate passive income through rental properties, which can offer a consistent stream of income during retirement, is one of their main advantages.

Real estate can also offer a material asset that may increase in value over time, potentially generating capital gains upon sale. Deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation are additional tax advantages that real estate investments may offer.

Having the ability to diversify is another benefit of real estate investments. Since real estate investments do not always correlate with more conventional investments like stocks and bonds, including real estate in a portfolio may make it less risky overall.

It takes work to invest in real estate, including work on research, property management, and maintenance. By investing in real estate through real estate investment trusts (REITs) or real estate crowdfunding platforms, which enable investors to pool their resources and invest in a diversified portfolio of properties managed by experts, investors can, however, mitigate these difficulties.

In general, real estate investments present special chances for investors to create diversified portfolios and generate passive income in retirement. With the potential for capital appreciation, tax benefits, and diversification benefits, real estate investments are a viable option for investors seeking to transform their retirement planning.

Hedge Against Inflation: How Alternative Investments Can Help Protect Retirement Income in India

In India, inflation poses a serious risk to any retirement portfolio. Your retirement savings may lose value over time as the cost of living rises. It’s important to think about alternative investments that can help you hedge against this risk because traditional investments like stocks and bonds might not offer enough protection against inflation.

Real estate is an alternative investment that is frequently regarded as an inflation hedge in India as property values and rental income tend to increase with inflation.

To understand how to effectively include such investments in a portfolio, working with a financial advisor is crucial because they can assess the advantages and drawbacks of including alternative investments in your retirement portfolio while taking into account the unique market circumstances and legal framework in India.


To sum up, there are many reasons why professionals choose alternative investments for retirement planning. These investments may provide benefits for diversification, inflation protection, the possibility of higher returns, access to uncommon opportunities, and portfolio customization.

You can visit Assetmonk to learn more about how important alternative investments are for retirement planning. Their platform gives investors access to a variety of alternative investment opportunities, such as commercial real estate and properties with fractional ownership.

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