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Top 10 world’s best game in mobile you must play in 2023

The Play Store isn’t known for game discovery, often recommending the same games over and over again. So if you’re tired of hunting endlessly for the best Android apps and games, AP is here to help. In this instance, we’ve compiled a hand-picked list of the best games around like drift hunters, from new releases to quality classics best played with a handy Android controller; this roundup is for all you gamers out there. Enjoy! Everyone loves mobile games, especially with people spending more and more time on their smartphones, Android games have made their way into almost everyone’s life. 

PUBG Mobile- The Most Popular Mobile Games:

In the game you drop from the plane, you loot and kill enemies to remain the last surviving person/team. Due to security concerns, the Indian government banned the game in 2020 which led to the development of a new version of the game called BGMI. The game is similar to the original one. The PUBG corporation also released Pubg: New State in 2021, which is a battle royale game set in the future with improved gameplay features and graphics.

On the battlefield, you will need to loot some items such as gears and weapons to survive. The objective is simply to kill every enemy in the field and is the last man standing to be declared a winner. PUBG can be played solo, but it is more fun when playing with friends, the game has room cards and clan room which make it easier for players to play with their friends. The success and popularity of PUBG are undeniable and more and more players are playing this game, the number of downloads can serve as a basis for their popularity.

Genshin Impact- Most Popular Open-world MMORPG Game :

This mobile game has graphics called anime-style graphics since it has the same kind of graphics as modern high-quality anime. It has a good combination of colors that will surely bring you into the world of fantasy. Genshin Impact stands out not only in the graphics but also in its gameplay. Many will agree that this mobile game has one of the best gameplay among RPG mobile games today, you can explore the vast open world of Teyvat by gliding, running, swimming, and climbing whenever you wish.

Genshin Impact was released in the year 2020, it is also one of the trending mobile games in 2021. Three years have passed but it was still one of the most active players worldwide. On the day of this writing, this mobile game reaches 50 Million plus downloads making Genshin Impact one of the most popular mobile games.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang- The Popular Mobile MOBA Game :

If you’re a mobile gamer from Asia and you love MOBA, I’m pretty sure that you already heard about the game Mobile Legends. If you’re not, well Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the most successful and most popular Mobile MOBA game ever. (

I discovered this game in the year 2016 when I find some DOTA alternatives that I can play on a phone. A few years have passed and these mobile MOBA game become one of the most popular mobile games even today.

Mobile Legends is so popular in Asia that it becomes the very first mobile MOBA that has its own professional esports league. It was even included as one of the games in a SEA game where countries have their own representative of professional gamers to compete with other countries.

Call Of Duty Mobile :

Timi Studios and Activision have brought the Call of Duty game franchise to mobile through the release of Call of Duty Mobile. The game was brought up right after the uprising of Pubg with the intent to compete with it. The FPS shooter game offers players a wide range of multiplayer modes and a battle royale mode. It also features a variety of original COD maps and weapons, as well as a battle pass that brings new content monthly. The game has been well received and mainly the arena mode is enjoyable in my opinion.

Minecraft :

Minecraft, one of the most popular pc games ever also has a mobile version called Minecraft: Pocket Edition. The mobile version offers almost all the features of the pc version like multiplayer mode, creative mode, and survival mode. In the game, you explore an endless world where you collect resources, craft items, and build a base to protect you from the enemy mobs like skeletons and zombies that creep out in the night. The creativity in this game is limitless, so you’re able to build anything in this game and that is why it is one of the best android games on our list.

Genshin Impact :

Genshin Impact is an open-world action RPG game set in a fantasy world called Teyvet. Genshin Impact is quite popular among gamers due to its engaging characters, expansive world, and stunning graphics. The game is free to play and players can unlock new characters by purchasing them with in-game currencies or real money. Players use their characters to explore the map and fight off enemies using weapons and abilities. You can also complete different quests to gain powerful artefacts and craft them to create new abilities.

Asphalt 9 :

Asphalt 9: Legends is the latest game in the Asphalt series. The game feature a wide range of cars from small to luxurious cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. This list of best android games would never be complete without this game on it. You can race through different tracks and game modes by enjoying realistic graphics and beautiful environments. For more adrenaline-fueled gameplay, you can even try out the online mode where you can race against other players around the world. If racing is your thing and you want to get things loose on the track then you should check out Asphalt 9.

Freefire :

Freefire is a battle royale game released in the same time period as Pubg. Some consider this as the rival of Pubg Mobile. Each game consists of 50 players, and every team battles it out to remain the last standing team on the map. The game offers a wide range of maps and weaponry to engage in battle. Freefire also offers a wide range of characters with their own ability and crossover characters from animes and even Cristiano Ronaldo. The gun skins in the game also provide a unique perk. So if your looking for a less graphics-heavy game to get into action then Freefire is the way to go.

World of Tanks Blitz :

There is a good chance that you have seen ads for this game somewhere but haven’t played it. But now is the time to check this game out. World of Tank is a PVP MMO where you battle opponents using Tanks.  This game features incredible graphics and historically accurate WW2  tanks from countries like France, Germany, USSR, Japan, and many more. With a wide range of more than 25 battle arenas and customizable tanks, you are unlikely to get bored. Make sure you have memory left on your device cause this game will eat up to 2.5GB of memory initially. If you like explosive games, then this one is highly recommended.

Soul Knight :

Weapons and teaming up with your buddies equal a hell of fun, That’s what this game offers. Soul knight lets you explore randomly generated dungeons, dark forests populated by goblins, and medieval chateaus infested with zombies. Along with killing enemies and collecting weapons on the way. You can tag along with your friends to kill vicious aliens. Although the graphics are pixelated, the game still looks aesthetic and unique. Soul knight features 20+ unique heroes to play as, and 400+ weapons from guns to melee weapons like shovels and swords.

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