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Top 10 AI Detector Tools: Selecting the Best in 2024

The Top Ten AI Detector Tools 2024 is a need since the technology is on the rise, plus one needs to embrace new modes of exploring multiple ways of doing tasks. The present world previously used to operate on creativity. Endless information appeared to come from books. However, with time things underwent a change. From Internet Explorer to AI, the world has seen a change. Sadly, there has been a change in the creative elements humans possess broadly. Also, since AI within a second creates as we would want it certainly it invites in more monotonousity. Thus, to keep a check and to encourage the folk to use their creative quotient instead the AI detectors come into play. The top 10 AI Detector Tools, thus are more important than ever and are the best.

Top 10 AI Detector Tools

There are many AI Detector Tools. However, the Top 10 AI Detector Tools are the best tools that you can choose for analyzing your content. These tools are the ultimate ones as they specialize in highlighting and even providing other alternative ideas. As a result, this comes to be super efficient and manages to make the content completely human. Although the rate of accuracy depends from one AI Detector tool to another, these top 10 AI Detector tools provide the best. Check the list given below to see the top 10 AI detector tools:


It has been made to detect AI content. This tool goes deep into sentence structure, punctuation usage, and syntax. All of this is to analyze AI content. It also has a user-friendly interface. All you need to do is to input the content. After this, you should press the “Check for AI” button. Soon, Undetectable will give you a report.

The rate of detection is 80–85%. Undetectable supports 10,000 words per solution. It provides a free version for limited text analysis. However, one has to pay a subscription of $5 for 10,000 words. All of this with a flexible customization feature.

The pros of Undetectable are that it has dual AI detection and humanization features.

It has the capacity to analyze up to 10,000 characters. Undetectable is also known to give a better user experience than other AI Detector sites. It also identifies the latest AI models like Bing, ChatGPT Bard, Claude, etc.

However, the cons of it are that it cannot be afforded at a low price. Plus, it consists of dated interface visuals. This tool is the best match for writers, bloggers, and content creators as it helps them detect the use of AI-generated content.

Winston AI:

It uses machine learning. This helps detect AI content based on cloud technology. It is utilized in businesses to detect a desired end in customer service interaction, and marketing material. Any other form of communication is supported too.

The user can choose to paste or upload the document. This makes it a user-friendly software. Similar to other AI tools, it provides a report. This helps in determining the authenticity of the content.


This is a cloud-based software that checks AI content with machine learning. Using the software, requires you to sign in. Later, paste the content or upload the document that you want to check. Click the detection button and a detailed result will be produced.


It stands for ‘Giant Language Model Test Room’ based on GPT 2 technology. It is an open-source AI detector and identifies AI-generated content. To check, you have to paste the content into the box.

Soon predictions based on the analysis are given. It helps in identifying computer-generated text, fake reviews, news, and comments. However, its detection rate is not as accurate as the other tools


Another AI detection tool designed for users to get results easily. However, this tool is not as accurate as other detectors. Nevertheless, it is good for basic users. Plus, it is free to use. Sapling becomes accurate after fifty words.

This software comes with deep algorithmic learning. This helps in detecting AI content created by writing assistants, professional reading tools, or text standards. The results overall help you to produce or refine a document.

Content at Scale:

This has been made especially for business purposes. It is an AI-detected tool and is totally based on cloud computing. Machine learning also comes into play to analyze the content. This software helps to detect the content which is utilised in marketing. It is easy to use and comes with a 98% detection accuracy rate.

It also has some features. This includes unlimited AI detection across texts and images, and identifying paraphrased artificial content. In its free version, the user can detect up to 2500 characters. It is priced at 49 dollars per month.


Known to be one of the most effective AI detector software as it not only detects AI content but also paraphrased content. It comes with the latest techniques. All of this proves to be useful to check the AI work in a prescribed document. Either enter the URL, upload the document, or simply paste the content in the empty box the results will be out. Copyleaks has the capacity to identify AI-written source code. This can include tools like GitHub, Copilot, and ChatGPT. All of it crosses across 30 languages. The colored text differentiates by indicating content that is human vs. machine-generated.


This detector comes with machine learning. It also comes with a human language processor to determine the content’s authenticity. That is it determines if the content is human-written or AI-generated. All of this is done accurately.

This tool uncovers the pattern of AI meticulously and gives an accurate report. The best part lies in it being very easy to use. All a user needs to do is to put the text. After this, one has to click the check button.

Cross-Flag terms that its rate of accuracy is 95%. However, thorough research about it states that it is it is 58% accurate. It also provides a free and limited plan of 1,000 words is available.

It is pushed with over 1.5 billion parameters for the accuracy rate to touch its highest potential. However, it does not highlight text like other AI Detector software. Crossplag is the best choice for students, academics, bloggers, and every writer.


GPT Zero comes with a multiple-analysis-step approach. This helps in giving the maximum rate of accuracy. It is an open-source detector and it helps in detecting AI in your content. It has the capability to detect content generated by Chat GPT, GPT 3, GPT 4, Bard, and LLaMa models.

No sign-up is required in the software to use it. If you want to use it, you can simply follow the steps. Afterward, the user can check the result on the dashboard. A deep analysis of the content is revealed there.

GPTZero is known to have a relatively low accuracy rate of 52%. It has in it three tiers: a free plan, an essential paid plan, and a premium plan. This model is the best for student writing.


This application also helps in detecting AI-generated content. However, it is known due to its limited availability of only 15 characters. Thus, if your document exceeds 1500 words, you will have to paste tax from your document. This is because of its character limitation. The Writer is very simple to use, just like other AI detectors.

Apart from this, the software provides AI writing assistance after analysis, grammar, and spelling checking. Plagiarism detection with automated citation generation is provided too. The rate of its accuracy rate is very low. This makes it stand at 38% because of its free nature.


However, AI is an easy approach for people from all walks of life to generate things according to their needs. There is no replacement for creativity. Apart from that, the human touch of personalization is something that is not found on other platforms. AI may generate content, but in many forms, it lacks the essence of what a human is capable of. The top 10 AI detector tools, however, are a saviour as they help generate results. The results vary from content to content and suggestions based on the results may vary. Thus, with the help of the top 10 AI detector tools, making changes and going back to originality is the best approach. 

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