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To help prevent hacking, WhatsApp is developing a “login approval” feature


The popular instant messaging service WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is presently developing a new security feature called login approval to combat identity fraud and improve security and user experience.

This new security feature being developed by WhatsApp will make it much harder for users to access another user’s account. Login approval is the name of this function, according to WABetaInfo.

It is also stated that similar to Gmail, Facebook, and Instagram, this functionality will alert users if an unrecognized device tries to enter their account. Preventing unauthorized parties from accessing the personal information of WhatsApp users, would shield users from hacking efforts.

WhatsApp is developing a feature called “login approval.”

The source illustrates that both Android and iOS users will be able to use this login approval option. If the user tries to log in to their platform account, the functionality will notify them through in-app notifications. The complaint previously includes the screenshot, which shows that this warning will display the attempt’s timing and target device (model). In the App, the option to “accept” or “Do not allow” will be shown to users. If this request is granted, the user will be able to log in.

Also recently reported by WABetaInfo, new emoji replies for Status are being tested by WhatsApp. There were now just 8 pre-defined emoticons available for consumers to utilize. Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Face with Joy Tears, Face with Open Mouth, Crying Face, Folded Hands, Clapping Hands, Party Popper, and Hundred Points are some of the emojis in this group.

For those who are unfamiliar, WhatsApp now enables users to respond to a text by sending any emoji they like. Earlier, there were just 5 emojis available: a heart, a sad face, a laughing face, and a thumbs up.

In addition, WhatsApp is now developing a new function that would let users view previous group members. With iOS, the business had been testing this new function. The WhatsApp Android beta testers are now receiving this new functionality. WhatsApp will discontinue showing the users who have left the group chat in addition to allowing users to view who has previously been a member of the group.

Why the feature “Login Approval” is added by WhatsApp?

With more than two billion users globally and 487 million users in India alone, WhatsApp continuously releases updates and adds new features to improve the user experience overall and meet the demands of its consumers. Hackers are continually coming up with inventive ways to access accounts and steal personal data and information, even the most recent security upgrades.

A new login approval option, similar to the previously revealed double verification feature, is being developed by WhatsApp. As part of the most recent update, users will receive in-app notifications anytime someone attempts to log into their account. This adds a layer of protection without placing an additional burden on the end user by requiring further ID verification.

How does it function?

According to the source, the rumoured Login Approval function would notify users through the app whenever another user tries to log in to their accounts from a separate smartphone. According to reports, a user won’t be able to log in until permission has been given from the device where the account is already signed in. The chance of a user’s account and information being stolen is allegedly reduced by this feature.

When will the function be made accessible?

When the functionality will be made accessible to users is presently unknown because it is still under development. WhatsApp is continually rolling out features and improvements to keep the service user-friendly, secure, and dependable. The impending login approval function might be a fantastic way to increase security. Since the functionality is still being developed, a release date for users has not yet been determined.

Recent news about Meta

The latest AI research chatbot from the Meta group, of which WhatsApp is a member, has recently been made available. Its goal is to gain input from actual users to enhance its conversational abilities and safety. In other headlines, WhatsApp Pay, the platform’s digital wallet and fast payment capabilities feature continues to roll out in India and Brazil, with the business exploring broader deployment. Instagram has also offered DM instant shopping capabilities.

The two-step verification functionality is already available on WhatsApp. Users may also be protected by the Login Approval function if they unintentionally disclose their six-digit security code. The notice also shows the date and time the attempt to log in was made as well as details about the phone, according to the alleged screenshots released by the WhatsApp features tracker. With this function, users of WhatsApp may get notifications when someone signs in from a different smartphone. According to recent reports, WhatsApp is planning to make it possible to see previous group members on iOS.

 The WhatsApp beta version is currently being rolled out by the Meta-owned instant messaging service, according to a report by feature tracker WABetaInfo. The Login Approval security feature has been identified by the feature tracker as a future update possibility. It is presently under development.

In a beta version of its iOS app, WhatsApp is reportedly preparing to offer the capability to view previous group members. A small group of beta testers purportedly received the aforementioned upgrade. The article also stated that a larger rollout of the functionality to more beta testers may occur in the upcoming weeks.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp, Inc. created the service in 2009. What’s up? is a common colloquial greeting that is parodied in the company name with the abbreviation “app”.

People who live and travel abroad frequently use the app because it was one of the first of its kind to offer messaging over WiFi and enables smartphone communication worldwide. Additionally, it functions on all of the main mobile operating systems, including Android, iOS, and BlackBerry. Voice calling, group conversations, end-to-end encryption, and status updates akin to Snapchat and Instagram Stories are some significant WhatsApp features as of 2018. The software works using the user’s current phone number and cellular data or WiFi. In 2014, Facebook acquired WhatsApp Inc. for $19 billion.

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