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Tips and Tricks on How to Take Care of Hair Extensions at Home

For every girl who has ever dreamt of thicker, longer and bouncier hair just like Rapunzel, hair extensions are no less than a blessing in disguise for them. Fake hair locks offer us flexibility in helping the hair to become voluminous, longer, and thicker. It is one of the best alternatives for people to cover up for a bad hair day, baldness, or loss of hair. Getting a hair extension means splurging a lot of money on the hair treatment as the cost depends on the volume and length of the hair. No doubt, these fake hair additions look great but they are equally expensive and require a lot of aftercare so that they long last.

Moving to and fro with heavy hair extensions can be full of a hassle sometimes and on top of that, if you miss taking proper care of them, they can even lead to damage. Even though these hair strands don’t grow from our roots but they need to be maintained fully as your hair. The most popular type of extensions is clip-in hair extensions that are life savers for every girl with thin and short hair. They are surprisingly easy to use and add oh-so-amazing finish to the mane. For all those over the cloud nine girls who have recently got hair extensions, this blog will help you to know everything about hair extensions so that you get that perfect lift and bounce!

At-Home Hair Tips to Make Hair Extensions Last Long

Wash the Hair Extensions Carefully 

Okay, so first thing first. Once you get your hair extensions successfully done, the first thing you should consider is changing the haircare routine. While it’s true that you can treat your fake hair as your own, there are still a few things that one should keep in mind. When it comes to choosing the type of shampoo and conditioner, always abide by what your hairdresser says. Talking about the ingredients used in haircare products, always go for what best suits colored, damaged, or artificial hair. If possible, allow the hair to flow freely from the roots, and then take a small amount of shampoo and gently apply it to the roots and tips. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse off the shampoo with plain water. It’s important to use Collagen help to strengthen hair and nail growth and prevents hair loss which multiple reasons can cause.

Brush the Hair Extensions Carefully 

While looking for ways to at-home care of hair extensions, another important thing to keep in the loop is hair brushing etiquette. For that, you should invest in the right Hair Brush Online for smooth and seamless grooming of hair. When you brush your natural hair scalp too harshly, a few strands may break. Likewise, when you do the same with your hair extensions the grip of the clip may become loose or fall out. For the right hair brushing, always follow the sequence of brushing the roots and then slowly moving to the tips. This way, you can avoid hair breakage and at the same time detangle the snags& tangles without tugging or pulling the extensions.

Use Styling Tools Efficiently 

Just like normal hair locks, even our hair extensions can be affected if we don’t style or care for them in properly. When you decided to go for hair extensions, their quality is already premium and you don’t need much styling. However, if you still want to explore other hairstyles, you can choose to go for hairstyling tools online that offer a multitude of heat settings so that you can style your hair on low heat settings. For further protection, you can apply heat protectant on the scalp and then glide the hair styling tool. When you use these heat tools efficiently, there will be no scope for hair touchup appointments or breakage. For starters, to dry wet hair, prefer using a Hair Dryer Machine with a cool shot button for minimizing heat damage as well as sealing the hairstyle.

Schedule Weekly Hair Conditioning Treatment

For all the girls, one of the biggest villains is their greasy hair and scalp. Not just the scalp and roots but they also affect other parts of the hair including extensions and for keeping the natural oil of the roots in check; you need much-needed hydration treatment. For providing deep conditioning to the hair, you can start with an at-home care routine. Every week, before doing hairwash, you can either apply any hair mask on the scalp and roots and then wash or add a step of applying conditioning cream after hairwash. This will keep the hair locks smooth, soft, and frizz-free. Use a Wide Teeth Comb to comb and evenly apply the conditioner in the hair and inside the scalp.


And that’s how you can work on taking better care of your hair extensions and enjoy long-lasting voluminous and thick tresses.

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