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TikTok tech: Metrics, analytics and what makes the app so popular

The rise of TikTok has taken the world by storm, and even those who don’t use the app have heard and know about it. In fact, they might actually be watching TikTok content that was redistributed on other apps. The reasons why it has become so popular so quickly among people belonging to different demographics can’t be pinned on a single factor. It is a creative medium that allows you to discover more information on the things that interest you, as well as learn new things and expand your hobbies. From cooking and interior design to travel, music and books, there’s no shortage of topics to explore on TikTok.

The fact that the trends are in swift rotation and the format of the app allows for the creation of relatively short videos also means that users don’t become bored. The use of copyrighted music is another strength of the app, especially compared to other social media platforms that don’t allow this functionality. And, of course, there’s the algorithm as well. What makes TikTok so remarkable is that it sees what you’re interested in by having a look at your activity patterns and then provides you with more similar content. The more you watch, the more adept the algorithm becomes at recommending you things that you’d be interested in.

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TikTok uses several programming languages. None of them are anything special. In fact, they’re pretty standard. But the genius of TikTok lies in how each of them is used and the type of functionality it can provide. All the languages combine to create a unique environment that keeps users hooked on the app and determined to continue watching. C and C++ are the most popular languages most programmers know about. C is generally a prerequisite and grouped with C++, they can be used in the creation of numerous operating systems, applications and games.

Kotlin is used in TikTok as well. It is a general-purpose, high-level language that helps increase productivity while ensuring code safety. It can be used alongside Java for server development, as well as development across different mobile platforms, including iOS and Linux. Kotlin can also be used for data science tasks, including creating pipelines and integrating machine learning within production.

Swift, developed by the open-source community and Apple Inc., is a multi-paradigm, compiled programming language that allows developers plenty of freedom of movement. Since it is relatively straightforward to use, it can be utilized in numerous ways. The run-time crash stops right on the line of the code where an optional variable has been previously used, meaning that any coding errors are automatically prevented.

Business vs personal

With the continuous rise of TikTok, many creators have attained considerable levels of notoriety. Becoming famous on the app leads many to consider the different types of TikTok accounts they could create, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each option. The personal creator account is adequate for most content creators as well as the average TikTok user. It can be set as either a private or a public profile and can also be verified. Your account will also include access to analytics and promote features, all while being completely free of charge to use.

The business account is best used for Business or personal brand use. While it can naturally become a verified account, it cannot be set to private and only includes access to commercial sounds. The personal account lets you access all sounds on the app. However, the business account is also entirely free to use and allows access to ads and analytics.

With the personal account option, you are able to access specific TikTok development programs, but you’ll have fewer options for revenue. The Business accounts let you create a link to Shopify sites. That means that products cannot be directly sold to TikTok users, leading to losses for creators. However, the business account doesn’t let you join the development programs.

However, with the business account, you can access the Creator Marketplace, a platform set to promote the collaborative efforts of both brands and creators on TikTok. It will enable you to find sponsorships and connect with other creators. The Creator Marketplace also provides plenty of learning opportunities so that you can improve your account and catch the attention of different brands that will want to work with you.

The analytics

A lot of the appeal that keeps driving people to TikTok is that the analytics are so proficient. It includes the data gathered from content creators and brands that allow performance tracking. This contains several metrics, such as views, likes, shares and comments. The analytics will enable the formation of a data-driven content strategy that works by pinpointing the most engaging videos and uncovering information about the audience.

The analytics also connect creators with the target audience. Different niches will respond differently to various types of content, and the analytics provide the necessary insights so that the content will reach those who are more likely to be interested in it. The algorithm creates a personalized experience for each viewer, so it’s plain to see why people find it so easy to enjoy the app for long periods of time.

In this regard, TikTok might have actually commenced the beginning of a new era in social media, one that is focused on full customization. Instead of dealing with content that is irrelevant or even triggering for them, users can now enjoy a more satisfactory experience and only view the things they’re interested in.

TikTok proves that social media only has to focus on bringing people what they like to be successful. It is also an intuitive platform and straightforward to use. Even those who have no previous experience creating content can figure it out relatively quickly, which is a big bonus. Users are also incentivized to develop themselves and share their videos with the rest of the community.

TikTok is currently the most innovative platform out there. It achieved that status by knowing how to use its tech features and programming and delivering a good experience for each user.


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