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Tick, a deadly Japanese Threat attacked Japanese Group Organizations. The threat group is also known as Bronze Butler, and has been seen to be active for a long time, and has targeted ad attacked many organizations located in Japan.

The Scoop-

Tick Hacker group has attacked about 200 Japanese companies and research firms, which include the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. The attack ranged between 2016 to 2017, could seek system flaws and evade the detection successfully. These lead to the abuse of the company’s anti-virus measures. 

All About Tick-

  • Tick has been declared as a cyber espionage group and has been active in launching attacks since around 2009.
  • They mainly focus on industries of Asia who invest in research and development.
  • They also attacked organization of the middle east by using the flaw of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Attributions related to Tick-

  • The local media has alleged that Tick was run by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Unit 61419. But the researchers could not find any proof that would concretely indicate this allegation
  • This gang had relation with defence and the military targets with Korea peninsula and Japan.


Tick uses techniques like spear-phishing and watering hole to attack for breaching target systems. This remains in the g=breached system for as long as needed and once it feels that the target has nothing more to provide, Tick removes all the evidences from the breached network.






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