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This is Why Cox is the Most Popular Internet Provider in Arizona

Cox Communications is currently the most popular ISP in the state of Arizona, chosen by more customers than even the country’s biggest ISPs, namely Comcast Xfinity and Charter Spectrum. Is this because of superior service or just good branding? As we’ll see in this article, it’s more likely the former. 

Cox claims to have the largest GIG network in Arizona, meaning its 1 Gbps tier is available to more customers than any other ISP in the state. Cox is also the fastest ISP in Arizona in terms of median speeds according to Ookla Speedtest Intelligence. Other features such as low-standard rates, no cancellation fees, and a 30-day money-back guarantee make Cox Internet desirable across its markets. 

If you’re an Arizona resident who’s unsure whether to switch to Cox, here are five reasons it’s probably the best option.

1.High Speeds, Everywhere

Cox offers its 1 Gbps tier everywhere in Arizona. You may only want the 500 Mbps or 250 Mbps plan, but this feature is notable regardless. Cox’s 1 Gbps offers imply that the operator has a high capacity in its network in your area. 

High capacity means less network congestion and higher speeds at peak usage times, which is validated by Cox’s Consistency Score of 91.3% on Ookla Speedtest. Also according to Ookla Speedtest, the median internet speed for Cox customers in Arizona stands at an impressive 261 Mbps, far surpassing the state average of 180 Mbps. In cities like Gilbert, Cox’s median speed soars beyond 280 Mbps against a 244 Mbps average. 

Cox also offers a 2 Gbps tier in some areas. Cox customer service and Cox en Español customer service can tell you more about available tiers where you live.

2.Transparent Pricing

Cox shatters the industry norm of hiding behind promotional rates and hidden fees. The company is upfront about its standard prices, providing customers with clarity and eliminating any surprises in their bills. What’s more, Cox empowers users to customize their plans at any time, capitalizing on new offers and lower rates without the hassle of navigating complex procedures.

Cox Internet stands as a beacon of transparency in an industry often criticized for opaque practices. Rates, terms, and conditions are easily accessible on the Cox Internet service page, empowering customers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

3.The Freedom to Switch or Cancel

Say goodbye to restrictive contracts that tie you down. Cox’s no-binding contract policy allows users to switch or cancel their service without incurring additional charges. This flexibility recognizes the dynamic nature of internet needs and empowers users to adapt their plans as necessary, without the burden of long-term commitments.

Cox’s confidence in its service is evident through its 30-day money-back guarantee. New customers can experience Cox internet risk-free, with the assurance that if the service doesn’t meet expectations within the first month, Cox will refund the monthly service fee, standard installation fee, and any equipment charges.

4.Panoramic WiFi Perks

Cox not only keeps its networks up-to-date but also provides customers with free Panoramic Gateway upgrades every three years. Ensuring that leased devices meet the latest technological standards, Cox guarantees that users stay ahead in the digital realm, embracing future advancements like DOCSIS 4.0 and WiFi 7 without additional costs.

Cox also recognizes the needs of avid gamers with its Elite Gamer service, included for free with Panoramic WiFi. Going beyond the conventional, Elite Gamer is a gaming VPN that optimizes the route of gaming traffic, reducing latency and ensuring lightning-quick response times. Compatible with over 150 popular online games, this service is a testament to Cox’s commitment to delivering a seamless gaming experience.

Cox ensures a seamless internet experience throughout your home with Panoramic WiFi Pods: mesh WiFi extenders that can be added to your home. Eliminating WiFi dead zones, these small routers provide additional coverage, enabling fast and reliable connections from any corner of your house.

5.Future-Proof Technologies

Cox is at the forefront of technological innovation, integrating fiber into its network for enhanced reliability and speed. Leveraging fiber in its backbone infrastructure, Cox’s commitment to DOCSIS 4.0 by 2025 underscores its dedication to providing the latest in internet technology. With gig internet already available to 99% of customers, Cox is future-proofing its services for the digital age. 

Cox uses the fiber-to-the-node infrastructure for its “fiber-powered” internet service in most areas. However, 80% of its new builds are based on the XGS-PON standard which allows for up to 10 gig symmetrical speeds over fiber.

Cox Internet Plans in Arizona

Cox Internet is powered by a fiber-rich and well-maintained HFC network in Arizona. It’s fast, reliable, and has consumer-friendly policies, which explains why it’s the first choice for more homes in Arizona than any other Internet provider. Here are some of Cox Internet plans in Arizona that you can switch to.

1.Go Fast – $49.99 per month

Need something quick and affordable? The Go Fast plan at $49.99 per month offers a decent 100 Mbps download speed, making it just right for those with moderate internet usage. Plus, with the Panoramic WiFi Gateway included, your connectivity is in good hands. The absence of an annual contract gives you the flexibility you need.

2.Go Faster – $69.99 per month

Stepping up the speed game, the Go Faster plan hits you with 250 Mbps at $69.99 per month. Ideal for small homes, this plan ensures a smooth online experience without tying you down with an annual contract. It’s a sweet spot for those who need a bit more speed without breaking the bank.

3.Go Even Faster – $89.99 per month

Cox dubs the Go Even Faster plan as their most popular, and it’s not hard to see why. Priced at $89.99 per month, this plan delivers a whopping 500 Mbps. Tailored for homes with high-speed requirements, it’s the go-to choice for a fast and reliable connection. And yes, there’s no need to commit to a term contract.

4.Go Super Fast – $109.99 per month (for 24 months)

Now we’re entering the realm of serious speed. The Go Super Fast plan, with a standard price of $119.99 per month (currently available at a promotional price of $109.99 per month for 24 months), boasts a maximum download speed of 1000 Mbps. Perfect for heavy-duty tasks like 4K streaming and large downloads, this plan keeps you flying through the digital universe. And guess what? No pesky annual contract even with the promotion.

5.Go Beyond Fast – $149.99 per month

Need to go above and beyond in the speed game? The Go Beyond Fast plan, at $149.99 per month, cranks it up to a maximum download speed of 2 Gbps. It’s not available everywhere, so check with Cox customer service or Cox en Español customer service for availability. 

The Takeaway

Cox operates a particularly high-bandwidth hybrid fiber-coaxial network in Arizona, allowing it to offer gig speeds in all its markets in the state. It also currently ranks as the fastest ISP in Arizona with a median download speed of 261 Mbps and a Consistency Score of 91.3% on Ookla Speedtest. The transparent pricing along with the freedom to switch and cancel anytime seal the deal for most Arizonians.


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