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The Psychological Impact: Coping After a Traumatic Rideshare Experience

Traumatic experiences with rideshare companies like harassment and assault can leave you in deep trauma and can impact your psychological abilities afterwards. The shock, fear, and the unexpected events of the future can hold a lot of tension and can impair your psychology.

For a lot of people coping with the psychological side of things can be a little challenging. But by the proper acknowledgement and the acceptance of a traumatic event, one can easily navigate through the psychological aspects of an incident.

An Uber Sexual Assault Lawyer in Texas can help you navigate through the coping mechanism of an individual after a traumatic rideshare experience.

Understanding Traumatic Rideshare Experiences

A traumatic rideshare experience is the one in which a person experiences any kind of incident including an accident, or it can be in the form of an assault (both physical and verbal). These are defined below.

Types of Traumatic Incidents

Here are some of the very common types of traumatic rideshare experiences.

Physical Assault: Any kind of physical harm including touching, hitting, or just rubbing is considered as physical assault that makes one of the parties uncomfortable.

These incidents can leave a really bad traumatic impact on the mind of the passenger or the driver, whoever is being targeted. These events can cause severe emotional disturbances including anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and many other mental health issues that can be really damaging to mental health.

Verbal Harassment: Verbal harassment is the one where one of the parties is being humiliated by the use of foul language, threats, and even insults.

Events of such sorts can actually leave a traumatic impact on the psychology of a rider. This causes a lot of fear, discomfort, and anxiety among individuals that deal with it. This does impact the sense of security of the individuals really badly as well.

Accidents: Accidents include all of the collisions that are experienced over the road while in the traffic. These accidents are usually known for the physical impact they leave on the body. But the trauma of an accident is often ignored.

Kidnapping: Kidnapping involves  a situation in which a passenger or a driver is forcefully taken to a place where they do not want to go. So, it does come in abduction or kidnapping.

This does leave a really bad impact on the mental health of the victim. It does lead to extreme psychological distress and fear for life.

Robbery: Robbery refers to the driver or the passengers losing their belongings forcefully. This can include anything expensive including paper money.

Victims after robbery can get extremely overwhelmed and suffer from post traumatic stress disorder a lot of times.

Coping with Psychological Impact of Assault

Having to deal with traumatic incidents during carsharing is very common now. You need to be able to cope with all of the psychological impacts of the injury. Here is how this can be done.

Learn to Reach Out

Victims should know that they must feel very comfortable when it comes to sharing their experience of assault with anyone. Also, with that they must know who to trust and who not to. During such times, reaching out to a sibling or a fiend is the best way to tackle.

The person suffering must be able to talk to people as they can help in validating the traumatic experience that they have been through.Talking to people will also keep your social skills polished as opening up also makes you open to people.

Professional Help

This is one of the most underrated ways of dealing with trauma caused by assault in carsharing. Experts like psychologists and therapists can  help you alot with dealing trauma and the grief attached to the event that one has been through.

Also, there are a number of trauma specific therapies that can help people come out of difficult times. One of the best things about visiting  professionals is that they keep all of the information confidential. So, this is one of the best outlets available for people as they do not have the fear of their information being public to anyone.

Also, theory not only helps with the emotional side of things. It can also be really helpful when it comes to the healing of the other aspect of the assault, such as the physical impact of the assault. So, by learning different strategies and techniques an individual can easily come out of their assault trauma easily. It just takes a little time to work.


The psychological impacts of an assault should never be undermined. These show up after some time when the accident wounds are healed. But using the correct approaches for healing purposes is what matters the most. Mental health should also be kept in consideration when it comes to healing.

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