The national State cyber criminals are taking over the Global Cyber Realm.

An academia group have found out that the cyber-attack from the nation state is becoming very common nowadays. They analyzed over 200 incidents of cyber-attack since 2009 and revealed that there has been a massive rise in the number of nation-state incidents since between the years 2017 and 2020.

Details of the report-

The report said that one of the most common targets are the enterprises (35%), which is followed by the cyber security industry (25%), next comes the media (14%), the government (12%), the lastly the infrastructures that are critical (10%).

  • The attack in the supply chain saw a rise of 75% in the number of attacks in 2019.
  • Around 40% of the attacks have involved upon assets that have physical and digital component.
  • The nation-state actors also targeted the COVID-19 related intellectual property data.

The nation states are now getting benefitted from the web of profit.

  • According two third of the expert panel suggests that the nation-states are getting benefitted from cybercrime while 58% believes that they are making money from cyber-attacks.
  • 20% of the attacks showed use of sophisticated tools and custom made weapons, while 50% of them used less costly tools which are commonly used.
  • 50% of the tools were used for surveillance, 15% enabled network incursion and positioning, 14% were used for destruction, and only 8% for data exfiltration.


The number of cyber-attacks is increasing every year and the nation states are using tactics that are getting more sophisticated. Countering these types of attacks is getting important and the government should come forward and take necessary steps to make the digital media more safe.

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