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The Complete Guide to Food Ordering for Restaurant Owners

To be a successful restaurant owner, you need to have a clear understanding of your customers. You also need to know how they’re interacting with your restaurant, and what types of interactions they prefer. In general, food ordering software can help with both of these things. By taking the time to understand your customers’ preferences and their experience ordering with you, you can create a unique experience that will delight them every time they come in for a bite or two.

Make It Easy For Your Customers To Find Your Menu

When you’re a restaurant owner, it’s important to keep your customers happy. But in order for them to be happy, they need access to your menu! And that means making sure that:

  • Your menu is easy for them to find on your website or app.
  • The font and layout of your menu make it easy for them to read and navigate through (if possible).
  • For each item on the menu, there is an option for customers who want takeout or delivery as well as dine-in options; this includes price points and whether or not taxes are included in those prices (so they don’t have any surprises when they get their bill). Additionally, if you are looking to create some menu templates to market your business the restaurant menu templates can enhance your promotional efforts and attract more customers.

For help designing your online menu to keep up with the growing demand for online food ordering, please see the infographic below.

Provided by Chowly – experts in menu optimization

Consider Updating Your Phone System

One of the most important things to consider when updating your restaurant’s and ghost kitchen’s phone system is whether or not you need a cloud-based system, and why it’s so beneficial.

A cloud-based system will allow you to access all of your customer data from anywhere in the world. You can also use this information to analyze trends and make better business decisions moving forward, which will ultimately help with profitability by increasing sales and lowering costs.

Cloud-based systems also have features like call recording, call transfer capabilities, voicemail transcription (so that employees don’t have to listen through voicemails), automated attendants (when someone calls), mobile apps for smartphones/tablets/desktops for easy access even outside of work hours…they’re very customizable!

Keep Your Online Presence Manageable

  • Keep your website current. New restaurants should have a “coming soon” page, but once you’re open for business, it’s important that your website remains up-to-date with the latest information about the restaurant. If there are upcoming specials or events happening at the restaurant, make sure those are listed on the site.
  • Use a good CMS (content management system). A content management system allows owners and managers to make changes quickly without having to know how to code or program in order to update their websites’ content–and they’re often free! If you don’t have access yet because you’re just starting out, plan ahead so that when it comes time for this step later on down the road we’ll be ready!
  • Make sure our online presence is mobile friendly: When considering where customers might look first when trying out new places these days most people tend towards using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets rather than desktop computers due largely in part because these options offer more flexibility while still allowing access anywhere/anytime through WiFi connections which makes sense given how many people travel during lunch breaks these days especially since most companies encourage employees not only take them but also bring along spouses/partners etc.

Recruit And Train The Right People

If you have a great product, but your restaurant is staffed by unprofessional employees who don’t care about your customers’ experience, then it doesn’t matter how good your food is. You’re going to lose customers because of this one fact alone. And if an employee isn’t willing to learn or help out when needed? Then they should not be working for you in the first place!

Maintain A Positive, Courteous Attitude With Your Customers

  • Maintain A Positive, Courteous Attitude With Your Customers

Maintaining a positive attitude is important because it can help your business in several ways. If a customer is unhappy with the service they received at your restaurant, they may not return or recommend it to others. In addition to being polite and courteous with customers, it’s important that you maintain an upbeat tone of voice when speaking with them. This will make them feel more comfortable ordering food from you again in the future!

  • Use A Friendly Tone Of Voice When Speaking With Customers (And Smile!)

In order for people to trust that you’re going to give them good food and excellent service every time they order from you, they need reassurances that this will happen–and there’s no better way than through words alone: Make sure each interaction feels like having fun conversations instead of having business transactions. That means using friendly language like “howdy” instead of “good morning” when answering phones; asking questions about what kinds of dishes are favorites among regulars versus newcomers; asking whether anything else could possibly improve upon existing menu items…you get where we’re going here!

Food Ordering Software Can Help Restaurant Owners

Food ordering software like App2Food can help restaurant owners manage many tasks. It can help with menu management, customer service, and marketing.

  • Menu management: Food ordering software allows you to create a menu that matches your restaurant’s needs. You have the freedom to add or remove items as needed without having to worry about data entry errors or manual updates–the system does it all for you automatically. For example if one of your items becomes popular or unpopular in certain locations of your business (e.g., only selling well at lunch), then just change it on the fly through this type of program!
  • Customer service: Customers often have questions about their orders before they even arrive at their table (or call) – like “Do I get fries with my burger?” Or “Can I substitute fries for onion rings?” These types of questions are easy enough for someone who knows how these things work but difficult enough where mistakes happen often enough causing frustration among customers who aren’t sure whether or not something will come out right after placing an order over phone lines/social media platforms like Facebook Messenger etc. This type of frustration leads people away from coming back again, so make sure everything goes smoothly each time by using this kind.

There are many food ordering apps available on the Internet. In order to pick the right one that suits your needs, you need to check and compare all their features. For example, if you struggle between choosing DoorDash vs ChowNow, make a list of their features, reviews and everything else you could come up with. 


Food ordering software can help restaurant owners manage many tasks. It can also make the process of taking orders easier for customers and staff alike. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your business, consider investing in this type of software or other technology that can automate certain processes.

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