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The best way of how to fix a broken TV screen

In India, there is an increase in how to fix a broken TV screen scams. By defrauding clients, technicians gain enormous profits.

Most of the time, they just fix or install an old, reconditioned part instead of replacing the ones they charge money for. 

You cannot sue them in court since they do not give documented bills or warranties of repairs.

They will only provide you with the old parts for your TV or images of its components if you ask for them.

Your TV’s functional parts are frequently stolen and installed in the TVs of other customers.

Given that the cost of simple maintenance for 32-inch and larger televisions starts at 2000 rupees, this can be considered fraud. This blog focuses on how to fix a broken TV screen if gets damaged by best possible measures. 

Describe the difficulties these TV Scams mention 

  1. LED Trip is burned and costs $3,500 and more. However, they replace the broken led and bill you for the entire strip.
  2. The power supply is insufficient and expensive, yet they often replace parts that cost between $200 and $350.
  3. While most repairs cost less than $1,000, a short panel might cost $5,000. Additionally, there is a potential that the LED panel is not at all short.
  4. Screen damage will cost you at least $5,000. The actual cost of the repairs is under 2000.
  5. They will then add yet another issue to your TV.
  6. The old TVs are sold for pennies on the dollar in exchange for a new one.

TV repair businesses and mechanics are seriously defrauding Indians. It’s time for the Government of India to enact strict legislation to keep these people in control.

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Can you fix a broken TV screen? 

The answer is, yes—it all depends on how much harm has been done. DIY techniques could be effective if the screen damage is modest, such as hairline cracks or scratches, but significant cracks can occasionally harm the plasma components beneath, increasing the expense of repair.

  1. Follow the instructions given on TV.
  2. The panel may not be physically damaged, but it is technologically damaged. Physical damage cannot be ruled out; perhaps a person or object, such as a big ball, hit the panel.
  3. When internal damage occurs in LCD panels, horizontal or vertical lines appear on the screen. It’s necessary to swap out the panel.
  4. You could discover that the replacement panel is no longer manufactured (for old models). Even if they were, the material, labor, and shipping cost would be high. Better invest in a new or modern TV (you could indirectly be blessed).

How to Fix Tv Cracked Screen

You may be asking how to fix a broken TV screen if you dropped your TV while moving it or if a child hurled a toy at it. But the following steps explain what is the best option for you.

1. Sell the broken tv screen to get profit amount of money better than repair. 

Seek out a local recycler of gadgets. There are several recying  websites. you may find the one that is nearest to you. To discover the closest option to you, enter “TV” and your Zip Code. You merely need to drop off your TV at the closest place after finding it.

2. Use a TV shell to plant a tree

3. Recycle spare parts to waste management

Local electronics businesses recycle a lot of their products. Recycling is widely practiced. Your town probably collects e-waste. Check your city’s or town’s website for regulations regarding electronic garbage. Drop-off points are available in some communities, while pick-up days are set aside in others. Prices vary.

Note: Whatever you do, avoid being the person who leaves a damaged TV in a charity bin or a box for clothing on the side of the road.

How will you recognize that your tv is broken or not working –

 1. Display scratch or broken,

2. Display light not showing or black screen,

3. TV was broken,

4. TV wet in water

5. Fire catch

6. If you see any rainbow color on the TV screen

7. Presence of powerful magnet.

8. Huge amount of dust

9. Damage by Pets

10. Damage by Thunderstorm

11. Long-time usage

Consequences to face if you want cracked TV screen repair

  • A damaged TV screen, unfortunately, cannot usually be fixed.
  • There is no secondary market for old screens,.
  • TV makers do not offer screen replacements.
  • Cracked TV screen repair is, by far, the most expensive component.
  • It would be more expensive to replace it than to buy a new TV!
  • Your local electronics or TV repair business may refuse to touch your broken TV screen in many circumstances. They understand that it just isn’t worth their time.

Why are Broken TV screens so expensive?

Here’s a quick look at the process of making a TV screen and the components it requires to understand why they are so expensive

The leading cause of your broken TV screen’s high price is that it takes a lot of skill to create one,

 there are so few manufacturers of them worldwide

The likelihood that your television originated in China. 

The BOE facility, where most US TV screens are currently created, is about a mile long and was built for roughly $7 BILLION!

The TV screens for Sony, Samsung, LG, Vizio, and other brands are purchased from BOE.

A TV screen is exceedingly challenging to construct.

Use an LCD as an illustration.

Shipping is another factor in TV screen prices.

The screens are manufactured in China and must then be transported globally before being marketed in the US. They are expensive to ship, and significant damage can occur in transit.

Therefore, complexity and transportation are factors in the high price of TV displays.

The screen is never sold separately. It doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint.

Circuit boards and cheap plastic make up the rest of your TV.

Broken tv screen consists

Two thin sheets of glass are joined to create liquid crystal display panels.

An ITO layer, a rare metal alloy that is transparent, was first deposited on one of the sheets to create transistor “cells.”

Electric impulses are sent through these cells.

An additional operation creates millions of finely formed transistor pieces after a silicon layer is deposited.

Pixels (or dots) on the screen are formed by the repetition of this patterning procedure.

Steps should be aligned within a few microns of each other.

Does a Broken TV screen fall under my warranty?

There is a significant probability that your warranty will cover

Any flaws




Spots, or other issues with your TV screen (if they occur within the authorized time frame).

These manufacturing problems are usually covered by the first year of most TV warranties.

The even better news is that most problems with your TV are likely to arise in the first year (during which you are still under the manufacturer’s warranty).

However, you’re probably out of luck if your screen breaks or cracks, regardless of whether it occurs during the first year of ownership.

The reason for this is because TV warranties contain a part that lists what manufacturers will NOT cover, which very certainly includes the following:

1. Regular wear and tear,

2. Inappropriate customer operation

3. Unknown TV screen adjustments

4. Improper voltage supply or power surges,

5. Signal problems,

6. Broken tv screen shipping damage,  

7.Any installation or repair work carried out by someone other than an approved service facility person.

You probably have to get a new TV if your TV is broken TV screen.

Make sure to contact a broken TV screen maintenance specialist. They know it’s not worth their time to look at a broken TV screen. 

How to dispose of a damaged TV

So you’re stuck with a damaged TV right now. How can I get rid of it in the best manner possible?

You may always attempt to sell it. Your broken TV may not be worth anything to you, but it may be to someone else. A competent person will disassemble your TV and sell each component separately.

Circuit boards, LED strips, speakers, etc. Everything functional can ultimately be sold. (

Although technically possible, doing this yourself would take time and put the parts in danger. I wouldn’t even try. Try selling the entire TV as an alternative. A damaged TV can at least be replaced with something.

How to prevent a TV screen from breaking?

Preventing a TV screen from cracking in the first place is preferable to attempt to fix one that has already shattered.

There are several techniques to reduce the possibility of your TV screen shattering.

One can purchase a TV screen shield.

A screen that covers your TV shields it from harm may be purchased; several are water-resistant. These offer excellent protection from any impacts and liquid contact from dogs and toddlers.

Your TV should be wall-mounted, and your television will be out of the way and elevated in this manner. Your children won’t be prevented from tossing a toy at it, but at least they won’t be able to knock it over inadvertently.


A broken TV screen, unfortunately, can’t usually be fixed. This is so because a TV’s screen is its most costly component.

Screens are manufactured in China and delivered to the US, which drives up their price due to their extreme complexity.

The majority of TV repair businesses won’t even try to mend a cracked screen.

Pay the same amount for a brand-new TV between a screen replacement than repair expenses!

Your warranty is unlikely to cover a broken tv screen.  If so, think about getting rid of or selling your broken tv screen.

Get a new television. That’s probably not the news you wanted to hear!

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