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Step-by-step process of how to get VAXCERTPH Online

In this article, you can get a step-by-step guide on how to get online vaccination certificate that can now use for domestic use. A lot of Local Government Units (LGUs), travelers are needed to present proof that they have been fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine before they can get the chance to enter the LGU. The VaxCertPH is developed by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), which can make verification easy because it will show as a central database system for vaccine administration in the Philippines.

What is VaxCertPH?

The VaxCertPH is the official digital vaccination certificate website for Filipinos and non-Filipino citizens to vaccinate in the Philippines. It may use for international and domestic travel. It complies with the WHO’s Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates guidelines.

Who can apply for VaxCertPH?

The registration for VaxCertPH was initially made obtainable to fully vaccinated ones who fall into both categories: Residents of the National Capital Region and Baguio City;

Overseas Filipino Workers or passengers departing for international flights while the system is not available for all yet, the domestic government, through Resolution No. 146 which will now require all LGUs that do not have digital vaccine administration systems to adopt and use VaxCertPH for recording and organization of vaccination information.

Where to get Vaxcert ph registration form?

The process of certifying a booster shot on VaxCertPH is alike registering it for the first time. Visit the Vaxcert doh gov ph website at to generate a vaccination certificate, which follows the same steps as instructed in this article. Please check the correctness of your data based on your vaccination certificate before submitting a request.

Vaxcert ph registration :

You can help with the vaccine certificate either to register for it online or to visit your most near VaxcertPh center. 

Registering online  :

Register yourself on the website portal 48 hours after receiving the final dose. Note it the certificate’s validity starts 14 days after completing the registration.

Accessing the VaxCertPH website, you will be presented with the option to either request a vaccination certificate or verify for an existing vaccination certificate. Select the first option to proceed.

In the portal, enter personal information such as your full name and date of birth. After that, ensure that you submitted all the details are correct and match the details with your vaccination card.

The register will also be asked some questions regarding your vaccination details in the vaccination portal and whether or not you’re planning on traveling abroad. Provide the answers accordingly.

vax certificate/vaccine certificate download Philippines :

After a successful generation, you may either

Download the vaxcert. gov. ph as PDF/JPG ( vaxcert ph login)

do not forget to take a screenshot

Print in the crave size provided that the QR code is clear and huge enough to be scanned

vaxcert. doh. gov. ph certificate, you can get it this way. 

How can you request VaxCertPH record updates?

Users can easily update their VaxCertPH records if:

The filled VaxCertPH contains incorrect details.

Before generated, VaxCertPH does not contain booster/additional doses yet.

Follow these steps to edit your records:

Click “Update record” to start the process of editing.

You have to upload a photo of your vaccination card and government-issued ID and then enter your email address and contact number. After that, your request will be sent to the GU where you have received your vaccination so they can validate and edit your vaccination records with the correct details.

You will notify through your email address or contact number once your request is completed.

The contact number of VaxCertPH :

If you undergo troubles such as missing your details of your second dose or no record found, you can contact  vax cert ph authorities through the following mediums for more support and answers to your queries:

Contact number: (02) 8876-1488.

 Email address: [email protected]

There’s a mistake on my VaxCertPH. (vaxcert. doh. gov. ph) How do I change the wrong information and put the correct one?

You may change your details with correct one. On the vaccine certificate page, you will find two options below. Click “UPDATE RECORD” submitting a request to change the information.

After that, you will be presented with a form. Only put the details that you wish to change in your record. After that, on the next page, upload a copy of your valid ID and your vaccination card. Next, enter your email address and contact number.

If the SUBMIT REQUEST button at the end of the form is unclickable, click BACK and try to input your birthdate on the previous page. It seems to be a needed field. My family member had a similar problem, and he easily entered his birthdate, and he was able to submit the form.


VaxCertPH is a little bit different from the International Certification of Vaccination, which is also known as the YELLOW BOOK or YELLOW CARD. It is issued by the Bureau of Quarantine and recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

If you’re traveling abroad, you have to make sure which type of certificate is required by your destination’s authorities. Some countries need an ICV. Some accept other documents.

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