Spyware Named Flubot I Spreading Through Android Devices

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This malware is spreading very rapidly through missed delivery package notification SMS text. The main target of the nasty spyware named FluBot is the mobile phone users all over the UK. 

The message containing text and links notifying about a missed package delivery is sent to the mobile phone users. On clicking on the link, the users are redirected to a malicious website, where they download the application containing the spyware. After completion of the installation, the application asks for various permission to access the data, starts stealing bank credentials and information. They try to steal various sensitive information of the user. 

The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has tried to reduce the influence of the FluBot by issuing a guideline on how to identify and remove FluBot malware. Network providers like Three and Vodafone have also issued warnings against these SMS attacks.

These scams abuse the brand of other companies by posing as those companies and send SMS using their name. 

It has been advised that anyone who receives SMS that looks suspicious, should not click on any link if provided in the SMS and should delete the SMS immediately. They should also forward the message to “7226” which is a “free spam-reporting line” which was established in the UK to combat the ongoing cybercrime campaign. After reporting, the user should delete the message and block the sender.

In the case where the user has already clicked and downloaded the malware, they should strictly not enter any sensitive credential or information anywhere in their mobile. They should run a factory reset their phone as soon as possible to remove the malware on their phones. Different mobiles of different companies have different processes for this task. It also important that you keep proper backups of your data, else all your data will be lost.

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