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Like snmpwalk, snmp-check allows you to enumerate the SNMP devices and places the output in a very human readable friendly format. It could be useful for penetration testing or systems monitoring. Distributed under GPL license and based on “Athena-2k” script by jshaw.


snmp-check supports the following enumerations:

  • contact
  • description
  • detect write access (separate action by enumeration)
  • devices
  • domain
  • hardware and storage informations
  • hostname
  • IIS statistics
  • IP forwarding
  • listening UDP ports
  • location
  • motd
  • mount points
  • network interfaces
  • network services
  • processes
  • routing information
  • software components
  • system uptime
  • TCP connections
  • total memory
  • uptime
  • user accounts

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